IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-03-17

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filip101little question here02:40
filip101the sprint *is* from 9 to 6 tomorrow right?02:40
filip101the ACC sprint02:40
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Lumieremorning all15:37
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (16:30 EET) | Use for pasting | pcardune's Zope class, Saturdays at noon US/Eastern (GMT-5) (no class today)"15:37
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bnguyenjelkner: are you there?15:58
Lumierehe'll brb16:03
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filip101pcardune: are you there?16:12
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filip101AVN` has a question for you16:13
filip101and so do i16:13
filip101what does actually do?16:13
filip101because the edit contact form never looks like editcontact.pt16:13
filip101eldar answered our questions :)16:19
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pcardune_hi Lumiere16:34
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filip101could somebody type out in #schooltool the stuff that's going on on skype?16:47
filip101for us n00bs who aren't running it16:47
filip101i mean, we can hear what mr elkner is saying16:48
filip101but not the 2nd side of the convo16:48
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eldarpcardune: hey16:51
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pcardunehi eldar16:52
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eldarerror: Installed distribution zc.catalog 1.2dev-r72632 conflicts with requirement zc.catalog==0.1.116:52
eldarmake[1]: *** [build] Error 116:52
eldardo you know what's going with that?16:52
eldarwhen you try to build cando16:52
eldarmaybe something changed and I didn't hear about it?16:53
pcarduneno, i think something is just broken with eggs16:53
pcardunebut it still runs16:53
eldarignas was right, eggs suck16:54
pcardunethey don't suck, they are just like debs... sometimes they are broken16:54
tehminkehsuck is the funny16:56
tehminkeh(that wasnt me)16:56
smalekghwho was it?16:56
pcarduneok, so for those who are working on scheduling16:57
* Makorihi is Jama16:57
* smalekgh is Masood16:57
pcardunethe first thing to do is to set up cando16:58
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pcarduneI can get you instructions for doing that16:58
pcarduneare you guys working on maddog or locally on your laptops?16:58
Makorihii'm building schooltool on my server16:58
smalekghI'm on maddog I think16:58
smalekghmight be using jama's server tho16:58
pcardunecheck out that site16:59
pcarduneif you are on maddog, you should be able to skip to step 417:00
pcardunelet me know if you have any problems with that17:00
smalekghuh, we are doing all of this on maddog, if we're working on maddog, no?17:02
smalekghas in, the commands and stuff?17:02
pcardunesmalekgh: everything working so far?17:08
smalekghtaking a heck of a long time to 'make'17:09
tehminkehmake breaks complaining about "pkg_resources"17:09
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filip101dual logon <_<17:10
smalekghit's done 'make'ing. Er, making. Uh, makeing. w/e <_<17:10
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filip101there we go17:10
pcardunetehminkeh: are you building on maddog?17:12
tehminkehim building on my machine17:13
tehminkehand i fixed that part17:13
tehminkehbut now17:13
tehminkehis filled to the brim with erros17:13
smalekghwhat's an import error? I thought everything necessary was already included in the installation?17:13
tehminkehgcc hates that file17:13
tehminkehactually it appears to be because17:14
tehminkehsrc/zope/ucol/_zope_ucol.c:8:28: unicode/utypes.h: No such file or directory17:14
tehminkehsrc/zope/ucol/_zope_ucol.c:9:25: unicode/utf.h: No such file or directory17:14
tehminkehsrc/zope/ucol/_zope_ucol.c:10:29: unicode/ustring.h: No such file or directory17:14
tehminkehsrc/zope/ucol/_zope_ucol.c:11:26: unicode/ucol.h: No such file or directory17:14
tehminkehmy python install doesnt have the unicode flag enabled17:15
Makorihii have my schooltool running17:16
smalekghI haven't been able to run it because it says 'PIL' is missing <_<17:16
smalekghImportError: No module named PIL17:17
smalekghAh, what the heck, I'll use Jama's server17:18
LumiereI'll install pil17:19
pcardunethanks Lumiere17:22
pcardune(that part is in step 1)17:22
pcardunetehminkeh: why don't you have the unicode flag enabled on your python install?17:22
tehminkehcuz im silly17:23
tehminkehnow its enabled17:23
