IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-03-16

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pcarduneth1a: I threw a bug your way00:48
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th1apcardune: Threw my bug away?01:06
pcarduneth1a: I threw a bug at you01:15
pcardune\me throws a bug at th1a01:15
* pcardune throws a bug at th1a 01:15
th1aWhich bug?01:15
pcardunethe one with the security flag set on it01:16
wjohnstopcardune: are you there?01:46
pcardunewjohnsto: yes01:46
wjohnstoI have a question01:47
wjohnstoa couple of questions actually01:47
wjohnstoI am in the Zope3 class, if you didn't already know..... I have been messing around with my zope site this past week01:48
wjohnstowhich looks pretty neat, IMO.... but I put an XHTML validator on the site01:48
wjohnstoand my Contact Container page is not valid HTML, but the errors do not seem to be in my file01:49
wjohnstoif you would like to see for yourself, and maybe help me out the link is:01:50
* Fujitsu blinks.01:51
Fujitsu... a digg link?01:51
wjohnstoI was just messing around ;)01:52
wjohnstoit's really only an image01:52
wjohnstoif you want to see the skin, it looks better01:52
wjohnstobut the HTML validator doesn't work with it01:52
pcardunei'll take a look01:53
wjohnstopcardune: In addition, there was an error that said something along the lines of needing this line:01:54
wjohnsto<form tal:attributes="action request/URL" method="POST">01:54
wjohnstoto be: <form tal:attributes="action request/URL" method="GET">01:54
wjohnstobut I am thinking there was a reason for that that I probably don't know yet01:54
pcardunewell, for the xhtml validation, it looks like the default zope skin does not yield valid xhtml01:56
pcardunewhich does not surprise me01:57
pcarduneWith the xhtml validation for your skin, it seems like the validator does not like the ++ in the url01:58
pcarduneI suspect that the validator uses +'s for something01:59
wjohnstoyou can check it yourself if you click on the validator image in the non-skin URL01:59
pcardune(that's what I looked at)02:00
wjohnstook, sorry02:00
wjohnstowell I'll just assume that everything is right if my part of the HTML is correct02:00
pcarduneSo, it looks like you won't be able to do validation on your skin02:01
wjohnstoyeah, that's a bit of a setback02:01
wjohnstoHow does the site look, in your opinion?02:02
pcarduneunless you do some stuff that I personally consider bad practice although it is done all the time in other applications02:02
wjohnstoas long as I can check it without the skin, I'm not too worried about it02:02
pcarduneThe skin looks alright but I would suggest figuring out how to use menus02:03
pcardunealso, how is the Home button generated?02:04
pcarduneoh i see, it just goes to /02:04
wjohnstoI just linked directly to
pcarduneok, so that is also something you generally won't want in a skin02:04
wjohnstoand the back button is "onclick=history.go(-1)02:04
wjohnstowell I just did it for now, because it makes it a little easier02:05
wjohnstoI'll get rid of it eventually02:05
pcarduneyeah, that is what I always do too02:05
wjohnstoI actually put that command in my .pt files02:05
wjohnstoinstead of using the style.css02:05
pcarduneAlso, there needs to be an Edit link from a contact's page to their edit page02:05
pcardunein the default zope skin that is handled with menus02:06
wjohnstoI only put the color schemes and other things like that in the style.css02:06
pcarduneIf you can figure out how to reuse the zope menus, or create your own (even better) then that would be super cool02:06
wjohnstoMaybe something along the lines of a table02:06
wjohnstoon the side02:06
wjohnstoor something02:06
wjohnstoare we able to edit without being logged in?  I thought that the edit page was under zope.ManageContent02:07
pcardunereusing menus is pretty straight forward, just look in zope/app/basicskin/view_macros.pt02:08
pcarduneoh yeah, i guess I'm not logged in so I wouldn't be able to see the edit link anyways02:08
wjohnstoI mean02:08
wjohnstoBrittney (my partner) and I put an add and Edit button in there02:09
wjohnstobut you had to login to use it02:09
wjohnstoIt seems to me that if I changed zope.ManageContent to zope.View it would work normally, but I don't think I'm supposed to do that02:10
pcarduneI think it might be a good idea to have a standard log in that people can use so everyone can see what everyone else is working on02:10
wjohnstoin the browser:editform02:10
pcardunethat would work, but it isn't a good idea to change permissions on the fly like that02:11
pcarduneyou want to have a really good reason02:11
pcardunebut there is another way02:11
wjohnstothere is?  Please tell!02:11
pcarduneyou can log in to your zope site02:11
wjohnstoand then go to the skins02:11
pcarduneand in your root folder click on "grant"02:11
wjohnstooh ok02:11
pcarduneactually, that won't work02:12
pcarduneI thought there was an anonymous user but apparently not02:13
pcardunewell, you can go ahead and change the permissions in zcml so long as you remember to change them back02:13
