IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-03-11

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Lumierehi pcardune,jinty19:47
pcardunehi Lumiere19:47
th1aHi all.19:51
pcardunehi th1a19:51
th1aHi pcardune.19:53
th1aAre you on spring break yet?19:53
pcardunejust started yesterday19:55
th1aDone any belly button shots?19:57
pcardunenot yet19:57
pcardunei decided not to go to cancoon19:58
th1aCanDo, not Cancun!19:58
pcarduneyeah, something like that19:58
jintyhi all20:02
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th1ahi wdickers.20:04
th1aSo are you moving on in the science fair thing?20:05
wdickersYes, the regional fair is this saturday. My mother is actually going to have a brainstorming session with us at 4 today20:05
th1aOoh.  I didn't know the deadline was so tight.20:06
th1awdickers: Are you on the openzis mailing list?20:06
wdickersI've been seeing tinyZIS get some publicity :P20:07
th1aDid you see where Peter Zingg had the same problem with lxml and fixed it by using a more recent version?20:07
wdickersoh no, let me review them20:07
wdickersOh I see. Well hopefully the problem won't resurface. I plan to do some more testing /before/ the fair this time20:08
th1aOK.  Check to see if network access actually triggers it.20:08
th1aThat is actually plausible.20:08
wdickersYou mean if the system is without internet?20:10
th1aYou said that was one thing that was different when you were at the fair.20:10
wdickersYeah, it's the only difference I can think of20:11
th1aAnyhow, I'll experiment with using bare libxml2 validation.20:11
th1aIt looks easy enough.20:11
th1aAlso, probably the most important thing is you could easily skip it.20:11
th1aFor the purposes of a demo ;-)20:11
wdickersskip the validation?20:12
wdickersHmm, I suppose doesn't matter for a demo20:12
th1aI mean, that isn't something which should be allowed to torpedo the demo.20:13
th1aOK, so what do you need to know now?20:14
wdickerswell as for later improvements I still need to find out where I can inject code to run whenever a person is added, it's difficult because schooltool uses a built-in addform. I may end up polling the database and finding differences20:15
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th1awdickers: The advantage to polling is that it is a technique we can use with any application.20:16
wdickersyeah. So the agent would keep a list of keys for the dictionary to see if one was added or deleted, but how could it know if one was modified?20:17
Lumierecan't the sif client for schooltool put hooks into some of the stuff (like add)20:17
th1aAh, that's a problem.20:17
th1aLumiere: Yes.20:18
Lumierewdickers: use a radix on it20:18
Lumieredid I spell it wrong? *finds a webpage to help*20:19
wdickersWell the only meaning of a radix I know of is what base numbers are (ie binary's radix is 2 and normal counting is 10)20:19
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LumiereI can't find my work with it20:25
th1aWell, anyhow, in reality, keeping a duplicate version of the persons and their relevant attributes in the agent and polling for changes every couple hours would work in practice.20:25
th1aThis isn't stuff that needs to be synced instantly.20:25
th1aIn reality, once a day at 4:00 AM would be fine.20:26
wdickerswon't that be a big waste of space, how big does the database tend to be?20:26
th1aIt isn't like it will have to be held in memory.20:26
th1aAnd you don't need to store everything.20:26
th1aJust the attributes that SIF is interested in.20:26
th1aIt isn't optimally efficient, but I think it is fine.20:27
th1aYou could use SQLite for the agent.20:27
wdickersokay, that is do-able20:27
th1aThat would be quick and simple.20:27
wdickersHmm...know any good tutorials? I haven't used SQL with python20:27
th1aThe thing is, we can use the same techniques with Moodle or anything else.20:29
th1aOr you could just use a pickle or something.20:29
th1aThat's probably easier.20:29
wdickerswell learning something new is always a bonus20:29
th1aI finally have to learn the DB-API for Wye, the new ZIS.20:29
wdickersThe new ZIS?20:30
th1aYou need to keep up with the mailing list!20:30
th1aI'm replacing TinyZIS with something written for mod_python on Apache & MySQL.20:30
th1aTo get it in Edubuntu.20:31
pcardune_is there a timeline for merging new resource management into the trunk?20:31
wdickersHeh, I just skim them. I should be more thorough20:31
Lumiereend of your break20:32
th1apcardune_: Can you do it or does ignas have to?20:32
pcardune_I have permissions if that is what you mean, but ignas wanted to check with his school first20:32
th1aI couldn't remember the hold up.20:33
th1aStill, I don't understand what their objection might be.20:33
th1aAnyhow, we've got serious permission issues to straighten out, right?20:33
th1aI mean, do they work at all for resource booking?20:33
th1aOr do we just need to document how to set them?20:34
pcardune_umm, i don't knw20:34
pcardune_I haven't checked out the latest branch yet20:35
Lumierethey don't work at all20:35
pcardune_(just got my new laptop set up)20:35
pcardune_soo sweet20:36
pcardune_i can switch between ubuntu and osx by shaking the laptop to one side20:37
pcardune_that is the smallest amount you can get...20:37
Lumierethey expect you to run parallels20:38
pcardune_I was thinking of doing a dual boot so I could get all the Beryl sweetness20:39
pcardune_and apaprently with parallels you can boot the virtual machine off an existing partition20:39
th1ait is sketchy anyhow.20:39
th1awdickers: what else?20:40
wdickersoh yes, you recommended that in order to make the usernames more uniform we should pass the username with the 'Add' message. Is that correct?20:41
th1ai have a baby in 1 hand.20:43
Lumiereat least it hasn't tried to type yet th1a20:44
pcardune_does your baby know how to program yet?20:44
wdickersth1a: what would be the tagtype for that field?20:45
th1aPass the SchoolTool id as LocalId.20:46
th1aI think that's the tag.20:46
wdickersalright, I can look it up in the .xsd anyway20:48
wdickersI think that's it for now20:48
th1aI should be around tomorrow at 11:00.20:49
wdickersExcellent, I'll be on #schooltool and gmail20:49
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