tehminkehi think it might actually be another package17:24
tehminkehnot part of python17:24
tehminkehbecause its during the c compilation of zope17:24
tehminkehim missing all the unicode header files17:24
Lumiereif anyone has problems on maddog17:25
Lumierelemme know and I'll fix them17:25
smalekghspeaking of problems with maddog... if you have the schooltool server running, shouldn't one be able to access the schooltool server on the web using the port that it specified it was running off of? As in, wouldn't the page load? Or does schooltool not do that initially <_< ?17:26
pcarduneschooltool does that initially17:27
pcarduneunless that port is blocked (which may be the case)17:27
smalekghaye, port is 708017:28
pcarduneto make sure you can see it, change the port that it uses to the one that you use for the zope class17:28
pcardunecp schooltool.conf17:28
pcardunethen search for 7080 in that file17:28
pcarduneand change to whatever port you are on17:28
pcarduneLumiere: ok, that bug has bit the dust17:29
pcardunewhat is next?17:29
Lumierelets see17:30
pcardunesmalekgh: is it working?17:31
Lumierehe's working on it17:31
LumiereI think working through the ftest might be a good thing next17:31
eldarpcardune: where do I change the bug status on the new launchpad website17:31
Lumieregonna take a bit anyways17:31
pcarduneeldar: just click on the bug17:32
pcardunethen you see the yellow bar?17:32
pcarduneclick on schooltool (updstream)17:32
eldarpcardune: i can't seem to find the "fixed committed" option, or even an option to edit it the status17:32
pcarduneor whatever else is there17:32
pcarduneyou might not be part of the schooltool developers group?17:32
pcardunewhich bug is it?17:33
eldarcando bug17:33
pcardunewhat is the number?17:33
eldarok so i clicked on upstream17:33
Lumiereeldar: hasn't really changed, click the affects name 'cando'17:34
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pcarduneeldar: so did you find where to change it?17:35
Lumierepcardune: updating our server17:35
pcarduneor I can change it for you17:35
pcarduneLumiere: we can use gobby17:35
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eldaram i supposed to target a release or something?17:35
LumiereI am targeting releases17:36
Lumiereto mark the bug as tested17:36
Lumierein fact I should change the release driver to me17:36
eldaroooh i see17:38
pcarduneLumiere: are you ready to take a look at the functional tests?17:43
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Lumieregotta help jeff connect17:46
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pcarduneLumiere: I'm starting up sobby on maddog17:47
pcarduneoh it would seem it is already runnning17:47
smalekghit has turned out that we're going to all be working on Jama's server17:47
LumiereI wasn't around for the sobby/gobby stuff17:48
Lumiereso I need a quick walkthrough17:48
pcardunejust launch gobby17:48
pcarduneif it is not installed, sudo apt-get install gobby17:48
pcardunerun gobby, click "join session"17:48
pcardunethen enter in maddog.yhspatriot.net17:48
pcarduneif it barks about HOWL initialization, just ignore it17:49
Lumierepcardune: go ahead and finish up with jeff17:49
Lumierewhile I install this17:49
jelknerpcardune: can you answer me in the private chat?17:49
pcardunejelkner: i'm trying17:49
pcardunemaybe im not logged in?17:49
pcarduneoh ok, now i'm registered17:50
pcardune(I originally logged in with pcardune_)17:50
filip101i'm here17:51
* filip101 is Filip S.17:51
* AVN` is Chris Beacham17:51
* AVN` smacks smalekgh 17:52
AVN`do we get a project or what?17:52
tehminkehpcardune: which port?17:52
pcardunefirstly, is there any project you *want* to do17:52
pcardune(those are always better than projects that get assigned)17:52
pcardunetehminkeh: which port?17:52
tehminkehfor gobby17:53
jelknerpcardune: give them some choices17:53
filip101well, what kinds of projects can we do?17:53
AVN`what projects can we do?17:53
filip101omg wow17:53
AVN`omg wow17:53
jelknerI don't think they know what the options are17:53
pcarduneyou can either do any kind of zope application17:53
pcardunebasically like what we are doing in class17:53
filip101i see17:53
pcarduneexcept something different that you can choose17:53
pcardunesome other folks were working on an application for doing online polls for example17:54
filip101we could make a forum...17:54
AVN`we could do a forum17:54
filip101argh stop17:54
AVN`so that they could help eachother17:54
pcarduneor you could checkout schooltool/cando17:54
AVN`by they i mean students17:54
pcarduneand try doing something with that17:54
pcardunea forum is a good idea17:54
