IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-02-21

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Bhaskarth1a: can we also participate in PyCon from next year07:04
th1aBhaskar: You're certainly welcome to come to PyCon.07:16
th1aI would expect that we'll try to have some money to support what you're doing in Nepal next year.07:16
Bhaskarth1a: process?07:16
th1aBhaskar: Pretty much just show up in Dallas ;-)07:17
th1aI just don't have extra money this year for you.07:17
Bhaskarth1a: i appresiate your planning07:18
Bhaskarth1a: we are going to deploy  LTSP in many school in first phase then train them in linux and then deploy there schooltool in 2nd phase07:22
th1aDo you have LTSP pilots running?07:23
Bhaskarth1a: no very soon we are doing i think in March07:24
Bhaskarth1a, we are in research now07:25
Bhaskarth1a, i m the key person for this project also07:26
Bhaskarth1a: any such LTSP running in your area, success stories?07:29
th1aBhaskar: Not nearby, but I know folks in other states who use it.07:59
Bhaskarth1a: have some links?08:00
th1aWell, I guess it is all K12LTSP, one way or another.08:01
th1aYou're familiar with that?08:01
Bhaskarth1a: ya08:01
Bhaskarth1a, we are research here LTSP support for Nepalinux (that we developed)08:03
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jintyth1a: so what mail from the schooltool lists is bothering you?16:11
th1ajinty: The requests for approval of spam.17:44
th1aWe just drop it on the other lists.17:44
jintyah, ok,17:45
th1aExcept checkins and announce.17:45
jintyok, I'll do something about that17:45
th1aIt isn't so much that it bothers me, because I don't really see it, but it is totally jamming up even my gmail account.17:45
ignashmm, won't the issue with Mark's mails not appearing in the mailing list ?17:45
ignasbite us17:45
jinty(yesterday was crazy...)17:46
th1aignas: ?17:46
th1aThis is just for the checkins and announce anyhow.17:46
jintyth1a: ok, I think I got it, posts by non-members should just be discarded now...18:13
th1ajinty:  My inbox and I thank you.18:27
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ignas - cool stats :)21:02
mgedminfor schooltool?21:02
ignasnot very precise though21:08
mgedminI like "large, active development team"21:09
ignaswell 12 developers have contributed stuff in 12 months ...21:10
mgedminpretty sparklines21:10
ignasobey the sparklines!21:11
algalarge, active stuffs21:13
algashows the miserable state of opensource, doesn't it? :)21:13
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