IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-02-28

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pcardunejfroche: is anyone still awake over there?07:51
jfrochehello, Ignas is there and Tom is in front of me07:52
pcarduneI'm back in action with ubuntu on my IMac G5... i'm downloading schooltool branch now.07:53
Lumierehi pcardune, jfroche07:58
Lumiereignas has a test server at
Lumiere(it's cando demo)07:59
* Lumiere goes to bed07:59
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mgedminyay, I got 127 emails from tom hoffman about schooltool issues in launchpad15:40
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Lumierethat list doesn't look too bad19:23
jnevesare there are several branches for schooltool?19:48
jnevesok - could you point me to a description? head doesn't seem to be working like I need it and I'd love to make sure it's where I should fix it...19:53
ignasjneves: could you tell more aobut it ?19:58
ignashow is it not working how you need19:58
jnevesignas: crashes on gradebook and there are some encoding related problems19:58
ignasother branches don't fix that19:59
ignasgradebook is not designed to have groups as members19:59
jnevesignas: any access to gradebook, not just groups19:59
th1aGradebook just doesn't really work at all.19:59
th1aThe person who was working on it left the project, and we haven't gotten back to it.20:00
jnevesignas: I need other changes, but I still need a school's ok to go ahead with that (it's for the support of professional curricula)20:00
jnevesth1a: ok, understood it - is there any docs explaining what should it do? I'd like to at least poke the code...20:01
th1aWell... let me see...20:02
jnevesignas: some differences in structure: component > courses > sections - with alarms every 10% of non-presences for a student - and some reports - also some definitions of grades that are weird by legislation and half-a-dozen reports20:03
ignasschooltool-lyceum, schooltool-new-navigation, schooltool-resource-booking being ones that are something different from trunk20:03
ignasjneves: have you got any experience with Zope3 ?20:03
jnevesignas: not for a year now, but I worked with it for several years (not always version 3, obviously)20:04
ignasthough if you will want a gradebook you will have to do quite a lot of work20:05
jnevesignas: schooltool-{lyceum,jacqmain,ldap,resource-booking} and trunk seem to be the ones where some devel work is happening20:06
jnevesignas: any particular reason?20:06
jnevesignas: and yes, a working gradebook is a requirement20:06
ignasfor what ? for work on these branches or for gradebook being unusable?20:07
th1aThe basic model for the gradebook is well designed.20:07
th1aAnd there is a working gradebook for comptenencies in CanDo that is based on the same underlying model.20:08
jnevesignas: for the school I'm talking with20:08
jnevesignas: for most of the features they need, we'd have to reduce or hide schooltool functionality20:09
jnevesignas: the exceptions are some reports and gradebooks20:09
ignasjneves: you can find examples of hiding in schooltool-lyceum branch20:10
ignasthough it might be easier to just modify the trunk20:11
jnevesignas: great :)20:11
th1ajneves: See also
ignashow much time are you going to be spending on schooltool? maybe getting you commit rights would make sense ...20:11
ignasjneves: what country gradebook are you implementing and maybe you have some examples of how it should look like?20:16
jnevesignas: they're going to send me the current gradebooks by email - I'll have no problem with sharing them20:25
ignascool :)20:25
ignasyou see if the requirements will match lithuanian ones closely enough, i will have a lot more time to help you ;)20:26
jnevesignas: basically it shows all section's grades in a line (process number, student name, course 1 - section 1 grade, course 1 - module 2 grade, etc.)20:26
jnevesI bet the encoding issues should be common, at least20:26
jnevesthis is something specific for portugal's professional(aka technical) schools20:27
jnevesnormal schools are different20:27
ignasi see20:28
ignas - this is something i will be slowly converging to20:29
ignasthere is a lot of work do be done ...20:29
ignasLumiere: are you there?20:42
jnevesignas: is that the description of an existing system or just the goal?20:42
ignasjneves: existing proprietary system that did the favour to us by publishing all the UI on the web ;)20:43
jnevesone question is there already some kind of report system? I saw the tests, but I didn't find anything on the interface...20:46
ignasjneves: hmm, there is integration with reportlab for pdf report generation (no actual reports i think, except for calendars for printing)20:47
ignasand i am thinking of a css designed for printing20:47
jnevesignas: didn't found where the heck is the calendar for printing...20:48
ignasjneves: look at schooltool.conf20:48
jnevesmy project has some forms that must be printed...20:48
jnevesignas: ok, thanks20:48
ignasfind the line that tells reportlab where to find msttcorefonts20:48
ignasand uncomment/fix it20:48
jnevesignas: that was solved before :)20:49
th1aThere is also a library we could use that lets you use ZPT and XML to lay out templates.20:49
ignasth1a: what is the name of the library?20:49
jnevesignas: does that system also do management of money cards?20:50
ignasmoney cards?20:50
ignaswhat are these ?20:50
th1aignas:  I've used it.  It works.20:52
jnevesignas: something that several schools are using around here - you don't give the money to kids - you put money on a card that is managed by the system - the card usually has a magnetic stripe that gives a number that is then matched to an account on the system20:52
ignasjneves: no we don't have that20:52
jnevesit's a way to avoid robbery...20:53
ignasi understand20:54
Lumiereback now21:07
Lumierewas grabbing lunch21:07
Lumiereignas: back now21:10
ignasLumiere: you might want to add some events to calendars and look at pdf claendar views on the demo server21:10
ignasi think weekly pdf view should be something what you want for your resources21:11
Lumierelet me finish my sandwich and i will look21:12
Lumierethere is a workflow bug on making an event with resources21:14
Lumierethere should be a 'finish' button somewhere on that page21:14
Lumiereeven if all it does is link you back to the calendar21:14
Lumiereit'll confuse people if they get to this page with no way of knowing that the event is done21:15
ignasmakes sense21:16
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Lumiereignas: the day print looks good22:24
Lumiereso does the week print22:24
Lumierefor a user22:25
Lumierefor a resource the (overlaid from ...) is clunky22:25
Lumierehow about Booked by: Schooltool Manager22:25
Lumiereor if it's a course (at some point)22:25
LumiereBooked by Section ________________ of Course __________________---22:26
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Lumiereth1a / ignas: ayt?22:28
th1aLumiere: I am here until we go get lunch.22:28
LumiereI finally got a chance to look at the pdf view22:29
ignasLumiere: can you give me a link that shows that22:29
Lumiereclick print22:29
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th1aLumiere: btw, I have spent the last day going through every bug in Malone and categorizing, weeding, etc., so I encourage you to use it.22:29
LumiereI noticed22:30
th1aDo you get the emails ;-)22:30
th1aI've generated quite a few.22:30
LumiereI get ones that cando is related to22:30
Lumierenot on the schooltool dev group22:30
LumiereI get enough email to filter as it is22:31
Lumiereanyways, I don't want to generate any bug reports on stuff in sprint22:31
Lumiereonce the sprint ends, I'll generate bug reports for things we find22:32
th1aLumiere: OK.22:34
Lumiereignas: YES! :) nice commit I see :)22:47
Lumierethat was one I've been waiting for :)22:47
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FujitsuHi everyone. How's PyCon going?23:50
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th1aFujitsu: Winding down.23:55
th1aThe suits are moving into the hotel...23:55
FujitsuGood to see the bug totals dropping :)23:59
th1aWe're still working though...23:59
th1aYeah, a little action on Malone ;-)23:59

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