IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-01-25

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th1aVivian Geller Hoffman was born at 4:14 AM EST, on January 24, 2007 in Providence, RI, weighing seven pounds, three ounces (or an unknown number of kilos).  Mother and baby are doing well.01:03
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Bhaskarjinty: when you are deploying schooltool?11:08
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jintyBhaskar, I don't think I deploy schooltool in a serious way, I created and perhaps one or 2 testing sites, but nothing more11:54
Bhaskarjinty: how can i localize the calendar in schooltool?12:42
jintyBhaskar, sorry, I have no idea about that12:42
Bhaskarjinty:it's ok12:42
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ignasjinty: want to hear a funny thing?16:34
jintyignas: yeah, why not16:35
* jinty needs some fun right now16:35
ignassome strings displayed in SchoolTool UI are coming from Zope3  and are in zope translation domain :)16:35
ignasand there are 1402 untranslated nepali strings in zope.pot16:36
ignasand no search function16:36
ignastry to find the "(no value)" string that is used in default Zope3 formlib widgets16:36
ignasbtw, if i would download zope.po file for schooltool and put it in proper location16:37
ignaswill schooltool use it ?16:37
ignasoh, and bhaskar asked me to translate the "Browse..." button for file upload...16:37
jintywell, at least we can point him in the direction of the people who can actually change the stuff16:38
jinty(firefox, zope3)16:38
ignasare Zope3 folks distributing translations in the checkout ?16:39
jintyI think they also distribute the compiled .mo files16:41
ignasso the only way to fix the "no value" is to translate it in rosetta and make Zope3 developers update the po and mo files16:41
jintythough I'm not sure how often these things get updated16:41
jintyI also think that perhaps some people work on the translations directly in the repository16:42
* jinty thinks we should tell Bhaskar to get svn access to :-P16:43
jintyso he can modify the translation directly16:43
jfrocheyou should send him to #zope3-dev :)16:43
ignaswell, nepali translation is empty, so he won't conflict with anyone anyway16:43
jintybut I guess it would be easier for him to search through a .pot file than rosetta16:44
ignasgaaah demographics is practically untranslatable16:50
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ignasjfroche: by the way, the import of bugs to launchpad17:26
ignasi can't do anything with newly imported bugs17:27
ignasare they set to readonly17:27
ignasor i just don't have the permission17:27
ignas(no bugs were assigned to me as well)17:27
jfrocheah James told me there were ok17:28
jfrochei send him a mail17:28
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Lumierehi will18:18
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