pcardunethere are lots of other solutions but they all get into security stuff which we haven't done yet and is kind of hard to understand02:14
wjohnstoI have one more question about actually getting my Poll to collect information when people click Vote02:14
pcarduneOh yeah, Mr. Elkner told me you were working on that02:15
wjohnstoJeff Elkner told me to ask you or Eldar about it02:15
wjohnstoI wanted to know if there is any sort of Python script or something I could write to store that information02:16
wjohnstoI assume it's possible, but I don't know how I would implement the script into zope02:16
wjohnstoMr. Elkner said that would be a good project for me02:16
pcarduneSo I see you have added that poll just onto the contact container page template right?02:17
wjohnstoand I used a simple javascript alert thing for now02:17
wjohnstoto make the box pop-up when you click "Vote"02:18
pcarduneAnd what exactly did you have in mind for how this should work02:19
pcardunedo you want this to appear on every page? on one voting page?02:19
wjohnstosomething along the lines of02:19
wjohnstothere are two options02:19
pcardunedo you want this to be a part of the contact application, or something separate alltogether?02:19
wjohnstojust separate02:20
wjohnstoI think I'll keep it to the Contact Container02:20
wjohnstoand I was thinking that there might be a way to write a program that takes the choice that people put, and stores it in some sort of list or something02:21
wjohnstoand then somehow displays the list02:21
wjohnstoI just thought of it today, so I haven't really gone into the workings02:21
pcardunewell I think you should create a totally separate application from zcontact that just allows people to create polls02:22
pcarduneso, instead of adding a Z Contact Container, they would add a Poll02:23
pcarduneand then for the Poll there might be a title and a description02:23
wjohnstosounds interesting02:23
wjohnstoso kind of like adding a Container or Contact?02:23
pcarduneand that Poll object would store all the results02:23
pcarduneI wouldn't store the results as a list because all you really care about is incrementing the results of the poll02:24
wjohnstowell, this was just preliminary thinking ;)02:24
wjohnstothat doesn't seem like it would be too hard02:24
wjohnstoI could basically follow along the same lines of zcontact and contact container02:25
pcarduneI think for starters you should only support yes or no polls02:25
pcarduneso your poll object would have a counter for yes responses and a counter for no responses02:25
pcardunethen you just throw in some page templates and browser views and you've got yourself a complete application!02:25
wjohnstoand I'll have to come up with my own way of counting, I assume02:25
wjohnstoSounds fun!02:27
wjohnstoI guess I'll start working on that, but sadly I don't think I'll have a working version by Saturday :(02:27
pcardunethat's fine because you'll get to work on it a bunch on saturday02:27
pcarduneare you going to the career center on saturday?02:27
wjohnstoI'm pretty sure I could get a page working by Saturday02:29
wjohnstoand then maybe I'll work on getting the counting and information storing at the Career Center02:29
pcardunegood deal02:30
wjohnstook, well it's time for dinner, so I'll talk to you on Saturday, I guess!02:30
wjohnstoyou'll be working remotely?02:30
pcardunebut if you have skype, you can skype me02:32
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macpowerhi all16:56
macpowerhow are you?16:56
ignasquite well16:59
ignasthank you16:59
jfrocheignas: hello, in Lyceum the different classe in one year (e.g 1A, 1B, 1C ...) are groups ?17:00
ignasdon't have anything better yet17:00
jfrocheignas: i have the same problem here17:01
macpoweryou know the funambol project?17:01
ignasmacpower: no i don't know, could you give an url?17:02
macpowerand i help me on the project17:02
ignasand ?17:04
macpoweryou know?17:04
macpowerthis project17:04
ignasnever heard of it17:04
Lumiere'morning all17:21
ignasevening here ;)17:22
ignasLumiere: so you want to learn how to write functional tests? :D17:22
ignasbecause i would be very glad to help you17:22
ignasfunctional tests for bug reports make them way way way more likely to be fixed17:23
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wdickersth1a: you there?17:24
LumiereI'd love to learn how to write functional tests17:26
LumiereI kinda understand the basics of it17:26
Lumierejust not some of the more intricate stuff17:26
ignasi saw you got stuck with creating a person, or did you manage to accomplish that?17:26
Lumieremostly cause I got dragged off before I could17:27
LumiereI feel like I am juggling 100 tennis balls17:27
ignasi see17:27
Lumierewhere someone randomally lights some on fire17:27
Lumierewhile I juggle them17:27
ignasi would suggest you to look at: src/schooltool/resource/browser/cal-booking.txt17:28
ignasit has most of the setup you need17:28
Lumiereso I have to somehow pick up a fire extinguisher, put out the fire and still keep the tennis balls in the air17:28
