IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-03-06

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ddaaignas: hello16:32
ddaaI noticed somebody filed svn details for schooltool there
ddaanormally, the process from here is to produce a bzr import16:33
ignashmm, probably th1a did that16:33
ddaasince I know you have a _better_ import in the works16:33
ignasand i can't see beta.launchpad.net16:33
ddaaoh, sorry16:34
ddaajust remove beta.16:34
ddaaso, since I believe you do not want the "linear ancestry" import produced by launchpad16:34
ddaaI would mark this series as "DONTSYNC"16:35
ignasno, not really16:35
ddaaso there will be no import from launchpad16:35
ignasthat would by nice16:35
ignasthank you16:35
ddaano problem, part of my job16:35
ddaaregarding email notifications16:35
ddaathumper has almost finished it, it's currently blocked on landing a large branch from me that does major cleanup in how we load bzr metadata into launchpad16:36
ddaaso it will be hopefully be in the next big launchpad update16:36
ddaa(which is at an unspecified date in the future, because they want to release the currently-beta UI for the next release)16:37
ignasi see16:38
ignascongratulations on the new interface16:38
ddaayeah, it sucks a bit less than the old one16:38
ignassomeone solved the context/tab problem in a very cool way ;)16:38
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Lumiere'noon all20:47
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Lumierehi jfroche_21:14
Lumiereth1a: I am meeting with the Elementary School that is going to test resource scheduling in the next few minutes21:15
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th1aLumiere: Good luck.21:21
th1aHave you checked out the resource scheduling branch we worked on at the sprint?21:21
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Lumiereth1a: I did, I've been following the branch since it was started23:46
Lumiereth1a: in fact I gave you another bug on it23:49

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