IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-02-24

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pcardunemeetings on irc are less boring than meetings in real life05:38
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jnevesgood morning - I was trying to build schooltool from svn, and it's complaining about a missing package "pkg_resources" when running - anyone knows where I can get it or what's the issue?11:54
jnevesfound it - setuptools were missing12:04
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*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (16:30 EET) | Use for pasting | pcardune's Zope class, Saturdays at noon US/Eastern (GMT-5) | Developers are at PyCon, answers may be slow or non-existant"17:18
pcardunethanks jinty, it works now17:18
jintypcardune, np17:18
Lumiere'morning pcardune, jinty17:19
ignashi :)17:19
Lumierehi ignas17:23
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filip101is there class today?17:33
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Lumiereno class18:54
Lumierepaul's at PyCon18:54
filip101ok ty18:54
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jnevesany idea on why I'm getting several errors like "Could not import schooltool.sbapp.generations.evolve8" when doing make extract-translations? (I'm building schooltool from SVN)19:06
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jneves<Lumiere> no class19:12
jneves<Lumiere> paul's at PyCon19:12
jneveshope that answers your question19:12
nitromasterthanks jneves19:13
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Lumierehi ignas, paul19:47
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jneves"reportlab or TrueType fonts not found; PDF generator tests skipped" - anyone knows where this is defined? the machine has both, so I wanted to understand what's going on21:31
jnevesdoes schooltool depends on microsoft's fonts?21:42
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pcarduneinstall gobby23:48
pcarduneit is sweet23:48
Fujitsupcardune: THat is the point of it :)23:50
FujitsuIt's incredibly useful.23:50
Fujitsu(and I do like the idea of having the drop-down menus at the top of the UI... is that permanent?)23:51
pcardunesort of23:53
pcarduneso, i guess it is not permanent23:53
pcardunebut it is an improvement over the side-bar... still coming though is a tabbed interface23:54
pcardunewhich we don't have time to complete at the sprint23:54
FujitsuOK, that's good. I was just hoping we weren't going back to the sidebar.23:54
FujitsuI'll be interested to see how much stuff gets done during the sprint... You plan to have the resource stuff pretty much complete and working?23:55
pcardunebeta testable23:55

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