IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-03-12

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*** ignas changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (16:30 EET) | Use for pasting | pcardune's Zope class, Saturdays at noon US/Eastern (GMT-5)"16:18
* th1a shuffles some papers around.16:30
th1aHi jfroche, ignas, jinty...16:31
jfrochehello there16:31
jintyhey th1a16:31
th1aWhat have you been up to jfroche?16:33
jfrocheimported the jacqmain persons16:33
jfrochei m working on timetable import16:33
th1aThat's a little hairy.16:33
ignasnah, when yoiu get familiar with the API it's quite easy ;)16:34
ignasthough the api might seem scary16:34
th1aignas: True.16:34
jfrochethere is so many things there16:35
ignasSchoolTimetable - model - days - periods - activities16:35
jfrochehistory around all this has to be very long16:35
ignasSchoolTimetable is also known as TTschema16:36
th1ajfroche: It is just that schools have incredibly complex timetables.16:36
jfrochei have one for Jacqmain now, in belgium on wednesday afternoon students dont have school, took me a while to understand how it works16:36
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jfrocheignas: i ll commit it soon, would be happy to have your word on it16:37
ignasWeekly Timetable Model, Days with different Day Templates and you're set16:37
jfroche+ different TimetableSchemaDay16:38
ignasthen write a lot of unit tests so i would not break it while fixing it ;)16:40
Lumieredo we have any word on whether we can integrate resource booking work back into trunk?16:41
th1aLumiere: We'll get there.16:41
th1aignas: Want to give us an update?16:42
th1aGeneral update.16:42
ignaswell - i started working on lyceum stuff, got timetable views for persons and for teachers working, with some fixes i'll have them working for groups as well16:42
ignasthen i got flu16:42
th1aAh.  I thought you'd been quiet.16:43
ignasyesterday was a national holiday so today is a vacation16:43
th1aRest up.16:43
th1aSo lets talk about these resource booking loose ends.16:44
ignasand i am having a toothache for like 2 days and it's a holiday so rates are like triple :/16:44
th1aOof.  Sorry.16:44
ignasas for the resource booking - the only problem is time16:44
th1aSo I think we can get pcardune to do some work on fixing the permissions, but I'd like to steer him in the right direction if we can.16:44
ignaswhat he can do without my help is to find out what permissions are being denied16:45
ignaswhis is easily accessible through devmode error view16:45
ignasknowing that it sohuld be easy to fix16:45
th1aAh... Lumiere:  Do you know how to do that?16:45
ignasa small workthrough16:46
ignasturn on devmode16:46
ignasthere should be something about errors in the developer menu16:47
ignasclick it16:47
ignasthen in the action menu there should be something aobut configuration16:47
ignasclick that16:47
ignasand delete the Unauthorized from the ignored exception list16:47
ignasthen try performing the actions that were giving you permission denied errors with a simple user16:47
ignasafter that log in with a manager16:48
ignasgo to the exception list16:48
Lumierelemme restart that instance16:48
ignasand the unauthorized or unauthenticated exception should be in there16:48
th1aLumiere: If you could give that a shot and add what you find to the bug report, it would be great.16:50
jfrochei can also have a look at it16:50
Lumieredoing it now16:50
LumiereI don't see an action menu16:51
Lumierenm... had to click on the rooterror from there16:51
th1aOK... merging the resource booking into trunk.16:53
th1aWhat are the blockers there?16:53
ignaslack of time16:53
jfrochei can begin the job16:54
th1aDoes ignas have to do it?16:54
ignasi would like to16:54
ignasi want to review everything16:54
ignasif it was a blind merge it would not take any time at all16:54
Lumiereoy... there are a lot of NotFound errors16:55
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th1aWell, it is a high priority.16:55
ignasLumiere, ignore these16:55
ignasbut there are some things i don't like in there16:55
Lumieretrying to16:55
th1awdickers: I forgot the SchoolTool meeting would still be going on due to the time change...16:55
ignaslike action menu having only half of actions etc.16:55
ignasth1a, why do you need that in trunk ?16:55
ignasand why can't you use the branch instead of trunk for a couple fo weeks ?16:56
th1aIt is sort of political...16:56
wdickersokay, I'll send you an email then16:56
Lumierefound it16:56
ignasi am not going to work on the trunk until i get resources merged anyway16:56
ignasth1a, political?16:56
th1aThe CanDo folks don't want to get stuck with a branch.16:56
th1aThat isn't re-merged.16:57
th1aHistorically they've ended up using branches.16:57
th1aAnd getting CanDo based more closely off the trunk is important.16:58
