IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-03-22

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ryanpghi all... I'm a technology coordinator at a small school in Illinois (US), I'm looking for a linux based student information system16:37
ryanpgI saw that something like this is being worked on currently16:38
ryanpgcould I actually deploy this now? or is it still very "alpha"?16:38
ignasit is too alpha to deploy i think16:39
ignasunless your needs are very limmited16:39
ryanpgignas, do you know of any other mature linux SIS?16:47
ignasno, not really16:47
ryanpgthere's one called theSIS but it doesn't look maintained16:52
ignasryanpg: what are your requirements?16:52
ryanpgand I found schoolmation, supposed to be Open source but seems to cost $$$16:52
ignasif i knew what you need i might give you more information about what's missing16:52
ryanpgignas, the basics, attendance, demographic, grades, schedule16:52
ignasattendance - might be good enough for you16:53
ignasgrades - we don't have it in a usable state16:53
ignasschedule - works well enough16:53
ignasdemographics - you might have to modify them to suit your school16:53
ignaswhich requires at least some knowledge of python16:54
ignasanother problem is importing the data into schooltool16:54
ignaswe don't really have a standard migration path worked out16:54
ryanpgwell, we don't have much data as it is16:55
ryanpgmaybe I could do a test install and just see for myself how close it is to meeting our needs16:55
ignasnow there is another problem - the most up to date version which is significantly better (and is actually being maintained) is not released16:56
ignasso you might need:16:56
Lumierehi ignas16:56
ignasLumiere: hi16:57
Lumiereit doesn't look like I was CC'd on it16:57
Lumierebut welsh is getting pissy about getting resource scheduling merged back to trunk16:58
ignasCC'd on what?16:58
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Lumierethe email he supposedly sent to th1a_16:58
ryanpgignas, so if I get the SVN version of schooltool, the SIS will be included?16:58
Lumiereit was the first thing off him today16:58
Lumiereschooltool is the SIS16:59
ignasryanpg: schooltool is the SIS16:59
Lumiereschoolbell is the old calendar-only release16:59
Lumiereit's now completely unsupported as far as I can tell16:59
ignasLumiere: if you have any programmers not having anything to do - you can always speed the merging process up ;)17:00
Lumierethat's what I tried to say17:00
ryanpgI thought there were three components of one "schooltool" project, schoolbell schooltool and cando17:00
Lumierebut he wasn't having anything of it17:00
ryanpgbut now I understand that schooltool has absorbed cando and schoolbell?17:00
Lumiereschoolbell was always part of schooltool, schoolbell is just a watered down release of schooltool17:01
Lumierecando is an addon that at some point hopefully will be an easily installed module of schooltool17:01
Lumierebut for the time being is a seperate app built on schooltool17:01
Lumiere(I'm the release/bug driver and an assistant project manager on cando)17:02
ignaswhat are the reasons welsh *needs* the resource booking in TRUNK?17:05
LumiereI have no earthly idea17:08
Lumiereor other-worldly idea either17:08
ignasas I am the person who will be doing it talking to me would work better...17:10
Lumierehe was poking tom to push it to you17:12
LumiereI agree with you though17:12
LumiereI need to get him on irc17:12
Lumiereand staying on irc more17:12
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Lumierehi jinty17:42
jintyhe Lumiere17:42
Lumiereso what's wrong with the build?17:42
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ryanpgyeah upgrades with ubuntu are usually easy, but as I said... I screwed up LVM really badly, and I know grub and the kernel have changed a lot in that regard since breezy18:10
Lumiereback stuff up first18:10
ryanpgLumiere, yeah my samba share (which is what I care most about) is on a separate hard drive18:11
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Lumierejinty: any idea what's up?18:32
jintyLumiere, yeah, I probably upgraded the build environment I used to build the package to edgy18:33
jintyaslo, I seem to have updated the Zope-3.3 branch the package builds from also by mistake18:33
jintyso the chewing gum and elastic that was the build process fell apart18:34
* Lumiere hands over duct tape and a rubber mallet18:36
jintyso now i'm dancing around a pot, waving my hands widly and mumbling strange incantations18:36
jintywe're putting the whole of zope and schooltool in the package, so things are really complex and fragile...18:38
LumiereI am realizing that at this point18:39
Lumiereit's definately an argument for cleaning up the entire release process for zope 3, schooltool, and cando18:39
jintyhah, only if the zope3 people decide to make it easy for packagers18:40
jintythey never have in the past18:40
LumiereI am guessing that's one of the reasons that launchpad can't release code too18:41
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* jinty needs to get much more involved than he is with buildout development to make sure that things are going to work with packaging18:41
Lumierea jim brainchild18:42
LumiereI wish your brain luck18:42
Lumierejim's brainchildren have a tendency to turn people to mush18:43
jintyyeah, we'll see how things go18:49
jintyanyway, I'm uploading a new package at the moment18:50
Lumierelemme know when it's up18:52
LumiereI'll install it18:52
jintyLumiere, ok, give it a try19:00
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Lumierelooks like it started19:22
Lumiereand the major bug is fixed19:33
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Lumierepcardune: ayt?19:39
ryanpghrm... I wonder, could schooltool be configured to add a new student/teacher to a samba share and create directories with the correct permissions?20:05
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pcarduneLumiere: I'm here now23:14
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