IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-03-07

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Bhaskarth1a, hello07:04
th1aHi Bhaskar.07:13
th1aHow are you?07:13
Bhaskarth1a, what is going new?07:13
Bhaskarme fine & u and your family?specially your kids07:14
th1aVivian is doing well.  She's eating now.07:14
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ignasjfroche: ping16:23
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ignasjfroche_: ping17:12
jfroche_ignas: hello17:17
ignasso i am flying to brusells 04-09 and going back 04-1417:18
ignasi'll send you the exact times soon17:18
jfroche_perfect for me17:20
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Lumiereth1a: ayt?21:00
Lumiereexpect to see 3 bugs and a feature request by the end of the day today21:02
Lumiereon the resource scheduling stuff21:13
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