ignasi just don't want to have something unfinished in the trunk16:58
th1aSo now we've got them working on a branch, and it is a little worrisome.16:58
LumiereI'm ok in the short term16:58
th1aOK.  That's fine.  We just have to reassure them that there is a plan.16:59
Lumiereso from a technical standpoint... it's ok with a couple weeks of branch time16:59
Lumiereit's welsh that is going to want to see a plan.16:59
ignasand as i said - i am not going to change anything in the trunk prior to merging the resource booking16:59
Lumierewhich will make that merge very easy once you finish looking it over16:59
th1aSo we'll work out the bugs in the branch and then merge.16:59
Lumierethat should be enough to make him happy16:59
th1aEstimated 1 month to merge?16:59
Lumieretraceback posted17:00
ignasi hope i can do it before going to brusells17:00
th1aWhat's that date?17:00
ignas04-09 - going there, 09-14 comming back17:01
th1aOK, so basically a month from now.17:01
th1aLumiere: Do you want to update dwelsh?17:02
Lumieredwelsh says """as long as those guys are working on it I'm fine"""17:02
th1aOK.  Everyone's happy.17:02
Lumiereas well, your traceback's posted17:02
ignasLumiere, hmm, ResourceCalendarViewer crowd is doing something wrong17:02
* th1a is also somewhat paranoid because the work from our UI sprint last summer is still stuck in a branch.17:02
ignasit's all about priorities17:03
th1aOf course.17:04
th1aOK, last item on the agenda...17:04
Lumiereignas: that is the right thing though?17:05
th1aI think we're eventually going to have to break our "no releases" policy ;-)17:05
th1aAnd it is looking like using EuroPython to package a release for Feisty+1 makes sense.17:05
jfrochewhen is fiesty release date ?17:06
ignaswho are our target users for that release?17:06
ignaswon't we have like a bunch of users who can't actually maintain the system in it's current state?17:06
th1aNext month, I guess for Feisty.17:06
th1aignas: Basically CanDo users are the target users.17:07
ignasoh, hmm, that would make sense17:07
ignasso it's more of a CanDo release17:07
th1aThat's one reason we need it.17:07
ignasans schooltool package will be there as a dependency17:07
* jinty pricks up his ears17:08
th1aWe need to start planning this early, because there are a lot of moving parts.17:08
th1aSo do we need .debs for all the things we're using as eggs now?17:09
jintyyes, if you want to release schooltool as a .deb17:09
th1aI'll be going to the feisty+1 planning meeting for Edubuntu as well.17:10
ignasdo we want schooltool as a deb?17:10
th1aSo perhaps I can get some help with some of the packaging problems.17:10
th1aIf we are actually going to have a release...17:11
th1aI think we want SchoolTool as a deb.17:11
th1aI mean, Ubuntu is our primary platform.17:11
th1aWe need to be in Edubuntu.17:11
jintythen we also need to know (or guess) what zope3 release will ve in Feisty+1 and target that17:11
ignasbecause releasing a tarball, or a plain egg would be quite a lot easier17:12
ignaswhile still difficult enough ...17:12
* jinty thinks we might need a bit more dependency control17:12
th1aMore than eggs provide, you mean?17:12
ignasand find out the strategy for zope eggs, zope corp compoments that are distributed as eggs with revision as the version number17:12
ignasi mean - if our target would be "make installing schooltool on ubuntu box very easy"17:13
jintyI mean getting rid of eggs that we don't need17:13
ignasi would see that as doable17:13
jintyI guess that Jim will realease the next zope3 as a repeatable buildout config17:14
th1aI presume it would not work to have a deb package that installed an egg.17:14
jintywhich we could use in the schooltool buildout config (if we ever get one)17:14
ignasjinty, wouldn't that be good enough - a buildout config for schooltool17:15
jintyit'll work as long as you never plan to upload to Ubuntu proper (egg in .deb)17:15
jintyignas: I don't know enough to tell...17:16
jintybut I guess we could try prove to th1a that a buildout config is good enough17:16
jintyand that .debs aren't necessary17:16
th1aOne possible approach is to do an egg, which would be sufficient for CanDo, probably, and get help from Canonical on the debs.17:16
jintythen wait till there actually is a buildout -> .deb infrastructure17:17
th1ajinty: A script that built .debs from buildout files?17:17
jintyyes, something like that, but buildout makes it vry difficult17:18
jintybecause buildout uses eggs, while debs need .tar.gz files17:18
th1aOK, so is the consensus that in the next six months we'd rather focus on getting eggs to work than debs?17:18
jintyI think we need eggs anyway as a pre-requisite to being able to use the next zope release17:19
jintyIt all depends on which zope version we target17:19
jintyfor the current released one, we have almost everything in place17:20
