IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-02-19

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* th1a shuffles some papers around.16:27
th1ahi ignas, jfroche16:28
jfrochegood afternoon th1a16:28
th1agood morning jfroche16:28
th1aWhat's the temperature there?16:29
th1aIt is -11 C here.16:29
jfrochegreat, +5°C in here16:30
ignas0 :)16:30
th1aExpected high in Dallas on friday: 26.16:30
ignaswhich one of these ?16:31
jfrocheso hot ?!16:32
th1aIt is -11 in Providence.16:32
th1aIt looks like it will mostly be around 20.16:32
ignasExpected high in Dallas on friday: 26. - 26 celsius ?16:32
th1aActually, I thought it would be even warmer.16:32
th1aI'm trying to translate for you crazy Europeans.16:33
jfrochei was about to bring big coat with me...16:33
th1aIt is TEXAS.16:33
ignasi thought you meant 2007-02-26 is Friday (which it is not) and it will be the warmest day ;)16:33
th1aI expect to be high on Friday the 26th.16:34
th1aYes, that's what I meant to say.16:34
th1aExcept I'm also high now.16:34
th1aSo confusing!16:34
th1aAnyhow... I'm scheduled to arrive at 5:19 PM on Thursday.16:35
th1aWhat about you guys?16:35
jfrochei should arrive thursday at around 6h30 PM16:36
ignas22:30 Thursday16:36
th1ajfroche: I'll wait for you at the airport.  Did you send me your flight info?16:37
jfrochethink i did, let me check16:37
th1ajfroche: Sorry, I could have checked myself.16:38
th1aShall we go over the PyCon email I sent earlier?16:39
ignasok :)16:40
th1aThe biggest concern is just trying to get more detail into the requirements for resource scheduling.16:40
ignasth1a: have you seen my chat with Lumiere ?16:41
th1aAlso, we should probably start thinking about how to divide up the work into parallel chunks.16:41
th1aignas: I guess not.16:41
th1aFrom when?16:41
ignasit was before you wrote more or less same things to CanDo mailing list ;)16:44
th1aOK. Caught up with that... sorry.16:47
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th1aWell, no matter how much we do beforehand, there is going to be a necessary step of going carefullly over the existing functionality and picking out bugs & places for improvement.16:48
th1aI don't think we're going to have any significant disagreement about what direction we're going in.16:48
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th1aThe main thing I'd like to see over the next couple days is an exact sequence of events for "Teacher wants to reserve an 'X'"16:49
ignasjinty: hi16:49
th1aWhich we don't quite have yet, I don't think.16:49
th1ajinty: hi.16:50
ignasth1a: i am not that sure about the sequence ...16:50
th1aNeither am I.16:50
th1aIf we had it right, we wouldn't need this sprint.16:50
ignasth1a: i would be content with the requirements and think that we can come up with the exact sequence in the sprint16:50
th1aSo what do we need to add to the current requirements?16:51
ignasas my plan is to keep everything working during the while effort - we will be doing it in steps anyway16:51
ignaslet me read the most up to date thingie16:51
th1aOK... tell me more about your plan.16:51
jintyhey ignas, th1a16:51
th1ajinty:  I need you to save my inbox from the checkins and announce lists.16:51
ignasth1a: hmm, maybe priorities in case we can't make everything in one go, but as the authors of the spec will be present16:52
ignaswe will be able to talk about it16:52
th1aWelsh won't be there.16:52
ignasan issue16:52
ignasschooltool trunk vs CanDo schooltool16:52
jintyth1a: hmm, not sure what you mean16:52
ignasand the exact target16:53
th1ajinty: Approval messages for non-member submissions to those lists.16:53
th1aI think the target has to be schooltool trunk.16:53
jintyth1a: sure, but later16:53
ignasshould i care about having these changes in schooltool or will we concentrate on making it integrate with CanDo only16:53
th1aThis is core SchoolTool functionality.16:54
th1aThere is a much larger question of UI layout.16:54
ignasthen we will want to make CanDo use schooltool trunk16:54
ignasand there will be a lot higher emphasis on pluggability16:55
ignason one hand - more useful, on another hand - more time16:55
th1aYes, this isn't just CanDo functionality.16:55
ignasyes, but making resources as pluggable as schooltool person is will take at least some time16:56
ignasand with their specific requirements for resource schema16:56
ignaswe will want something like that ...16:56
th1aYes, but that's also something useful to teach them.16:56
th1aSo I think that's one important thread.16:56
jfrochei would like to take part of the discussion there to see where i could help16:57
th1ajfroche: You may be in charge of that ;-)16:57
th1aBecause another big thing ignas is going to have to teach is the new timetabling model.16:58
ignasouch, yes indeed16:58
ignasi must find time to go through everything and mark the steps needed to finish resource booking improvements16:59
ignasone track will be "interface design", html, pt, mockups16:59
ignasone will be timetabling, porting CanDo to trunk or merging trunk to cando branch16:59
th1aone track for printed reports16:59
ignasand one track will be the Component Architecture + puggability16:59
th1aRemember we'll have some interns and newbies who might be productive and learn a lot working on stuff like report generation.17:00
ignasbut you need a foundation for report generation, and i am not 100% sure it will be stable in the first days ...17:00
th1aWell, we can give people relatively low fruit, even if it isn't fully in their reach.17:01
