IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-02-08

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Bhaskarth1a: i have reinstall schooltool in new PC, from new checkout, update translations but the GUI is not found in nepali why, pls help, i have demeo now, so i am in trouble09:27
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Bhaskarignas: the po of  schooltool.commendation is kept in ne/LC_MESSAGE, then update translation, why not translate the string from this po ?11:09
Bhaskarignas: schooltool.po and this po should join?11:10
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Bhaskarth1a: it is better to merged the translation template of schooltool development and schooltool.commendation11:12
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ignasth1a: ayt?16:43
ignasmaybe you could email me the hotel reservation info (i might need something like that to get into US)16:44
ignasthank you :)16:45
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ignasth1a_: has no SchoolTool in there ... is our sprint "private" ? :)18:09
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