jintyfor the next one we seriously need to think about eggs/buildout17:20
th1aSo for a post-EuroPython release, we're going for 'easy_install schooltool' and 'easy_install cando'?17:21
jintyI'm in berlin at the moment, and will try meet with one of the main maintainers of zope in ubuntu and make a plan...17:21
Lumieremy preference is a deb package...17:21
Lumieremostly for upgrade path17:21
ignasfrom what?17:21
Lumierefor cando17:21
ignasi see17:22
Lumiereand from 2007.1->2007.217:22
jintyth1a: that would probably be considerably easier than .debs, but .debs are better, for lots of reasons17:22
th1ajinty: My preference would be for .debs, certainly.17:22
Lumiereth1a: I'm technically savvy about setting up eggs or whatever packaging you want...17:23
Lumierebut a lot of cando's administrators aren't17:23
jintybut we can't make any decision until we know what zope release we target... (/me becomes broken record)17:23
th1aWell, either one should "just work" ;-) but you're right that replacing one with the other might be hairy.17:23
ignasproblems i see (from code side): evolution and plugins - we don't have the infrastructure, i am not sure how it will work, and i am not sure how extensions will fit into schooltool release model17:23
th1aYes, it is pretty clear that a decision is not going to be made today.17:24
ignasdebs don't give you options to let's say have a lyceum configuration17:24
ignaswe don't have a way to switch between configs without zcml anyway17:24
th1aignas: Do eggs?17:24
jintyignas: make a schooltool-lyceum .deb that depends on python-schooltool17:24
ignasjinty, possible, but evolution scripts might make it fishy, uninstalling, zcml, schooltool.conf ...17:25
th1aignas: I assume you and jfroche won't be using a stock version of this release anyhow.17:25
ignaswho will be using it then ?17:26
th1aMaybe Nepal.17:26
ignasand what about people who will install schooltool, and want to upgrade it, and i will have it all uspide down to make it possible for lithuanian schools to use some packaged schooltool versions?17:27
ignasrelease means that we are going to maintain it, and we will have a safe upgrade path17:27
jintyyeah, that's the fun part17:27
Lumierewhich is something we should have17:27
ignasi am afraid that packaging is the easy part17:27
ignasbecause i don't have a slightest idea about the infrastructure we want for schooltool packages, and i don't know how to migrate from let's say slugs to configuration files + eggs etc.17:28
th1aWell, the fact remains that we have to release software, and CanDo in particular needs something they can use.17:28
th1aI guess that will do for today... this will be an ongoing discussion, to be sure.17:30
th1aNow ignas has a toothache AND a headache.17:30
th1aHave a good week folks!17:30
th1aI guess the last point is we should primarily focus on what makes sense for CanDo.17:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:31
Lumiereignas: is there a way to stop not found errors from being reported to the error reporting utility?17:32
ignaswhat things are being "Not found" ?17:32
Lumieremostly icons17:33
Lumierelooks like17:33
ignaswhat icons?17:33
LumiereNotFound: Object: < object at 0x428b5dac>, name: u'++resource++rightarrow.png'<br />17:33
ignasmaybe just paste these in a bug report17:34
ignasso i would not forget to look at it17:34
LumiereI'll put a full traceback in17:34
Lumiereif you want it17:34
Lumiereor at least the url it's from17:34
ignasa full traceback will do17:35
Lumierealso, th1a didn't quite stress it, but the permissions errors need to be fixed asap17:36
LumiereI've instructed the beta school to set teachers as admins17:36
Lumierefor the time being17:36
Lumierebut that's not a long term solution17:36
th1awdickers: I answered your email.17:36
ignasLumiere, hmm, i'll fix that tomorow after my dentist apointment17:38
Lumierethank you17:39
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zmijunkieanybody here ?20:29
zmijunkieI am having problems with compiling schooltool on FreeBSD 5.520:30
zmijunkieProcessing zope.ucol-1.0.2.tar.gz does not work ...20:30
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zmijunkielooks a bit like this one:
zmijunkieI bet it is related to ICU ...20:34
Lumierewhere are you getting schooltool from?20:55
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zmijunkiegot my schooltool running now22:10
zmijunkieI hat ti install "an egg" by hand22:11
zmijunkieto install22:11
zmijunkieim managed to let it run but "make run"22:11
zmijunkieI changed the port to port 8022:12
zmijunkienow I want to run this zope app in the background22:12
zmijunkieso I can leave the "controlling tty"22:12
zmijunkieI have got schooltool version 6753 from svn22:13
zmijunkiegot it running in the background now22:26
zmijunkieI am happy ;-)22:26
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