IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-02-06

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Bhaskarth1a: we want to collaborate with your team, how can we start05:49
Bhaskarth1a: are you very busy?06:35
th1aHi Bhaskar.06:38
Bhaskarth1a: hello , sir06:39
th1aWell, you need to learn some Zope3 programming.06:39
Bhaskarth1a: ya06:39
Bhaskarth1a:we are planning officially collaboration with schooltool team06:40
th1aWell, we'll be happy to have your help.06:40
Bhaskarth1a: we from Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya ( and schooltool collaboration, then we can give more input officially, we are commited06:43
Bhaskarth1a: how can we ?06:43
th1aThe big hurdle is just learning how SchoolTool works.06:44
Bhaskarth1a: ya i feel so06:45
Bhaskarth1a: can your team post some technnical flow of program, sequence diagram of schooltool06:46
Bhaskarth1a: or your team can orient us06:47
th1aYou probably need to start with some Zope3 documentation.06:47
th1aThis a good book:
Bhaskarth1a: i will start from this book07:00
th1aThe second edition is just coming out now.07:00
Bhaskarth1a:so i will buy second edition07:04
Bhaskarth1a ,i think i have to learn python also07:05
th1aOh... that would be the first step.07:05
Bhaskarth1a: ya i m starting from python during  one month07:06
Bhaskarth1a, suggest me the good book for python also07:06
th1aI like Learning Python from O'Reilly.07:07
th1aIt teaches good style, I think.07:07
Bhaskarth1a, i have core python programming by wesley J. CHUN07:10
th1aI'm sure that's fine.07:10
th1aPython itself isn't that hard.07:10
Bhaskarth1a: ya07:10
Bhaskarth1a: i feel also07:11
Bhaskarth1a: can i get sequence diagram of schooltool?07:16
th1aI think you need one of those for Zope 3 more than SchoolTool.07:18
th1aBut regardless, I don't know of any.07:18
Bhaskarth1a: so i 'll improve myself on zope 3 and python, then i can well understand the codes of schooltool, ya07:20
Bhaskarth1a: have you seen the manual that i have send you?07:22
Bhaskarth1a: when the beta version will released?07:35
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th1aBhaskar: I keep telling you it will be essentially a year before we have a beta.  Probably.08:13
Bhaskarth1a: well08:14
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jfrocheth1a: hello, are you there ?18:17
th1ahi jfroche.18:23
jfrocheI sent a mail to Jens asking him some info about how to debug ldap protocol18:24
jfrocheHe replies and tell me that he is confused because he was expecting to work on it18:24
jfrocheand not me18:25
th1aWell, yes...18:25
th1aYou certainly don't need to get that deep into it.18:25
jfrocheok I ll commit what i did and let him play with it then ?18:26
jfrocheignas: close your eyes, an awful commit will come on the ldap branch18:27
th1aYes... it is their job.  otoh, as in our discussion last week, it seemed like there was some plumbing to be done in SchoolTool to prepare for it.18:28
jfrocheright there isn't for authentication but there is if they want to be able to store Person attributes into ldap18:28
th1aSo *if you want to* work on that some -- it seemed like a good learning exercise -- you can.18:29
th1aBut LDAP is their responsibility, not yours.18:30
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th1ajfroche: I think we've both got a tendency to think Ian's our client and not our contractor ;-)18:32
jfrocheright :)18:33
ignasjfroche: you don't need local utility, global will do18:52
ignasso you won't need a subscriber ..18:52
jfrocheok but when should i register it then ?18:52
jfrocheif it's not when the schooltool container instance is created, when should i register the utility18:53
ignasa sec18:55
ignasoh, indeed, sorry18:55
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ignasi thought that schooltool is using a global authentication utility18:56
ignasthat complicates stuff :/18:56
ignasjfroche: i would suggest you making the ldap utility a global one19:00
ignasfinding the auth = zapi.getUtility(IAuthentication)19:00
ignasand adding some code that at the moment would lookup the right utility by name19:01
ignasLDAP one19:01
ignasand later making the selection optional19:01
ignasand if making LDAP utility a global one works out19:01
ignasyou might want to repeat the magic we did with demographics code19:01
jfrocheignas: just that ldappas require a name utility for ldapadapter19:01
ignasand make schooltool authentication utility global as well19:01
ignasjfroche: can you rephrase your statement aboud ldappas19:03
jfrocheldappas depends on ldapadapter19:03
jfrocheand ldappas is fetching a ldapadapter like this:  da = zapi.queryUtility(ILDAPAdapter, self.adapterName)19:04
jfrochewill it be ok if i add a global ldapadapter ?19:04
ignaswhy should it not be ok?19:04
jfrochecause it has a name19:04
jfrocheself.adapterName is the name of the ldapadapater19:05
ignasand why global utilites can't have names?19:05
jfrocheah thought it was only local utilities19:05
ignaswhy did you think so?19:05
jfrochethought you just can have 1 global utility for an Interface19:07
ignasif they are named - you can have more than 119:07
ignasand if they are not - then you can override one utility with another when needed through zcml19:08
jfrochegood to know19:12
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