filip101cool, we didn't get turned down brutally!17:55
pcarduneso If that is what you want to do, get started17:55
pcarduneyou can follow what we did in the class17:56
AVN`so would this be a schooltool forum thing17:56
AVN`or independant?17:56
pcardunewell, you should make it independent17:56
pcarduneyou can add customization type stuff later to make it "for schooltool"17:56
pcarduneand since it is zope, you should be able to plug it into schooltool17:56
pcarduneby just rewriting configuration files17:57
pcardunebut follow the pattern of how we did things in that class17:57
pcardunebut start it off with creating a bzr branch17:57
filip101so basically start with interfaces and stuff17:57
pcarduneand if you want any advice on what interfaces to make or what should go in them, just ask!17:57
filip101well, we should have a forum interface17:58
filip101a topic interface17:58
filip101and an entry interface17:58
filip101at the least17:58
pcardunealso don't forget to think about responses to entries17:58
pcarduneI would also start from the bottom up like we did in class17:58
pcardunestart with the simplest thing first17:59
pcardunethink of it this way, a forum contains topics, a topic contains entries, and entries contain messages (inputted by the user)17:59
pcarduneI like to start with the inner most thing17:59
pcardunebecause then I don't have to worry about containers17:59
filip101mr elkner just threw an idea at us17:59
filip101related to the pizza at lunch17:59
filip101zope pizza building application18:00
Lumiereelkner's in a half sick stupor...18:00
pcarduneyou could do that too if you wanted18:00
filip101so i think i'll stick to the firum ;)18:00
pcardunecome up with a bit of architectural ideas18:01
eldarpcardune: hey is there a way i can assign permission to only specific attributes of an interface18:01
eldarwhen i edit the crow permissions18:01
pcarduneyou might want to right them down and then send them to me for advice18:01
eldarthere is an issue, with members being the same thing as managers18:01
pcarduneeldar: yes18:01
eldarbecause if they don't have the edit permission on IJournal they can't make journal entries inside that journal18:01
pcarduneyou can make crowds for specific attributes I believe18:02
filip101how can Chris and me both access the same zope server?18:02
pcardunefilip101: and start with writing doc unit tests18:02
filip101or the same instance of the zope app18:02
filip101with logging on18:02
pcarduneyou mean just through the web?18:02
pcardunego to the same url18:03
filip101... but what about the login?18:03
pcarduneuse the same login18:03
filip101i'm in a similar state of mind to mr elkner18:03
eldarhmmm ... is ther an example I can look at18:03
pcarduneeldar: i'm trying to think of one18:04
pcardunemaybe in person/demographics?18:04
pcarduneor just look at the readme for crowds18:05
pcardunein schooltool src18:05
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eldar_sorry, someone screwed up our wireless18:16
Lumieresomehow the power plug got 'removed'18:17
Lumierewhich is why the skype was failing18:17
Lumiereso... try gobby again?18:17
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eldar_hmmm can't seem to find it in demographics18:25
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pcardunedid maddog just go down :/18:49
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Lumierehi all20:51
Lumierehi pcardune20:51
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pcardunehi Lumiere21:26
Lumiereso... do we have another place to setup sobby/gobby?21:27
pcardunei'll set up sobby on my server21:29
pcarduneboo i have to build it21:33
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pcardunethere is no deb for it and I have to install dependencies21:43
Lumierethere was one for gobby in debian unstable21:44
Lumiereand there's a sobby one too21:44
LumiereI got an idea21:44
pcardunewhat is your idea?21:45
Lumiereinstall it on acc.candoskills.org21:45
Lumierethe package is there21:45
pcarduneoh really?21:45
Lumiereit's ubuntu too21:45
pcardunewhat is running?21:45
pcarduneand where is the server located?21:45
Lumiereand tx I think21:46
Lumiereit's our outsourced host21:46
pcardunebecause I'm running dapper on my server and I don't have a deb for it21:47
pcardunefurthermore there aren't debs for recent enough versions of the dependencies21:47
Lumieresobby's in universe21:47
pcarduneit's not showing up for me21:48 dapper universe looks like21:49
Lumieresw_discovery_init() failed21:49
pcarduneoh wait... i'm running breezy for some reason...21:49
