IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-02-27

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Lumiereignas or jfroche can you lemme know when bonnieb is back up?00:21
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Lumierehi ignas02:48
Lumiereignas: is bonnieb up?02:48
ignasbonnieb ?02:49
Lumierewelsh was telling me that there was a copy of the current development branch running somewhere02:51
Lumierethat we could look at02:51
ignasi'll ask pcardune02:56
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pcarduneLumiere: it is not running02:58
pcardunebut you can run it yourself if you like02:58
pcardunejust log in to bonnieb (I assume you have an account)02:58
LumiereI don't think I do02:59
pcardunewell, then I will run it for you02:59
pcarduneok in about 5 seconds it will be up on
pcardunehold on, it didn't start03:03
pcardunei'm getting some SVN error03:03
pcarduneaha... it was weird locale settings (i'm using ignas's laptop)03:04
Lumierewho's laptop are you using mostly?03:04
Lumiereor are you and ignas just sharing03:05
pcardunesharing slash me not working03:05
pcarduneok, it should be up in about 45 seconds (it's downloading some eggs)03:05
Lumieresteal jelkner's XD03:05
pcarduneit's up03:06
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LumiereI like the resource index quite a bit03:10
Lumierebut the calendar for a resource is broken03:10
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Lumieresorry, multitasking :)03:23
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* ignas too03:24
ignashmm, thought we fixed that03:25
Lumierehi aelkner03:34
aelknerHey Jason03:35
aelknerI'm learning zope here at the sprint in a nice zope class they set up here.03:35
aelknerAs it was I was only holding back the experienced developers on the team with all my questions.03:36
aelknerThis way I can become one myself :)03:36
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jfrocheeldar:  cvs -z3 checkout MODULENAME03:56
eldarthank you03:57
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ignasLumiere: fixed calendars04:21
ignasnow if you have events in your personal calendar and you go to the resource booking view and select some resources you should see all the available resources on your events04:22
ignas./ -f -s schooltool.resource.browser04:37
Lumiereignas: let paul know he can take the demo down for tonight05:43
Lumieretomorrow I'll try and set something up on a server of ours05:43
ignasLumiere: ok05:44
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Lumieremorning ignas18:26
LumiereI'm working on setting up an rs test server on cando's demo shared host18:28
ignasand how is it going ?18:30
Lumierejust starting18:30
Lumierethis will take a few minutes18:34
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Lumieremorning eldar18:36
eldarLumiere: greetings18:36
Lumiereignas: what version of gcc does zope3 use?18:40
ignasgcc (GCC) 4.1.2 20060928 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.1-13ubuntu5) does the work for me18:40
ignasyou should ask in #zope3-dev though18:40
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Lumierepaste.lisp seems broken19:08
Lumiereignas: I got a test failure on unit testing19:09
LumiereFailure in test doctest_Resource (schooltool.resource.tests.test_resource)19:09
LumiereFailed doctest test for schooltool.resource.tests.test_resource.doctest_Resource File "/home/rsdemo/schooltool-resource-booking/src/schooltool/resource/tests/t19:09", line 50, in doctest_Resource19:09
ignasi know, havent' had the time to fix that yet19:09
ignassome booking functionals are failing as well19:09
mgedminLumiere: you can use pastey.net19:11
Lumieremgedmin: no need if ignas says he knows about that line19:11
Lumiereok, my test server is up19:13
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Lumierethat explains why paste was broken19:33
Lumiereso, can't setup resource types yet, so they're given a default type resource?19:36
LumiereI have my test server up19:37
ignasyes, and the resource type problem is ?19:37
LumiereI see what I did now19:38
Lumieredo we forsee any 'resources' not matched by having either a location or equipment?19:38
Lumierealso, when you book a resource in it's calendar... it's you that booked it, not the resource (I just did that and then looked at my calendar, nothing showed...19:40
Lumierebut then when I went to book the same time it showed as booked (good) but it was booked by the resource)19:41
