IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-02-18

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th1ahi Bhaskar.07:27
Bhaskarth1a:how are you and your child?07:27
th1aDoing fine.  How are you?07:28
Bhaskarth1a: me fine too07:28
Bhaskarth1a: i m learning python & zope07:29
th1aI received my copy of Philip's new Zope 3 book this week.07:30
th1aIt might take longer to get to Nepal.07:31
Bhaskarth1a: it is hard to get this book in nepal07:31
th1aI would imagine.07:31
th1aThat's why you like the web.07:32
Bhaskarth1a: ya. Can i get ecopy of this book? any possibilities?07:33
th1aWell, oddly enough, the first edition comes up in Google Book Search.07:34
Bhaskarth1a: nice07:35
th1aDoeIt doesn't look like they sell an ebook of the new edition.07:36
Bhaskarth1a: what is going new on schooltool07:38
th1aWell, we're having a sprint at PyCon next week.07:38
th1aWe'll actually be focusing on resource scheduling.07:39
th1aWhich is about 75% done already, but we're going to try to really finish it and make it usable.07:39
Fujitsuth1a: My school is looking for resource scheduling stuff, so I'm eagerly watching the progress you make :)07:40
th1aFujitsu: Where are you?07:40
FujitsuBox Hill High School, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.07:41
th1aI see.  That explains why you're awake ;-)07:43
BhaskarFujitsu,  your school is deploying schooltool?07:43
FujitsuBhaskar, no. I helped deploy a new attendance monitoring system a year or so ago. We are currently looking at School{Tool,Bell} for the resource scheduling functionality only at the moment.07:44
BhaskarFujitsu, well07:45
FujitsuMy current primary involvement with FOSS is as an Ubuntu developer, but I'm interested in getting into SchoolTool. I've got Python experience, and (as I mentioned above) I've had a lot of experience over the past couple of years with an existing attendance monitoring system.07:45
FujitsuI've been looking for bugs to fix... But the SchoolTool product's bugs are a bit of a mess at the moment.07:46
th1aAh yes... well I guess if I know someone's looking to fix bugs that's incentive to clear up the tracker.07:46
BhaskarFujitsu,  how is existing attendance monitoring system.? short desc07:46
FujitsuI note a lot of the bugs seem to involve SchoolBell, or be absolutely ancient, or `In progress' but not assigned to anybody, etc.07:47
FujitsuBhaskar, well... It's an attendance monitoring system, similar to SchoolTool's, except that most data is collected by the duty students going around to each classroom with PDAs.07:48
th1aFujitsu: Yes... I really wanted to just throw them all out and start over.07:48
FujitsuAt least you don't have 20k open bugs like we do over in Ubuntu :-/07:48
BhaskarFujitsu, this system is free ?07:49
FujitsuBhaskar, no. It's proprietary, unfortunately. SchoolTool will be the first Free product of its kind.07:50
BhaskarFujitsu, well, we are planning to deploy schooltool in Nepal07:51
FujitsuBhaskar, I have gathered that over the past few weeks :)07:51
BhaskarFujitsu, in first phase i have finished 99 % of  the localization in Nepali07:52
Fujitsuth1a, know of anything for me to start with, off-hand?07:52
FujitsuBhaskar, not bad.07:52
th1aI would poke around with it yourself and see what doesn't work for you.07:52
th1aScratch your own itch.07:52
FujitsuA good idea.07:53
FujitsuAt the moment, you've just got POV (and the interns) as devs?07:59
th1ajfroche is in Belgium.08:09
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