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HumpelI am still using schoolbell 1.2.3 and now (suddenly) I am getting the "TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to".00:11
HumpelAny workaround /idea00:11
ignasHumpel: sorry, but i really don't know ... mayeb you could use to give me the full traceback00:43
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jnevesif anyone can give me a clue on how to add a language, thanks in advance00:55
ignasadd a language?01:07
jnevesignas: there a preferences configuration of language for a person01:10
jnevesthere is01:10
jneveshow do I add a language to that?01:11
jneves(we're finishing a translation to pt_PT of schooltool)01:11
ignasno, it's not per person01:12
ignasit's per application01:12
ignasso you must select the language in schooltool.conf01:13
jnevesI did that01:14
jnevesI'm already looking at a translated interface :)01:14
jnevesbut - let me check the exact place01:14
ignaspcardune: (setq frame-title-format01:16
ignas      (list (format "Emacs %s %%S: %%j " (system-name))01:16
ignas            '(buffer-file-name "%f" (dired-directory dired-directory "%b"))))01:16
jnevesignas: on a person demographics01:19
jnevesignas: sorry for the delay, but the computer is trashing01:20
jneveshow can I add a language there?01:20
ignasyou mean it's not translated?01:20
jnevesI mean that Portuguese is not a choice01:22
jneveswhich is strange for what we're looking at schooltool: to implement it in a portuguese school ;)01:22
ignasin there01:23
ignaswell - this thing is set in code01:23
ignasi mean you should probably edit the code01:23
ignasand have a custom Person for your school01:23
ignasthough that is not very easy :/01:23
jnevesignas: I'm using the last SVN version - I'll probably manage to add it ;)01:25
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jnevesthanks for the tip01:26
jnevesignas: BTW, do you have any idea why there is pt and pt-PT locales? usually it's one or the other...01:27
ignasno idea ...01:27
jnevesok, thanks01:27
jnevesignas: BTW - we tripped on at least one non-ascii character bug - are those normal? I saw some related bugs on the issue tracker...01:29
ignasno, they are not normal01:30
ignasand if you would provide all the information01:30
ignasand steps to reproduce the bug01:30
ignasit would make me very happy :)01:30
jnevesignas: I've reported it - let me get you the number01:32
jnevesignas: basically I wasn't able to create a schedule for a section -
jnevesall of term, course, section and group name had non-ascii characters01:34
ignasok, thank you01:35
ignasi will fix it either today, or some time tomorrow as i am quite busy sprinting01:35
jneveswe have a meeting trying to convince a school to adopt this tuesday - so that would be great01:37
jnevesno more unstranslated phrases for pt-PT - now to get those fuzzy bastards...01:40
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jfrochejinty: hello, could you add a pub key ?03:22
jintyshould be able to, could you send it to me by mail?03:23
jfrochecreating it03:23
jfrocheit isn't for me, it's for Ian Benson03:23
jfrochewho will work with Jens on the ldap branch03:23
jfrochei ll ask Jens to send you his pub key too so03:23
jintyThis is for the schooltool repository?03:24
jintybecause then I can't, unless they've signed a contributers agreement03:24
jintywhich should go through th1a first.03:25
jfrochehe is coming03:25
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th1ajinty:  We're paying Ian & Co., so they don't need a volunteer contributor agreement.03:26
jintyAh, ok, then have them send me the keys.03:27
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aelknerFor Linda:
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jintyhey, jfroche, I see no mail yet, and my eyes weary and sight dim.04:13
jintyI'm off to bed...04:14
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Lumierehi ignas05:38
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ignasLumiere: hi05:45
Lumierehow are things going there?05:46
ignasnot bad05:50
ignaswe have quite nice resource management, and i have started working on the display of available resources05:51
FujitsuHi ignas, Lumiere.05:56
* Fujitsu has seen quite a few commits fly through his MUA over the past 24 hours.05:57
FujitsuIs there a definitive design for the new resource management stuff?05:57
LumiereI'd be down there with ignas & company06:00