ignasbook resource in it19:41
ignas's calendar ?19:41
ignasyou don't book, you add an event to resources calendar19:41
ignasyou have your calendar19:41
ignasand you have resource calendar19:41
ignasand you can add event to the resource calendar19:41
Lumiereyes... but it should still be the person who created the event's event19:42
ignasor add events to your calendar and then book/add resources to your events19:42
Lumierenot the resource's event19:42
Lumierethe resource's calendar should be a compilation of the events that book that resource...19:42
ignasit is both19:42
ignasthe compilation of events added to the resource calendar and of events that book the resource19:43
ignasbut yes, making events created in resource calendar be your booking events might make sense ...19:43
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mrevellIs th1a liking to be around today?20:17
ignasi'll ask him20:18
ignasmrevell: why do you need him ?20:18
mrevellignas: We're taking Launchpad offline for three hours tomorrow morning (UTC) for maintenance. I want to let you SchoolTool guys know20:19
ignasi'll tell him, though he probably got the email as well20:19
Lumieremrevell: tom told me that I was supposed to get beta access to launchpad20:19
mrevellignas: cool, thanks20:19
mrevellLumiere: I can arrange that for you. What's your Launchpad username?20:20
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Lumierehi th1a20:20
th1amrevell: What's up?20:20
th1aHi Lumiere.20:20
mrevellth1a: Hey, we're taking Launchpad offline between 05:30 and 08:30 UTC tomorrow, for some maintenance.20:21
mrevellth1a: I wanted to let you know, so you could let the SchoolTool guys know.20:21
th1amrevell: Thanks for the heads up.20:21
mrevellth1a: I have an email explaining it. What's the best addr to get you on?20:21
th1amrevell:, but I'm on the mailing list, so I think I already got it.20:24
mrevellAh cool. If appropriate, would you be able to forward it to anyone on the SchoolTool team using Launchpad?20:25
ignaswell, everyone is here so that is not necessary ;)20:29
Lumierethank you for the help mrevell :)20:30
mrevellLumiere: no probs :)20:30
Lumiereth1a: now that I've gotten a chance to look at the schooltool beta UI, I think it has the right idea20:39
ignasLumiere: have you seen tabbed interface ?20:41
Lumierenot schooltools20:41
Lumierebut launchpad20:41
ignasschooltool-new-navigation branch20:41
LumiereI haven't seen that one ye20:41
ignasif only we had the time to finish that up20:42
Lumierethe cando interface can't use a left or right bar20:42
Lumiereit needs too much width20:43
ignasadditional width is nice20:44
Lumierehave you seen the cando competency gradebook?20:45
ignasgot a glimpse a few times20:46
Lumierewhen you have 100-150 competencies, it already goes wide on 1024x76820:46
Lumiere(even completely collapsed it can go wide)20:46
Lumiereanyways, I'll let you get back to work20:47
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Lumiereignas: can you send me your public ssh key?22:44
ignasyes i can22:44
ignasto which email should i send the key?22:45 is fine22:46
ignassent it22:46
Lumieretry sshing to rsdemo@
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ignascould you apt-get install detachtty22:55
ignasso it would be easier for me to leave a server running even if i am not logged in22:56
ignasdetachtty :) i am not very familiar with screen, sorry22:58
ignasdetachtty is a lightweight screen like thingie22:59
ignasthank you very much22:59
ignasis the server running at the moment23:00
Lumierelemme kill it23:02
Lumiereis the setup ok for you?23:09
ignasLumiere: if you can log into the same account and will want to stop the server just "attachtty schooltool.socket" and hit ^C23:09
ignasjust in case i am not there ;)23:09
ignas"^\" just detaches from the socket if you don't want to kill anything23:10
ignasschooltool.dribble - contains the console output for tracebacks23:11
ignasand you do "./detach schooltool python ./" to start it up if you want it in detachtty23:12
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eldarLumiere: ayt?23:25
eldarI sent you some pm's23:25
LumiereI haven't received any of them23:25
Lumiereare you identified/registered?23:25
Lumiereyou're not identified23:26
Lumiereit doesn't see you as online23:26
Lumiereand it won't let you PM otherwise23:26
eldarok, does it work now?23:27
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