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th1aHi Bhaskar.05:53
Bhaskarth1a: i suggest you, pls upload all the presentation materials on after finishing the PyCon05:54
th1aWe aren't actually doing a presentation.05:55
th1aJust writing code and documentation.05:55
th1aWe will upload the documentation we write.05:55
Bhaskarth1a: Jeff said the online training in IRC about Zope but when ? do you know ? Jeff not replyed my any mail, i think he is so busy06:01
th1aThey had one last Saturday.06:02
th1aIt is in the IRC log.06:02
Bhaskarth1a: so i should see log06:03
Bhaskarth1a, is very good site06:21
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ignasjfroche: are you there?14:17
jfrocheignas: hello there14:23
ignasjfroche: what would you like to work on during the sprint ? i mean any preferences, modifications to schooltool that you are particularily interested in etc.14:24
ignaswith all that list of tracks that we are going to have + ldap stuff there are quite a lot of things to choose from ...14:24
jfrochei would like to see with you the part where a lesson if formed with different students of different classes14:24
jfrocheyou told me you had the same usecase14:25
jfrochebut i am available for anything that you think more urgent14:25
jfrocheldap stuff i am also really interested in14:26
ignaswell - in the sprint i can only vaguely discuss the attendance for more than one group of students at the same time usecase, but the work will be focused on the things mentioned yesterday14:28
ignasi just wanted to know if there are some specific parts you would like to contribute (pluggability, usecases, UI design, documentation etc.)14:29
ignasit is quite difficult for me to asses your knowledge of schooltool/Zope3 as i haven't seen that many examples of your Zope3 code ...14:30
ignasonly the Date i18n stuff and the default group customization code actually14:30
jfrochei am more confident but far from you i think14:33
ignasand in non relative terms? like - could you handle merging of changes from schooltool trunk to schooltool cando branch with all the evolution etc. ?14:35
jfrochenot everthing i think14:40
jfrochei could handle tasks14:40
jfrochebut not the full thing14:40
jfrochethere is parts i am not confident with (eg securitypolicy)14:40
ignasi see14:45
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ignasjfroche: you should pick a task that requires a significant amount of programming and do more coding on schooltool14:58
ignasbecause it is very difficult for me to teach you anything if i have no code to review ;)14:59
ignasare there so many infrastructure/management problems, because it seems that you don't have much time to do actual programming/customization ...15:00
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jfrocheno not anymore problems with infrastructure, mainly with managing deadlines & my moving to new house & new company last 2 weeks15:59
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ignasjfroche: what are you working on at the moment?17:03
ignasand how is it going ?17:04
jfrocheits ok17:05
jfrochebut your commits are helpful17:05
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ignasjfroche:  IIRC your plan was to add browser views on current SetupData yes?17:22
jfrocheyep but here i concentrate first on basic imports of Person17:23
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ignaswhat benefits are you getting out of setupData ?17:43
ignasi mean wouldn't it have been easier to just add an import view on an application17:43
ignaswith a NavigationViewlet visible to administrator only17:43
ignasso you wouldn't have to depend on devmode being turned on in the deployed schooltool application?17:44
jfrochei used working code to start with ; right it might be cleaner, i will be able to move the view easily anyway17:44
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