IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-03-08

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Bhaskarth1a, hello06:04
Bhaskarth1a: I would like to suggest you that06:07
BhaskarSchoolTool Series: development06:07
BhaskarTranslation template "schooltool.commendation"06:07
Bhaskar and06:07
BhaskarSchoolTool Series: development06:07
BhaskarTranslation template "schooltool"06:07
Bhaskar template should be merged so that there may be single template so it is easier those people who are involving in translation06:07
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rockprincesshello everyone!17:36
rockprincessi've got problems with using anyone there?17:37
rockprincesshello ignas!17:39
rockprincessmy problem is that i can't change the password, nor make any entry....because i always get following error "a system error occured."17:40
ignaswhat version of schooltool are you using?17:40
ignaswhat operating system?17:41
rockprincessummm i don't know, i guess the version that came with the edubuntu edgy install17:41
rockprincesscan i check the version of schooltool?17:41
ignasin the bottom of the page if you can see anything there17:41
rockprincessok, i'll take a look tomorrow, because somehow the ports for connecting to irc channels are blocked by the hardware firewall or the content filter.....which means i can connect to the internet, but not to :(17:43
ignasdo you have to go now?17:43
rockprincessdo you have any ideas why i can't make an entry in schooltool, or change the admin's password...17:44
ignasthis one is probably the problem you have17:44
rockprincessno, i'm already at home, and the edubuntu server is at school.....17:44
rockprincessok, i'm checking your link now :)17:44
rockprincessshall i download debdiff for edgy-proposed, Mk. II ? where shall i put it then?17:48
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ignasdon't think you will be able to apply it on an already installed Zope3 instance ...17:51
rockprincesshmm what do you suggest then?17:51
ignasi don't really know where Zope3 puts the relevant file17:53
ignaswhat you want to do is find "zope.publisher-Zope-3.2.2/zope.publisher/"17:53
ignasand change the line in it from "def readline(self):" to "def readline(self, size=None):" ...17:54
ignasbut i don't really know where precisely the file is17:54
* ignas is trying to find out17:54
ignasthe file is - /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/zope/publisher/ , i think17:56
rockprincessthanks for your help ;) i'll take notes now and have a look tomorrow :)17:56
rockprincessi've seen the schooltool pdf, looks like schooltool is really powerful :)17:57
ignasif you have google mail you can find me as , i think you can use google talk through gmail even if ports are blocked17:57
rockprincesstrue, i've managed to get my both jabber accounts working.....icq, and msn both failed though17:58
rockprincessi'll add you now! :)17:58
rockprincessi'll now install schooltool on my kubuntu, and try to apply the above line and see if it works before i'll do that at school ;)18:02
rockprincessok, found the file....after i saved the, how can i re-compile it?18:11
ignasno need to18:11
Lumierejust restart the server18:11
rockprincessjust saving?18:11
Lumiereit will do whatever it needs to do18:11
rockprincesshow do i restart the server?18:12
Lumieresudo /etc/init.d/schooltool restart18:14
rockprincessthank you Lumiere18:15
rockprincesswow it worked, thank you very much for all your help :)18:17
ignasthough you should not put any of really important data in there :( the version on ubuntu is very old, and you might have trouble migrating to anything that will get released ...18:18
ignasand release is not anywhere close :/18:18
ignasif you are really curious you might want to try -
ignasbut it is under constant development18:19
Lumiereand is not always stable18:20
ignasso things might be changing, getting broken, fixed, databases corupted etc.18:20
ignasi can promise it won't set your cat on fire, not so sure about dogs though ...18:20
Lumiereit's tried to set me on fire a couple times18:21
Lumiereor was that dwelsh?18:21
rockprincessso far schooltool offers only a timetable and a calendar, right? what features will it have for the future?18:22
ignashmm, attendance + gradebook in one way or another18:22
Lumiereit has a competency tracking module called CanDo that is in production here, it's getting resource scheduling as well18:22
ignasresource booking got better but is yet to be merged into trunk ...18:23
rockprincessace, sounds like some cool features....18:23
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rockprincesswhat is the difference between schooltool and schoolbell?19:11
ignasschoolbell is a discontinued calendaring only part of schooltool19:24
ignasthere were 2 products back then19:25
ignasschoolbell (calendaring, persons, resources, groups) and schooltool (based on schoolbell, adds timetables, and etc.)19:25
ignasthen they got merged into 1 single codebase19:25
ignasand now if there ever will be a calendaring only schooltool version it will only differ in included modules and base configuration ...19:26
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Lumierehi jfroche20:16
jfrochehello there20:16
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Lumiereth1a: you here?20:56
th1aLumiere: Yeah.20:59
th1aI had a feeling that the permissions weren't right.20:59
LumiereI think you're right on the merging of those two bugs21:00
LumiereI'd merge the old one into the one I made21:00
Lumiereand you can link a bug to a blueprint21:00
th1aOK, although we probably don't literally need to merge the bugs, unless we can only link the proposal to one of them.21:01
LumiereI think we can link to both21:01
LumiereI think the 2 big pieces left on resource scheduling are merging it into trunk and finishing the permissions/ui tweaks21:08
Lumiereand pcardune can get all of that in march 1721:08
th1aI assigned Ignas to look at the permissions issue.21:09
Lumierethere are a couple ui things I should finish working with ignas on21:10
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