IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-01-26

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jfrochehello ignas12:54
jfrochewhat's your id name on skype ?12:55
ignasBhaskar: hi13:00
Bhaskarignas: i think you find my mail of missing strings ? you have added some string on translation template, i m right13:02
ignasi got your email13:02
ignasproblem is that (no values) string is not from schooltool13:02
ignasit is from Zope313:02
ignasand you should ask in #zope3-dev how and where you should translate it so that it would be in nepali13:03
jfrocheignas: where is the main point of entry in schooltool for authentication ?13:03
ignasthe "Browse..." is from firefox13:03
ignasjfroche: for "log in" ?13:03
Bhaskarignas: well13:04
ignasBhaskar: you should get firefox language pack for nepali13:04
Bhaskarignas: we have this one13:05
jfrocheignas: Greetings from Ian and Grusse from Jens !13:05
ignasjfroche: SchoolToolAuthenticationUtility13:05
ignasjfroche: greet them for me ;)13:05
Bhaskarignas: we have localize firefox13:06
ignaswell - the Browse button is from firefox not schooltool13:06
jfrocheignas: what's "Greetings" in Lithuanian ?13:06
Bhaskarignas:how to translate calendar in schooltool13:07
ignasjfroche: not sure really13:07
ignasBhaskar: calendar ? which one ?13:07
ignasjfroche: we have a few words but i don't know which one is used in this context13:08
Bhaskarignas: numeric value in calendar13:08
ignasBhaskar: ?13:08
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jfroche_ignas: where do i define to use this or another person ? registering another adapter or changing a zcml file ?13:22
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ignasanother person13:22
jfroche_i need to inherit from Person13:23
ignashmm, at the moment you would have to disable demographics zcml13:23
ignasa sec13:23
ignaslet me look at what's in trunk13:23
jfroche_i need to change checkPassword13:23
jfroche_to authenticate against ldap13:24
jfroche_(just as a proof of concept)13:24
ignasi understand13:24
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jfroche_so i better inherit from Person13:24
ignasit should work like this - you disable demographics zcml13:25
ignasthen you add your own module13:25
ignasand register the factory utility in the overrides13:25
ignasand add a person container, person add, person edit views13:25
jfroche_there is still an example in your branch ?13:25
ignaswell, no, i haven't added back the old person container yet13:26
ignasperson container view that is13:26
ignasthus the only person container view is the demographics one13:26
ignasand it depends on demographics person13:26
ignasso you either add some small and hacky contianer view and person add, edit views you won't be able to use non demographics person13:27
ignasi am working on adding person container that can display any person you have at the moment13:28
jfroche_i see13:28
ignaslog in part should be more or less independent from the person class13:28
ignasso you might want to start there13:29
ignasand i'll try to come up with something for the person container stuff13:29
ignasjust making tests pass, as i forgot one import when fixing translations in demographics13:31
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ignasjfroche_:  you will still have to write custom person listing/person adding/person editing for LDAP, but first i must make them overridable properly13:35
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jfrocheignas: should i create a new package for creating my new person ?14:41
ignasjfroche: yes, the way i did with lyceum would make most sense i think14:42
ignasadd a new directory in src, hook it up in site.zcml, put new person class in some file, and register person factory utility in overrides14:43
jfrochei better branch now i suppose14:44
jfrochebranching from lyceum or trunk ?14:44
ignasnow that i think about it14:44
ignasas this is an experiment14:44
jfrochebut removing demographic + adding utility for registrering the person14:44
ignasyou should just try editing demographics person14:44
ignasand editing authentication utility in place14:45
ignasas they are not overridable at te moment14:45
ignasand later as soon as overrides will be dealt with14:45
ignasit should be easy to bakcport everything and make it plugable14:45
ignasyou won't be able to remove demographics for at least a couple of hours i'm afraid14:46
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jfrocheignas: zope.html isn't on anymore ?15:22
ignaswas it ever in there?15:23
jfrocheIan have just done a fresh checkout15:23
jfrochemake build is just saying it can't find zope.html anymore15:23
jfrocheand it looks at it on python15:23
ignastrunk ?15:23
jfrochehttp trunk15:24
ignasit's on
ignasand in setup.eggs - the right url is set15:24
ignasso it's kind of strange15:25
ignaslook at setup.eggs.py15:25
ignasit should be the one failing15:25
ignasrunning make build after removing eggs works for me ...15:26
jfrochetrying it again15:26
ignasjfroche: can you see eggs in ? maybe it's a network issue15:27
jfrocheignas: can you do a fresh checkout15:33
jfrochei can reach the url15:33
jfrochelisppaste5: url15:33
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.15:33
ignascan you post me the http url ? :)15:33
lisppaste5jfroche pasted "Traceback" at
ignasemm what's the linux distribution?15:34
jfrocheignas: there is an light on a apple on the computer15:35
ignasthe version of python-setuptools ?15:36
jfrocheright, got it... python 2.3.515:38
jfrochetrying with 2.4 :)15:38
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jfrocheignas: at last we wont create a branch now15:49
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ignasjfroche: ?15:49
jfrochewe don't change the code yet15:49
jfrocheas we have 2h left15:50
jfrochewe (means, u & me) have to give them a way to define a new Person class15:50
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jfrocheand then they will be able to work15:54
test123thanks jeff for removing z3!15:54
jfrochetest123:  pleasure was for me :)15:55
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jfrocheignas: update readme about libicu-dev15:59
ignascould oyu update it again16:00
ignaswe work with pretty much any libicu-dev16:00
ignasnot just libicu36-dev16:00
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jfrocheignas: there was a MacOS package for schooltool ?16:57
ignassome time ago i think16:57
ignasthen we ditched the support for anything except linux16:57
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test123ignas: can you ack my skype call? thanks Ian17:57
ignaswait a sec for me to go to a separate room so i17:57
ignaswould not disturb my coworkers17:57
jfrochecu there18:15
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whaddoneldafar: Hello19:01
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eldafarwhaddon: hey, sorry23:40

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