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paolob-parroquiaHi guys! When I read the schooltool web page it seems that development is quite stopped... What is the truth?00:05
ignasit's not stopped00:06
paolob-parroquiaWhen could we have something realistically usable? is there any idea?00:06
ignasit's focused on some specific schools though, instead of being focused (if i can use the word) on all the possible schools00:06
paolob-parroquiaignas, explain me better00:07
paolob-parroquiabut does Mark Shuttleworth keeps sponsoring it?00:08
paolob-parroquiahoy many people?00:08
ignas2 full time programmers, 1 project manager00:08
ignas2 partner schools00:08
ignas1 programmer for 1 school00:09
paolob-parroquiabut with 2 full time programmers one would expect development is going on more rapidly.... or am I wrong?00:09
ignasit is going quite rapidly, yes00:10
ignasyou can look at
paolob-parroquiabut why don't we see this development?00:11
ignaswhere are you looking for it?00:12
paolob-parroquiaon the web page. Alpha releases are getting out very slowly....00:13
ignasevery monday  we are having meetings in here, there is a checkin mailing list that shows everything that is happening to the source code, and there are 2 mailing lists discussing everything00:13
ignasreleases - yes, because well - we are working with 2 schools now, and deploying schooltool directly for them00:13
ignaswith school specific customizations00:13
paolob-parroquiamy question is: I have a big school (~ 1,500 students, primary, nightly and secondary). Will I have something usable for june 2007, in order to use schooltool for next academic year?00:15
ignasi don't think so00:15
ignasunless your requirements match closely either belgian schools or lithuanian schools00:16
paolob-parroquia:-( but at the beginning the perpective of having an usable software was more rapid... What has changed since that?00:16
ignaswe have realized that creating software without actual users is not a very good plan, because while it looks nice and functional, it does not fulfill real requirements by real schools00:17
paolob-parroquiabut what is the roadmap for the near future?00:18
ignas2 roadmaps, 1 for the lithuanian school and another for the belgian school00:18
ignaswith the main target being - have something deployed in each school for the beginning of the 2007 autumn00:19
paolob-parroquiatil when? when is it expected to go back working to a more general scenario? I can't think that after Lituania and Belgium you're going to pick two more countries, and then two more, etc...00:20
ignasi don't really know, everything depends on how successful schooltool will be with these 2 schools00:21
paolob-parroquiawho could tell me something more precise?00:22
ignasth1a (Tom Hoffman) i think00:22
paolob-parroquiabut is he here?00:22
paolob-parroquiaHi th1a00:22
ignasi don't know00:22
paolob-parroquiaone more question, 0.11.4-1ubuntu4 is alpha2?00:23
ignaspaolob-parroquia: the only way you can change this is by actively contributing to schooltool, because 2 programmers are not that much00:23
ignasi don't know, but i know that it is very old really00:23
ignasa lot of things have changed since then ...00:23
paolob-parroquiaand isn't anyone making a .deb of alpha2?00:24
ignasno, because it is not stable enough to be used by anyone00:25
ignasthings are changing too fast at the moment00:25
ignasyou can try using the development version00:25
ignasbut you will need some technical knowledge to do that00:25
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paolob-parroquiaok,. let me try!00:35
ignasyou are using ubuntu dapper or ubuntu edgy?00:36
lisppaste5ignas pasted "Updated instructions for schooltool development environment setup on dapper" at
ignasclick the link00:42
ignasyou should see updated instructions00:42
ignasbecause on dapper if you don't have root you might have some problems with setuptools being too old00:43
paolob-parroquiaok, thank you00:43
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paolob-parroquiahi th1a01:42
th1apaolob-parroquia: Hi.01:43
paolob-parroquiath1a, what is the roadmap for schooltool? will we have a usable version for the next academic year?01:45
th1aWe will have a version that will be tested at two schools (as ignas told you above) in the next academic year.01:46
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th1aWe will have a version that will be tested at two schools (as ignas told you above) in the next academic year.01:49
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paolob-parroquiath1a, do you think to update ?01:51
th1aYes, I need to update that.01:52
paolob-parroquiath1a, will you update it in the next days ?01:53
th1aI should be able to post ignas's changes.01:53
paolob-parroquiaok, thanks!01:54
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Bhaskarth1a: between schooltool-0.11.3 and schooltool 2006.0-alpha2 which one is latest11:56
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jfroche__ignas: hello there, i am beginning to play with the Person refactoring to be able to import the students & teacher14:52
jfroche__read things in your branch14:52
jfroche__should i copy you or wait for trunk changes ?14:52
ignaslike what /14:53
jfroche__your package in src14:53
jfroche__with the new person factory14:54
ignaswait for what kind of changes?14:54
jfroche__rephrasing my question, to be able to play with my own Person what should i do ?14:56
ignasadd a package with your new person14:56
ignasadd a site.zcml that does not include demographics14:56
ignasdemographics overrides i mean14:56
ignasand register person factory utility in overrides of your package14:57
ignasyou can either reuse the simple schooltool person with views or write new implementations ...14:57
jfroche__ok. to subclass demographics i ll face trouble ?14:57
ignasno, not really14:59
ignasdemographics still works14:59
ignasso if your person is more complex - you can use demographics14:59
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