Lumieremaddog is back up21:50
pcarduneok, then we will just use maddog21:52
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WouterVHSchoolbell and Schooltool Calendar are both calendar-applications22:51
WouterVHwhat is the difference?22:51
LumiereSchoolbell is just the calendar, schooltool adds stuff to it (timetables and School Information System stuff)22:52
WouterVHbut School Information System is nog yet functional right now?22:53
Lumierepieces are22:53
WouterVHI have zope 3 already installed on my linux22:53
WouterVHit is possible to intall schooltool as a zope3-package?22:54
Lumiereright now you have to install schooltool, which sets up zope322:54
pcarduneschooltool runs as a totally separate application from any zope servers you already have on your machine22:55
pcarduneschool information system capabilities are functional but very much in beta22:55
pcardunewhat capabilities are you interested in using WouterVH?22:56
WouterVHi noticed,  it 's not possible to run schooltool in an existing instance22:56
WouterVHi'm evaluating plone for a project22:56
WouterVHbut some parts are rather LMS22:56
WouterVHlearning management,   calendar for courses,...22:56
WouterVHso i'm looking at schooltool right now22:57
WouterVHplone's calendering has some problem woth recurring events for example22:57
WouterVHSchool Information System  is a good fit for this project22:57
WouterVHbut currently i haven't any ideas about deadlines22:58
pcardunein terms of learning management there is also the cando project22:58
pcardunewhich is a bit farther along in terms of actual usage (quite a number of schools are using it successfully now)22:58
pcarduneit is a plugin for schooltool that provides competency tracking and a number of other small components (like student journals and class forums)22:59
WouterVHthere is no demo running somewhere?22:59
WouterVHof cando22:59
LumiereWouterVH: please email and ask him for a demo23:00
Lumierehe's one of cando's project managers... he has one23:00
LumiereI just don't know where23:00
WouterVHSchool Information System, is there a  list of svn-modules to checkout?23:01
Lumiereschooltool is an SIS23:02
LumiereSchool Information System is just a term for a program that keeps track of data for a school23:02
WouterVHand schooltool calendar is just a part of it23:03
WouterVHif i checkout
Lumierethe calendar is just a part of the schooltool SIS23:03
pcardunelook at
pcardunethat will get you the cando trunk23:03
pcardunethere is also a deb package for cando 200623:03
WouterVHthen i have the whole application in the current state23:03
pcarduneyou will get calendaring functionality23:03
WouterVHand enrollment for example?23:04
Lumiereyou'll get timetables, courses, sections23:05
Lumiereand some other general features23:05
pcardunethere is some enrollment functionality, I have never used it though so I don't know how mature it is23:07
pcarduneschooltool is interested in interested parties though :)23:07
WouterVH,  no public login?23:08
WouterVHit will hugely depend in our deadline23:08
pcardunetry username: manager passwd: schooltool23:08
WouterVHi've been following from far  schooltool since 200323:09
WouterVHdevelopment is rather slow, no?23:09
WouterVHUsername or password is incorrect23:09
Lumiereit stalled for a period and is speeding up quickly23:09
WouterVHwas'nt it fully financed by Mark Shuttleworth?23:10
WouterVHi thought 7 developers were working on it fulltime23:10
WouterVHprobably i misunderstood23:10
Lumieretoo bad the main devs aren't on  nor is th1a23:11
LumiereI think paul's lost net23:11
Lumiere( pcardune )23:11
WouterVHwhen are the mains devs usually here?23:13
WouterVHJfRoche is among them?23:13
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool23:14
Lumierejfroche is one23:15
Lumierehi jelkner23:15
Lumieremost of them are from europe23:15
pcardunewhere are you located WouterVH if you don't mind me asking?23:16
Lumiereand welcome back23:17
pcardunemost of them are from lithuania23:17
pcardunethey are on when it is not a weekend23:17
pcarduneit was fully financed by mark shuttleworth, the 7 developers part was back in the days of calendaring23:17
pcardunebut now there is more funding coming in through the state of virginia for the cando plugin23:18
pcardunehi jelkner23:24
jelknerhi pcardune!23:24
jelkneri writing an email to glyph23:24
jelknermounika and mary will be working with him as mentor this summer23:25
jelkneron lore and crunchy23:25
jelknerlet me finish that, and then let's discuss the next steps for the rest of the interns23:26

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