IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-02-25

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pcarduneLumiere, are you around?00:09
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Lumieream now02:34
Lumierewas at work02:34
Lumierework -> war of emperium :)02:34
Lumiereignas: here?02:34
Lumierepcardune was looking for me?02:35
ignasyes i think so02:35
ignashe is putting questions on the wiki02:36
ignas(in the Resource Spec document)02:36
Lumierealso, I have a feeling I'm coming down with the flu... if that's the case I won't be making the trip.02:36
ignasand needs some answers i think02:36
pcarduneignas, where do you want to go to dinner?02:36
LumiereI won't decide till tomorrow02:36
pcarduneand where are you02:36
ignaspcardune: i am on the left side of the lightning talk area02:36
ignas(the big room)02:36
ignasand where are you ? :)02:37
pcardunebent tree 302:37
pcarduneignas, do we care about the rest views02:37
ignasLyceum does not, so I don't02:38
pcardunedoes that mean I can just wreak them?02:38
ignashmm, if you must ...02:38
ignasi'll finish running functional tests and come to you02:39
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Bhaskarignas, hello]06:48
Bhaskarwhen the PyCon06:55
lisppaste5ignas pasted "emacs update for eldar" at
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thecoolone19does anyone know of a date history tool ?08:23
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jnevescould someone explain me the concept of levels? are those equivalent to school years?15:12
jnevesdoes every section have a gradebook? what's the relationship between courses and sections - more correctly, how is it normally used?15:13
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jneveswhat's the concept of homeroom?15:34
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pcardunehurray for the schooltool sprint!18:44
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pcardunejfroche, where are you?19:31
jfrocheballroom A-E19:31
jfrochesoon coming19:31
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Lumiere hi th1a, eldar, pcardune, jfroche22:29
pcardunehi Lumiere22:29
LumiereI unfortunately... will have to do this virtually...22:30
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