ignassorry about my ignorance of CanDo programmers, but how many programmers with as much experience as pcardune do they have ?17:01
th1apcardue is a freak of nature.17:02
th1aSo we have to take advantage of him.17:02
th1aAnd he's good at UI.17:02
ignasand what about others? i mean how many programmers i can discuss deep Component Architecture + Pluggability questions will be in the sprint ...17:03
th1aLet's see, I'm not sure how much Zope 3 Lumiere has done.  He seems like an experience developer, but he should be paired with a Zope 3 person for maximum productivity, I'd think.17:04
ignass/will/with, will/17:04
th1aignas: It isn't a lot.17:04
ignasi know17:04
th1aWill (wdickers) has a solid Zope 3 foundation at this point, I'd say, but I'd put him on something like report generation.17:05
th1aaelkner is an experienced developer, but very much in learning mode with Zope 3.17:05
* ignas has never participated in a sprint as the one who has to tell people what to do ...17:06
th1aMy experience from last year is that with most of the interns, it is probably best to give them a relatively simple task to hammer on themselves with periodic support/advice.17:06
th1aThe core of the sprint is ignas, jfroche, pcardune, Lumeire.17:07
th1ajelkner and I are helpful in a managerial role, but won't cut much code.17:07
th1aIf any...17:07
th1aActually, I really need to work on ZPT.17:08
ignascan you give a short bio of Lumiere? as i am afraid i don't know much about him ...17:08
th1aI don't know much about him either.17:08
th1aI haven't met him.17:08
th1aBut he seems to have a good sense of the problem.17:08
ignasso he will be filling in the role of the client :)17:09
th1aAlso, we should take advantage of the opportunity to do hallway testing.17:10
th1aWe need a comprehensive schedule of who is arriving and leaving when.17:10
th1aDo you guys agree that we should do a pre-sprint bug tracker cleanup?17:11
th1aI mean, in Dallas, pre-sprint.17:11
ignaswhen precisely ?17:11
th1aLIke, Sunday night or something.17:11
ignaswhen will the sprint start? during the conference or after it?17:12
th1aThe sprint proper starts after.17:12
jfrocheyep good for me17:12
th1aI need to get pcardune's schedule down, 'cause basically, whenever he's around it is a sprint.17:12
th1aAnd he won't be there the whole time because he's going to school.17:13
ignasi have a feeling i will be bothering him a lot during the conference17:13
th1aPlease do.17:13
th1aHe very talented and fassst.17:14
th1aOK, here's what I've got for threads:17:14
th1a* main booking workflow17:14
ignason the other hand that will leave less of him and less of me to the others ;)17:14
th1aignas: that's the tradeoff.17:15
th1a* pluggable resource schemas17:15
th1a* reviewing timetable system17:15
th1a* UI cleanup17:15
th1a* printed reports17:15
th1a* bugfixes17:15
th1a* documentation17:15
th1aInterns can also work on documentation.17:16
ignasyou forgot the merging between schooltool trunk and CanDo schooltool17:16
jfroche& ldap help ?17:16
th1aOh yeah ;-)17:16
ignasi am very interested in fixing the pluggability for persons and resources with pcardune, which might take more time than plain pluggable resources17:19
th1aI'm going to have to go over the conference schedule to see when we might squeeze in some early work.17:19
th1aignas: That would be a worthy goal.17:19
th1aI don't feel like we're where we'd like to be with that yet either.17:19
th1aWorking with pcardune is a good way to break a logjam.17:20
th1aHm... Saturday night is "hands on with the $100 laptop" at 8:00, so maybe Friday is bug nite?17:22
ignaswe can do that17:22
th1aUnless we decide there's a block of time during the day with nothing we're interested in.17:22
ignasif we will have internet in the hotel we can do that in the evening ;) me and you should be enough for 75% of the bugs the rest might require jinty17:23
th1aAt this point, there are lots of issues in Python that I could use a lesson in, so I'm going to want to attend a lot of sessions.17:23
ignasjinty: sticking to Zope3 trunk some time - what do you think ?17:24
th1aSince I was at PyCon two years ago, a lot of things have shifted in my mind from "What is 'X'" to "OK, how do I actually do 'X'"17:24
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th1aOK, Paul's talk is Friday at 11:25.17:25
th1aI think he's staying for two days of the sprint proper.17:26
th1aPressing questions?17:27
th1ajfroche: I'll see you at the airport on Thursday, if we're both on time.17:27
jfrocheright, have mobile to reach you ?17:28
th1aOh... phone number... I'll send it.17:28
th1aI'll wear my EFF hat.17:28
th1aYou can't miss it.17:28
jfrocheDallas might be a big airport17:28
* th1a doesn't use his mobile at home and doesn't know his number.17:28
th1aWe should make sure we're going to the same airport.17:29
th1aThere are two in Dallas.17:29
th1aOK.  I'll send out some follow-up emails.17:30
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:30
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jintyignas: sorry, i'm in a client's office at the moment, I'm pretty happy about going to the Zope3 trunk sooner rather than later. Our next release is pretty far away I guess. But I thought it might have bee too disturbing for your guys projects.17:51
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Tydragonso whats going on in here23:52
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