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SpecLumiere: poke?00:07
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* Fujitsu enquires as to what the opinions on the SchoolTool people are with regard to the brokenness of school{tool,bell} in Ubuntu at the moment.00:12
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SpecFujitsu: which release?00:28
FujitsuFeisty, at the moment.00:31
FujitsuWe have Zope 3.3. The last SchoolTool release doesn't like 3.3. I don't think it advisable to put in current SVN, so we're sort of stuck.00:32
Lumierehi Spec00:49
LumiereFujitsu: I believe that work to put a new release of schooltool will be done at europython... (don't quote me on that)00:50
Lumierethe person to ask obviousally is th1a00:50
Lumiereask and I shall receive?00:50
Lumierehi tom00:50
LumiereSpec: what's up00:50
FujitsuHey th1a, Lumiere.00:50
th1aThe current rough plan is to work on a release at Europython.00:51
th1ai.e. July-ish.00:51
FujitsuAh, so perhaps for Feisty+1.00:51
Lumiereimo, trunk+the resource branch would be nearly releaseable right now00:51
FujitsuIt's looking not too bad.00:52
Lumierewe'll find out really soon00:52
Fujitsu(although the `Book' button on the resource page doesn't work, which makes things hard to discover)00:52
Lumiereresource booking got a big overhaul00:52
Lumierewe're about to beta test it (off svn) with a school00:53
Lumierein fact... th1a I had the IT coordinator at the school in today00:53
th1aIt is more just a matter of not stopping regularly to produce releases that we then have to support.00:53
Lumiereshe'll have teachers on it tomorrow00:53
SpecLumiere: pm!00:53
LumiereI don't see one...00:53
Lumiereare you identified?00:53
Specno, i didn't send you one00:54
FujitsuI noted. I've been following the resource-booking branch a lot lately, and school is looking to probably using it in the future.00:54
LumiereI am hoping that it will be pulled into trunk in the next 2 weeks00:54
th1aIt should be in trunk soon.00:54
FujitsuAre you planning on sticking with Subversion for the foreseeable future?00:55
th1aWe would like to move to bzr.00:56
th1aIt will probably happen this year.00:56
FujitsuOh, good.00:57
FujitsuDo you guys have any preference as to what we do with SchoolTool for Feisty (to be released mid-April)?01:09
Lumiereth1a: on schoolbell01:12
Lumiereis that being dropped in favor of schooltool with basic modules?01:12
FujitsuIf it were up to me, that's certainly how I'd be doing it.01:14
LumiereI'd like to see schooltool + schooltool-attendence + schooltool-timetables + schooltool-cando01:15
FujitsuSchoolTool is just the base bits, and the others are extra plugin-ish things?01:16
Lumiereright now it all installs in one on svn01:16
Lumierebut, schoolbell is schooltool without attendence time tables or anything else01:16
Lumierecando is a completely seperate product/branch01:17
FujitsuThat I knew...01:17
LumiereI want cando to be an installable module of schooltool in the end (so does dwelsh)01:18
FujitsuBut you'd like to see a basic SchoolTool (approximating today's SchoolBell), with the attendance, timetables, cando to be installable addons?01:18
Lumiereimo yes01:18
FujitsuThat's a good idea to consider.01:19
FujitsuCustomisability is a good thing.01:19
FujitsuWhat's so special about CanDo at the moment?01:19
Lumiereit's competency tracking01:22
Lumierethere's nothing else like it on the market01:22
Lumiere(competency -> hard skills like... "Write a news story.")01:23
Lumiereit doesn't have to be a pretty story01:23
FujitsuOK, so it's well named :)01:23
Lumierewe're putting 2007's user stories together in the next 2 weeks01:25
Lumierewe've got 15 or so hs students who are the dev team for this year01:25
Lumiereled by pcardune and eldar01:25
FujitsuThose are the primary people participating in pcardune's Zope classes?01:25
Lumiere+/- some other members of the yhslug community (yhslug is the lug at the high school that sponsors the development of cando)01:27
* Fujitsu blinks.01:27
FujitsuA LUG... at a high school!?01:27
LumiereI started it01:28
Lumiereso... yes01:28
FujitsuHow big is said school?01:28
Lumierewe've had IBM present in our high school about using linux on 360s01:28
Fujitsu2-3 times a big as mine.01:28
Lumiereit's a small suburban hs01:28
Lumierea lot of the ones in the counties around us are twice that size01:29
FujitsuStill... There's like one big Linuxer at my school, and that's me.01:29
Lumierethe Computer Science program at that high school uses linux01:30
Lumiereit went to linux in 199801:30
FujitsuThat sounds more than a little better than our IT subjects... The only programming taught is VB 6. Everything is Windows, except for some of the servers.01:31
Lumiereintro language is python01:31
FujitsuThat's how it should be everywhere, IMO.01:33
Lumierewe started with it in the cp4e days01:34
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Bhaskarth1a, hello06:29
Bhaskarth1a, we are going to deploy LTSP in schools after 15 march06:30
th1aBhaskar: Good luck!07:05
Bhaskarth1a, thanks07:06
Bhaskarth1a, then we will deploy schooltool in those school07:06
th1aWhen do you think that will be?07:07
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Bhaskarth1a, it may be on May07:15
Bhaskarth1a, can we deploy in same date?07:16
th1aWell, we are actually planning to package a release in early July.07:16
th1aSo waiting for that might make sense, if it can fit your schedule.07:17
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Bhaskarth1a, here we discuss on that matter07:39
Bhaskarth1a, i think it will better to us to wait upto July, then we will start to customize07:40
th1aBhaskar: I think that would make sense.07:42
Bhaskarth1a, its ok, i suggest you it is better to package Schooltool in .deb in a single bundle07:43
th1aThat would be the idea.07:46
* Fujitsu doesn't see a bug about the `Book' button in schooltool-resource-booking not working.07:50
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LumiereFujitsu: that's because we haven't seen one15:46
Lumiere(the book bug in schooltool-resource-booking15:46
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FujitsuLumiere: Well, I thought it would have been noticed, or is just me failing to understand how it works.23:18
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