IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-03-18

Fujitsupcardune: Breezy goes unsupported on April 13, you might want to upgrade :P00:23
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Lumierehi ignas, pcardune19:37
Lumiereignas: did you see the ftest?19:37
ignasLumiere: yes19:44
Lumieredoes that help?19:49
ignasi think so, i will not change the default security settings at the moment, and will make the manager in the functional test check the relevant checkboxes in the security config at the moment19:51
ignasto make all users see resource calendars19:52
Lumierethat doesn't seem to work correctly19:52
ignaswhich is a bug ;)19:52
ignasand the functional test is not testing it at the moment ;)19:52
Lumierethen we should add that to a test19:53
Lumiereas part of this19:53
ignasdoing that19:53
Lumierewe should change Everyone to Authenticated User19:53
Lumierein every case19:53
LumiereNO data should be available to someone who is not logged into the system19:53
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* ignas is thinking what everyone means19:54
ignaswill add unauthenticated user that can't access information to the test19:55
Lumierewe need a general set of security tests19:55
Lumierethat I'll probably write as part of cando 200719:55
ignasLumiere: there is one19:56
ignasin securitypolicy directory19:56
ignasa very very extensive one19:57
LumiereI'll read it19:57
Lumieresome time next week20:01
ignasLumiere: done20:42
ignasyou had a few funny mistakes in there ;)20:42
LumiereTeacher was right20:49
Lumierethey were added with cacps20:49
Lumiereerr caps20:49
Lumierethere are some funny mistakes20:50
ignasadding Leader to teacher group confused me for a little while ;)20:51
Lumiereglad it helps though20:54
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* Lumiere runs ftests on the resource branch21:43
Lumiereignas: failure in File "/opt/schooltool-resource-booking/src/schooltool/securitypolicy/browser/ftests/policy_table.txt", line 186, in policy_table.txt21:58
LumiereFailed example: column(student1, 'student2', 'history6a')21:58
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Lumiereignas: how do I run the resource ftests?23:16
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Lumierehi jinty23:48

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