IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-03-13

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jfrocheignas: hello, feel better today ?13:39
ignashmm, the pain of the tooth was replaced by the pain of no tooth, and i still have some temperature13:40
jfrochedon't forget to rest13:40
jfrochei have a question13:40
* Fujitsu greets anybody present.13:40
ignasFujitsu: hi13:40
jfrochei am stuck with something in demographics13:40
jfrochei would like to override the menuitems person_display_menu13:41
jfrocheis it possible ?13:41
ignashmm, you can try doing that through zcml overrides13:42
ignasthough i don't really know13:42
jfrocheseems that the others are still present13:42
ignasso the only thing you can do is provide a new menu13:42
ignaslike new_person_display_menu13:43
ignasor refactor the menu into some viewlets13:43
ignasand do it properly ;(13:44
ignasLumiere: svn up resource booking branch and see if it works the way you want it to work, if not - write a failing functional test that i can fix ;)14:15
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th1ahi wdickers.16:55
wdickersgood morning16:55
th1awdickers: Any questions, concerns?17:02
wdickersNone at the moment, but as I look at the code, I'm sure I'll find something17:02
Lumiereth1a: is there anything we can do to speed up the start time of schooltool a little bit?17:03
Lumieremake run takes almost a minute here17:03
th1aDon't type 'make run.'17:05
th1aUse 'python'17:05
Lumiereit still takes 25 seconds17:06
th1aWell, I think you're stuck with that.17:07
LumiereI'm seeing why too17:07
Lumiereall the memory's gone17:07
Lumierethat system has 25617:07
Lumiereand it's running cando-0617:07
Lumiereand schooltool17:07
wdickersDo either of you happen to know where in the database person objects are stored? I mean which dict keys and whatnot17:08
th1aUnder 'persons' ?17:09
Lumiereth1a: is there a way to login as a teacher in a functional test?17:12
Lumiereso I can write a few failing functional tests for ignas on resource scheduling17:12
wdickersHere are the keys at root level17:13
wdickers['Application', 'stAgent', '']17:13
wdickersI've added the stAgent as the temp database17:14
th1aI believe.17:17
wdickersI'm not sure how to get to persons, the Application is a17:18
wdickers<persistent broken instance '\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x01'>17:18
wdickersand doesn't have a keys() method17:18
th1aYou have to import Application.17:19
th1aSo you have to have schooltool in your path.17:20
wdickersdo you mean SchoolToolApplication?17:21
jfrocheLumiere: you have to add a teacher with from schooltool.demographics.browser.ftests import addPerson and then17:27
jfrocheimport  from import setup and use setup.logIn()17:28
jfrocheto log in as a teacher17:28
th1awdickers: Perhaps.17:28
wdickersWhen I tried to import the application, I get an error involving PIL. It's strange because not only can I not find where it's called, but the PIL has nothing in it17:33
wdickers>>> from import SchoolToolApplication17:33
wdickersTraceback (most recent call last):17:33
wdickers  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?17:33
wdickers  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/PIL/", line 37, in ?17:33
wdickersImportError: No module named i18nmessageid17:33
wdickersWell I'll look into it, it may be that my PYTHONPATH is wrong17:41
wdickerssee you later17:41
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th1ajinty: Can a .deb package set up its own MySQL database?17:57
th1aIt seems like it can't since it doesn't necessarily know the password.17:58
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jintyth1a: well, it could because it acts as root when installed18:03
jintybut it's probably a very bad idea18:03
th1aIt is generally not done, then?18:04
jintyno, never I think18:04
th1aOK.  So that's one reason to use SQLite.18:04
jintya common way is top provide a .sql file that the admin does: cat create.sql | mysql dbname18:05
jintyor something18:05
jintyyes, SQLite get's rid of that setup issue totally18:05
Specth1a: can it support multie dbs?19:00
Specth1a: i think if it can, the install-script should let you choose which database you want to configure the package for19:00
Specso if you chose mysql, it'd ask for a username/password, etc19:00
th1aSpec: Well, I haven't written the app yet.19:00
Speci would suggest trying to support a few different open source dbs19:01
Specif it's not too much out of your way :p19:01
th1aIt will use the Python DB-API for either, so in theory switching is easy to add.19:01
th1aI just need to pick one to start with.19:02
Specmight as well do sqlite then :P19:02
Specbut when you package it, you should think of installer scripts to choose the db19:02
SpecLumiere: ping19:03
th1aSpec: In the longer run.19:04
th1aI just need to get something running first.19:04
Specso go with easiest :p19:04
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Fujitsuth1a: A number of packages do install MySQL databases, using dbconfig-common.22:33
th1aFujitsu: How does that work?22:34
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FujitsuIt will ask for a username/password for the DB on installation.22:37
FujitsuThen do the creating and stuff.22:37
FujitsuWhat's this SQL for anyway? Are you moving away from Persistent?22:39
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