FujitsuAh, I didn't think to look at the CanDo wiki.06:00
Lumiereif I weren't feeling like crap06:00
Lumiereanyways, the reason it's on the cando wiki is that is where the customer base comes from for it06:03
FujitsuA good point.06:05
LumiereI'm trying to replace a crappy lab scheduler that the school system developing cando uses06:06
Lumiere(I wrote it in like 3 weeks because they needed something asap, but I want to replace it)06:07
FujitsuWe're currently using paper (urgh!) at school, and are looking to replace it in the near future.06:07
Lumierehopefully this will do it for you06:07
Lumiereand if you use schooltool for your courses/sections06:07
Lumiereresource scheduling should really be easy to work with06:08
FujitsuWe moved to a proprietary solution for class/attendance stuff a couple of years ago, unfortunately.06:08
Lumieresame here06:08
Lumiereit sucks06:08
FujitsuThe changeover was horrible. A large number of issues cropped up, and I was managing most of it after they decided on it :(06:09
FujitsuSchoolTool should be great, particularly because it's actually {flexi,modifia}ble.06:10
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Lumierenight all07:23
FujitsuNight, Lumiere.07:24
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lisppaste5jfroche pasted "pt for help" at
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Bhaskarth1a, hello08:40
Bhaskarth1a, how is pycon running08:42
th1aWe're making lots of progress.08:44
th1aAnd getting sleepy.08:44
Bhaskarth1a, well08:44
Bhaskarth1a, what kind of issues08:45
th1aBhaskar: Making progress on new screens to reserve locations or equipment.08:46
Bhaskarth1a, well08:46
Bhaskarth1a, in schooltool..?08:47
th1aYou can already do it, but it isn't quite smooth enough to really use.08:47
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Bhaskarth1a, well08:48
Bhaskarth1a, there will be the presentation of Alan Kay?08:51
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Lumierehi Matty_T17:29
Lumierehow's Yorktown doing without elkner?17:29
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Matty_Tits not nearly as cool :)17:36
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Lumieremorning tom, ignas18:09
LumiereI really should be following schooltool-commits18:10
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Lumiereso, is there a visible version of the resource-scheduling branch?18:52
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jfrochejinty: were you able to setup commit access for Jens & Ian ?19:15
ignasLumiere: yes there is19:17
jintyjfroche: yep, they should both have access now19:19
jfrochejinty: thanks a lot19:19
jintyjfroche: np, btw, their user names are: sociality and jens19:20
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pcardunejinty: we have a small problem19:21
pcardunemy laptop just died and i no longer have my private key19:21
jintyew, pcardune, that sounds nasty19:22
pcarduneso, I am going to generate a new one and send it to you19:22
pcardunealso, is https going to be set up again sometime in the future?19:22
jintyno, we eventually want to move to bzr19:22
jintywhich will not work with https19:22
pcardunewell, even better19:23
jintyso there's no real benefit in doing the work to set that up19:23
pcarduneyeah, bzr will solve all these problems19:23
Lumierepcardune: who's laptop are you borrowing?19:23
jintywe'll see...19:23
Lumiere(also, anyone have questions on resource booking they need answered?19:24
pcarduneLumiere:  i'm not borrowing a laptop... *my* laptop just died19:27
Lumierehow are you online then?19:29
Lumiereborrowing ignas's?19:29
*** pcardune is now known as ignas19:31
ignasLumiere: i let pcardune to use my laptop to talk to junty19:33
Lumierepaul should steal jeff's laptop19:33
ignasyeah :)19:34
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pcardunejinty, can I do a checkout yet?19:42
jintypcardune, yep, you should be able to20:05
pcardunegreat, thanks20:05
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dwelshwelsh here23:21
jelknerhi dwelsh23:22
jelkner(this is paul)23:22
dwelshskype is not clear enough on the bandwidth there23:22
dwelsheither speak lots more slowly, or let's find another route23:22
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Lumierehi there welsh, paul23:29
Lumierepaul, you finally steal elkner's lappy to work?23:29
Lumierejelkner: ayt?23:39
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