LumiereI see the functional test that I need to change in there17:31
LumiereFrog should be capable of booking resources at 11117:32
LumiereI need to copy this idea17:32
Lumiereand addGroup the user to the teachers group17:32
Lumierewhich should be capable of booking resources17:33
th1awdickers: I am here.17:33
th1aWading through my tax receipts.17:33
wdickerslet me move to gmail17:33
ignasLumiere: if you don't know any shorthands you can just do it like you would do it through the UI17:35
Lumierethis ftest makes sense17:35
ignasLumiere: you can create persons for example by just clicking Persons, New Person, filling the form and clicking Add17:35
LumiereI just need to add to a group17:35
Lumieresomething that needs some help17:36
ignasso click on person, click "edit membership"17:36
Lumiereis the access controls ;)17:36
ignasclick "Teachers"17:36
ignasclick "Add"17:36
ignasand you're set17:36
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Lumierehi paul17:39
LumiereI can do that17:40
Lumieredo I have to do anything to open the actions menu?17:40
ignaspcardune: better ask questions in here ;)17:41
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pcardunei thought I did ask question in here ignas but the irc client i'm using always confuses me as to which channel I'm in17:41
ignasbtw, if someone would make all the items (both viewlet and non viewlet) displayed in the same dropdown menu "Actions"17:42
ignasit would speed up the merging of the branch at least a bit17:42
pcardunei'll do that17:42
ignasbecause in some time all the actions will be viewletized, so there is no sense to have them separate17:42
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ignaspcardune: hmm, weird, the only test that is failing is cal-booking.txt17:52
ignasand it's because someone forgot to update the test after updating the template17:52
pcarduneyeah that was me17:52
pcardunei ran the test17:52
pcardunebut none of the tests ran17:53
pcarduneand all i saw was "tests passed"17:53
pcardunei missed the "0 tests run" part17:53
Lumierethe ftest should use a little ansi color17:53
Lumiereto light up the important stuff17:54
Lumierethe cal-booking test needs a little help17:56
ignaswhat kind of ?17:56
ignasexcept for the fact that it is failing17:58
ignasin at least 2 places17:58
* ignas is fixing it17:58
* pcardune is fixing it17:58
* pcardune twiddles thumbs while tests rerun17:58
Lumieresome of the tests don't match what I think they should18:00
Lumierefor permissions18:00
ignaslike what?18:01
* ignas pulls out his secret weapon18:01
Lumiereyou shouldn't have to add someone as a leader18:02
Lumiereto let them book the resource18:02
ignaswell - it's either you are a teacher or a leader18:02
ignasor a manager18:02
ignasor you can't book a resource18:02
ignasor do you want students booking stuff?18:02
LumiereI'm thinking there are more permissions we need to put in the background18:03
ignasif you want that just fix the test and upload the fixed test with a bug report stating the desired behaviour18:03
LumiereI may18:03
pcardunenow all this moo crap is breaking18:03
pcardunemooa moob mooc?!18:03
* ignas is fixing that for like 10 minutes already18:04
Lumierebut I'll let you fix the test first18:04
Lumierethen fix it again18:04
ignaspcardune: hint - the search is not working18:04
pcarduneok, so if that is not my problem I will upload the other fixed test18:05
pcarduneignas and or Lumiere, do you know how to remove the password lock on an RSA key?18:06
Lumieressh key?18:06
ignaspcardune: don't think you can .. why would you do it?18:07
pcarduneso that I don't have to enter in my password every time i access a site using rsa keys18:08
ignashmm, rsa - as in ssh keys, like when you svn up and must enter your password?18:08
Lumiere     -p      Requests changing the passphrase of a private key file instead of18:09
Lumiere             creating a new private key.  The program will prompt for the file18:09
Lumiere             containing the private key, for the old passphrase, and twice for18:09
Lumiere             the new passphrase.18:09
Lumieressh-keygen -p18:09
ignasand i would suggest using ssh-agent18:09
Lumiereso would I18:10
Lumieredoes ubuntu start an agent when X starts?18:10
ignasLumiere: no idea18:12
pcardunewhat does ssh-agent do?18:16
Lumiereit creates a secure method to use your passworded ssh-key without the password every time18:17
Lumierepcardune: see pm18:17
ignasLumiere: the test is fixed no18:20
Lumiereis it fixed in branch too?18:23
ignasit doesn't exist in the trunk18:24
ignasso yes :)18:24
pcarduneignas: how do you do a rectangular select in emacs?19:15
ignasplace mark in one corner of the selection19:16
ignasplace point in the other corner19:16
ignasand Ctrl + x + r + some letter for the command19:16
ignasdepends on the command19:16
pcardunei'm just trying to cut19:17
pcarduneso I try Ctrl +x  r  Ctrl+w?19:18
ignasi'd guess19:18
pcarduneoh i see, Ctrl+x r k19:19
pcarduneLumiere: bug fixed20:03
pcarduneLumiere: anything else you want me to work on asap?20:32
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