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jnevesanyone around? just wanted to know opinions if the gradebook code is somthing that should be corrected, or should it just be started anew...01:02
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Bhaskarth1a, we are planning to collaborate with your team very soon12:07
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* th1a shuffles some papers around.16:28
ignashello :)16:28
jfroche_hello there16:29
th1aHi ignas, jfroche_.16:29
th1aI trust you guys made it home in one piece.16:30
jfroche_it was quite easy16:30
jfroche_th1a: you were blocked ?16:30
th1aYes.  I was stuck in Washington DC overnight.16:31
th1aThe flight was cancelled after 1:00 AM, and I was able to book a flight to Boston at 6:50, so I just stayed in the airport.16:31
th1aWith wireless and power it wasn't too painful, but I was a zombie Friday and Saturday.16:32
jfroche_wow, flight companies pay you the night at the hotel when it's like that no ?16:32
th1aIt was weather related, so not so much.  I could have gotten a discount on a room, but by the time I would have gotten there, gone to bed, and gotten up for the morning flight, it wouldn't really have been worth it.16:33
jfroche_should have flight to belgium and back it would have been quicker :)16:34
th1aOK, so, a couple quick things here...16:35
th1aI need to send in invoices for February.16:36
th1aI think if you just list your travel expenses separately from the other charges, that should be fine.16:36
th1aIs there anything other than air fare & cab from the airport?16:37
jfroche_i think i have no charge16:37
ignas1 night in the hotel for me16:37
th1aOh, right.16:38
th1aAt worst I'll have to get scanned receipts, but they haven't been strict about that.16:39
th1aThey being Mark's bankers.16:39
th1aignas: Did you work more with Ian after I left?16:40
ignasno i don't think so16:41
ignasi had everything fixed before you left ;)16:41
th1aOK.  I'm going to see if I can get it to work for me here before I pay them, but does it seem like LDAP works to you two?16:42
th1aAre there any obvious problems that weren't resolved?16:43
ignason the ldap branch you can log in by authenticated to the LDAP server that was set up16:43
ignasthe unit tests are failing as I didn't have the time to fix them after I made LDAP actually integrate with schooltool16:44
ignasbut the thing works ;)16:44
th1aI think Jens fixed that.  Which unit tests?16:44
th1aI mean, I think Jens fixed the LDAP server.16:44
ignasi am talking about unit tests for LDAP adapters16:45
jfroche_yep Jens should fix them16:45
jfroche_there was a problem, i don't see Jens commit on the mailing list16:45
th1ajfroche_: By problem do you mean the tests?16:46
jfroche_no just that when Jens is commiting, we just don't see it on the mailing list16:47
th1aLet's go over your plans for the month.16:49
th1aLooking at jfroche_'s email again, I guess it pretty much comes down to doing a complete import of his school.16:50
th1aStudents, teachers, courses, sections, timetable...16:50
jfroche_but no resource16:51
jfroche_mainly the rest16:51
jfroche_timetable we don't know yet as i need to meet the teacher in charge of the timetable building16:51
jfroche_and i am praying that he can export his calendars16:51
th1aOK.  That's a priority, though.16:52
th1aIf that's what your focusing on you should be able to do a pretty complete job.16:52
jfroche_yep but they won't stop using the other soft as the other soft create the timetables for them16:52
th1aYes, understood.16:52
th1aAnd ignas, you need to send me a version of the list you showed me in Dallas.16:53
ignasdid that a minute ago16:53
th1aLet's see... anything else?16:54
ignasit has some estimates i did for myself calculating how feasible it was, and how much time should i spend on plumbing, bugs and helping others...16:54
th1aYou guys forgot to pick a date for ignas's next visit to Brussels, I think.16:55
ignassomewhere around April 2-8 ?16:55
jfroche_won't be Brussels but Ligny ;)16:55
jfroche_(as people who need to build the kitchen are late) i am not totally sure that i ll move to the house before the 2 or after16:56
jfroche_(2nd of april)16:56
ignasthen a week later?16:56
jfroche_good for me16:57
jfroche_9 =>16:57
ignasfor how long ?16:57
jfroche_depends on you16:58
th1aIt seems like a sprint turns into a middle-distance run after about three days.16:58
th1aBut ymmv.16:59
jfroche_9 => 13 ?17:00
ignashmm, probably yes17:00
ignaswill know for sure a bit later17:00
jfroche_eventhought flight friday 13 might not be cool :)17:01
ignaswant to meet one of PoV's clients that are comming to lithuania17:01
ignasand i would like to spend like 5 days - 1 for flying there 3 working 1 flying back17:03
ignasbecause travel days are kind of non productive most of the time ...17:03
th1aI think that's a good idea.17:03
th1aSo what would that make the dates?17:06
ignasth1a: hmm, 9-14 probably17:06
ignaswill have to talk to Aiste about plane tickets17:07
th1aAll right.  ANything else for today?17:08
ignashmm, probably not17:08
th1aOK then.  Have a good week & thanks for a great sprint!17:09
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:09
th1aNow I have to give ServerPronto a piece of my mind.17:11
jfroche_good luck :)17:12
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