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th1aI'm going through now and changing all the things marked "In progress" that nobody is actually working on.00:00
FujitsuI note you're using tags for calendar-series and development-series... You can add extra bug tasks (using the `Nominate for Release' button) for the different development series, and track the status there independently.00:00
th1aOk.  I'll try that soon.  I couldn't figure out how to do it.00:02
th1aSteveA was going to have them moved for me in the database.00:02
FujitsuMoved to where?00:02
th1aMoved into the series.00:03
FujitsuAh. Good.00:04
FujitsuThe release nomination stuff is invaluable.00:04
th1aYes, although we don't actually have any firm release plans at this point...00:10
FujitsuBut a number of bugs seem to be being kept open because they still affect SchoolBell 0.X.00:11
th1aFujitsu: Yes, I'd like them to only show up in the calendar release series.00:19
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FujitsuThat will make things much cleaner and easier to work with, which is always a good thing.00:20
th1aWill that happen if I do the release nomination thing, or do I have to have SteveA do it?00:21
FujitsuIf you use the release nomination thing, then mark the schooltool task as `Fix Released' or `Rejected', they'll only appear in the nominated release. That's likely how SteveA will get it done.00:22
th1aI think he was going to just do it at the database level.00:23
th1aanyhow, I'll experiment shortly.00:24
FujitsuWell, that's how it would probably be done, even at the database level. If you change it to just be a bug on the Calendar series, you get ugly bugs like #43150, which was made before the new release stuff existed.00:25
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HumpelHi!. I am using schoolbell 1.2.3 and now suddenly I get the "can't compare datetime.datetime to" error00:36
FujitsuThat's a known bug... I can't recall the number00:37
Humpelwill upgrading to 1.2.4 make this error go away ?00:37
HumpelI googled around but couldn√Ąt find an answer to this one :/00:37
th1aHumpel: Have you been using SchoolBell long?00:37
th1aDid this suddenly appear?00:37
Humpelyeah... sinc e pre-1.000:37
Humpelyeah. well, I upgraded from moz-calendar plugin to sunbird, too00:38
Humpelquiet not sure, if this is the prob, too00:38
Humpelbut it only seems to be one of my many calendras00:38
th1aWell, let me consult the newly tidied bug tracker...00:39
FujitsuThere's #80157, but that was only on upgrading to
Humpelhmmm... registered/restricted login ?00:40
FujitsuHumpel, cut the beta. out.00:40
Humpelhmmm.. so I will but out all recurring events to make it run again ?00:42
th1aDo you know how to back up your Data.fs file?00:42
Humpeljust copy ? :)00:43
th1aStop the server and copy it.00:43
Humpelworked so far :)00:43
Humpeland then I can edit it by hand ?00:43
Fujitsuth1a: You might want to consider trying to get Ubugtu in here. It currently lives in Ubuntu and Launchpad channels, reporting on new bugs, and giving description/status/importance/assignee/link whenever a bug number is mentioned. Very useful.00:43
th1aAh.  Thanks.00:45
th1aHow does one do that?00:45
Humpelufff... Data.fs is a mess :/00:48
th1aA mess?00:48
Humpellooks like half-binary to me00:49
Humpellots of strange symbols00:49
th1aWell, yeah.00:49
th1aIt is not for human consumption.00:49
th1aPickled Python, basically.00:49
Humpellooked better in the bug :)00:50
HumpelFREQ: not found ?! SO, what am I actually looking for in Data.fs ?00:54
th1aHumpel: Um... oh, you misunderstood.01:10
th1aI don't want you to look in Data.fs.01:10
th1aJust back it up so if something breaks you can start over.01:10
Humpelah... ok :)01:11
Humpelso basically: store it locally, delte everything and paly it back onto the server ?01:11
th1aI'm just saying, back it up and then try cutting out some recurring events in the web interface.01:12
th1aOr upgrading for that matter.01:13
Humpelwelll... that's the problem. I can't access the data in the webinterface as the error message appears01:14
Humpelright now I don't even get a connection to the server ?!. strange things happening :/01:18
Humpelworking on 7001, but timeout on 708001:18
Humpelsigh * :/01:18
* Humpel has to get the proxy working properly :/01:24
Humpelis there a way to delete a whole (one out of may) calendar using the webinterface ?01:25
ignaswhole ?01:29
ignasyou can delete a user01:29
ignasor you can post an empty ical calendar with 'curl'01:29
Humpeldeleteing a user will also delete the calendar ?01:29
Humpelrtight now I get the following error (in sunbird):01:30
Humpelerror nr.: 0x8007000e01:30
Humpel[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x8007000e (NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY) [calIRecurrenceItem.getOccurrences]"  nsresult: "0x8007000e (NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY)"  location: "JS frame :: file:///opt/sunbird/js/calRecurrenceInfo.js :: anonymous :: line 432"  data: no]01:30
ignasno idea01:30
ignasi know that sunbird is well - buggy01:30
Humpelyeah... kindof :/01:30
ignasbasing infrastructure on schoolbell (buggy) and sunbird (buggy as well) is kind of dangerous :/01:31
Humpelyeah... lots of new errors. the calendar plugin werked pretty well, but now sunbird is making lots of trouble :/01:36
HumpelI guess there is no way to import an ics from within the webinterface ??01:37
ignashmm, there should be ...01:38
ignasyou can always wget it or something like that ...01:38
th1aignas: I don't recall that ever being implemented.01:38
th1aIt is kind of a historical quirk.01:38
ignashmm, i think it was, at least for some clients01:38
Humpelwell, I guess I have to get used to the webinterface then :)01:39
HumpelOK, tnx alot for your help/info.01:41
Humpelhave a good nite :)01:42
th1aGood night Humpel.01:42
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ignaswrong one19:45
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Lumierehi ignas19:54
ignasLumiere: hi19:55
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Krugsis there somebody?20:16
KrugsWhere are you from?20:18
Krugsok I'm french20:18
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Lumierethat was interesting20:37
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eldarLumiere, hey ayt?23:19
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