IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-02-09

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jfrocheignas: hello ! have 2 min ?11:09
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jfrocheignas: there ?15:24
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jfrocheignas: there ?16:17
ignasjfroche: yes16:17
jfrochehello, i have added my package in src for jacqmain, i am trying to run test there with --dir jacqmain.person16:18
jfrochebut it seems that i doesnt find the tests16:18
ignas./ -m the package16:18
ignasby default it's "./ -m schooltool"16:18
jfrochethanks !16:19
ignasso it will ignore stuff not in schooltool package16:19
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lisppaste5jfroche pasted "failed import" at
jfrocheignas: strange no ?16:24
ignasa circular imporyt16:24
ignastry import PersonContainer on a separate line16:24
ignaseither above or below the Person import16:25
lisppaste5jfroche pasted "import failing" at
jfrochestill the same, if i move Person up i get:16:28
lisppaste5jfroche pasted "import Person failing" at
jfrocheis it the fact that i have a person package in my jacqmain package ?16:29
ignashave you tried importing PerosnContainer before Person ?16:30
jfrocheyep i get:         from schooltool.person.person import PersonContainer16:33
jfroche    ImportError: cannot import name PersonContainer16:33
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ignasi would suggest you putting the local import from jacqmain.person.interfaces import IJacqmainPerson below the schooltool import16:40
ignasand can you post me imports in the interfaces file as well16:40
jfrocheit's really strange16:50
jfrocheadded         >>> from schooltool.person.person import Person16:51
jfroche        >>> from schooltool.person.person import PersonContainer16:51
jfroche in doctest and no complains for them, but for the other one it's stille the same16:51
ignasjfroche: you should read about circular imports in python17:01
mgedminschooltool should not have any circular imports, ideally17:02
ignasmgedmin: BBB stuff and reimports in __init__17:02
jfrocheignas: i was doing it17:02
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algath1a: we're meeting Jeff and Dave in 4 hours :)20:24
th1aalga: Cool!20:24
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