IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-03-15

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Bhaskarth1a, hello07:52
th1aBhaskar: Hi.08:12
th1aSaw a post from one of your colleagues on the K12OSN list.08:13
Bhaskarth1a, ok08:14
Bhaskarth1a, link08:15
Bhaskarth1a, we are deploying LTSP at 3rd week of march08:19
Bhaskarth1a, we select 4 school08:19
th1aTechnically, this is the third week of March.08:20
Bhaskarth1a, i have developed training materials "Linux for Schools"08:20
Bhaskarya, technically08:20
Bhaskarth1a, LTSP is entirely new concept here in Nepal08:21
th1aIt should be a good fit.08:21
Bhaskarth1a, i am planning , to aware FOSS in schools08:22
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ignasjfroche: hi14:36
jfrocheignas: hello14:36
jfrochefeel better ?14:36
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