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Bhaskarcan any say that in which file password is stored in schooltool?12:10
Bhaskarcan anyone say that in which file password is stored in schooltool?12:11
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Bhaskarignas: thanks for your well work on schooltool13:13
Bhaskarignas: the problem of untranslated leftside menu is solved13:14
Bhaskarignas:but some string are still in problem13:14
jintyBhaskar, hello13:15
ignasBhaskar: with what strings?13:16
Bhaskarignas: all commendations, ...13:17
Bhaskarignas:  the file of Access and control...13:19
Bhaskarignas:view commendations..13:20
Bhaskarignas :in file http://localhost:7080/persons:13:21
BhaskarUsername (sortable) Full name (sortable) Birth (sortable) Enrollment (sortable) Modified (ascending) Edit Display13:21
Bhaskarignas: i will send a list of untranslated string tomorrow with their corresponding files13:24
ignasthank you13:25
Bhaskarignas: see u bye13:26
Bhaskarjinty: bye13:26
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ignasjinty: ayt?14:13
jintyignas: yep14:14
ignasa tricky situation14:14
ignassomeone got into the idea that it would be nice for the Commendation14:14
ignasto have it's own i18n namespace14:14
ignasnot even "schooltool.commendation"14:14
jintyyep, that at least has some sanity14:15
ignaswhich kind of makes sense for a plugable model of schooltool, eggs etc, but not for actual deployment14:15
* jinty is of the belief that you have to do that kind of thing if you want to do pluggable/eggs14:15
ignasindeed, but what with our Make files14:16
jintyhaving all the translations under one package when you distribute each of the bits separately makes no sense at all14:16
ignascan makefile operations take parameters?14:16
jintywell, then we should fix our makefiles14:16
ignaslike could i do NAMESPACE="schooltool.commendation" make extract-translations14:16
jintyyou use environment variables for that14:17
jintyyep, though I would do a recursive makefile call14:17
ignasbecause that's what we'd need to extract the .pot file for the commendation module14:17
ignashmm, and at the moment - hardcode namespaces14:17
jintyor whatever the real term is for that14:18
* ignas had to push a new schoolbell.pot just to make rosetta-update scripts happy14:18
ignaseven though schoolbell translations are kind of empty14:18
jintyI thought I'd fixed that issue14:18
ignasshould be empty but makefiles scan all the schooltool .py files14:19
ignasand emm, commendation translations should only include src/schooltool/commendation14:19
jintyI don't think I exactly understand the issue here14:20
ignasperform make extract-translations14:20
ignasand look at the schoolbell.pot14:20
jintyis the issue with extractok14:20
* jinty waits for his slow laptop14:21
ignasin zcml and pt - namespaces are "alive" and only those strings that are required get included14:21
ignasbut in .py files we should filter py path when extracting i think14:21
ignass/py path/by path/14:21
jintyso the issue is that schoolbell.pot includes far too many strings14:29
ignascommendation.pot would include that as well14:29
jintybecause they all come from .py's that we should filter out somehow14:29
jintyI would have thought that was the point of _ = MessageFactory("namespace")14:31
jintythat by merely doing that, we get that filtering14:32
ignasit's for Zope to know which .po file to take the translation from14:32
ignasnot for extraction tools :/14:32
jintybut it should also be for extract translations to know which pot file to put the translation in14:32
mgedminthe po extractor is not smart enough to track the definition of _ through all the imports14:32
ignasfrom schooltool.commendation.interfaces import _14:33
jintywaa, I see endless mismatches of this in future....14:33
ignaswith _ = zope.i18nmessageid.MessageFactory("commendation") in the interfaces.py14:33
jfrochedummy question: right now, there is no way to tell the po extractor to go into zcml files to translate things ?14:34
ignasthere is14:34
ignascustom ZCML directives14:34
ignaslook at what i did with navigation14:34
ignasand at my last commit for security policy14:34
jintyignas: well, then I guess we have to work around this in the makefile14:34
ignasjinty: i know :) any ideas ?14:34
jintyfix the extraction tools;)14:35
ignasjinty: emm, like add the support for python imports ?14:35
mgedminshould not be too hard :)14:36
ignasand python syntax hacks like b = MessageFactory(); a = b; c = a; _ = c14:36
mgedminof course not14:36
mgedminanybody who does that deserves whatever he gets14:36
jintyI would guess MessageFactory must do some kind of logging14:37
jintythen somehow import all the modules14:38
mgedminwon't help14:38
* jinty waves hands vigorously14:38
mgedmindef my_fn(): format_your_hard_disk(); return _("Disk formatted")14:38
mgedminah, actually I misunderstood your idea14:38
mgedminif you just format the module and look at _ in the global scope...14:38
ignas    # One limitation of the Python message extractor is that it cannot14:39
ignas    # determine the domain of the string, since it is not contained anywhere14:39
ignas    # directly. The only way this could be done is by loading the module and14:39
ignas    # inspect the '_' function. For now we simply assume that all the found14:39
ignas    # strings have the domain the user specified.14:39
mgedminyay, a slow and cheap but mostly reliable solution14:39
ignashmm, automatic imports would make all the circular import problems so much more fun :)14:40
* jinty is basically lost as to how easy this would actually be to do.14:42
jintybut i see that needs re-writing anyway14:43
jintyand the makefile needs updating14:43
ignasi can try fixing Zope14:45
jintysorry, I won't be of much help in the near future, got a ton of work at the moment14:46
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jfrocheignas: so if i have a MessageID field in the metadirective's interfaces, the message will be translated and the po extractor will be smart enough to read inside zcml for this directive ?14:52
ignasyes, but you must set the right i18n domain in zcml14:53
ignasjfroche: what exactly do you want to do ?14:53
mgedminhow does the i18n extractor process zcmls?14:53
mgedminit must be clever if it can inspect schemas14:53
jfrochetrying to translate onlinehelp title (which is defined in zcml)14:54
jfrochei guess i was missing the i18n domain, trying it14:54
ignasjinty: - will stay borken, but i have a hack that extracts  the domain from the file15:13
ignasand can compare it to the one being extracted15:13
jintyignas is this a schooltool hack, or a zope hack?15:16
ignaszope hack :)15:17
ignasi will move the function to schooltool15:17
ignasand use it15:17
ignasinstead of the zope py_strings15:17
jintycan we get it into zope?15:18
jintythe hack I mean15:18
jintybut, commit it:) I'd like to see it15:18
ignaslet me clean it up :)15:22
ignasjinty: commited :) now it's your turn to update Makefile15:32
ignasso it would extract schooltool, schoolbell and schooltool.commendation15:32
ignasi'll rename commendation domain15:32
jintyignas: okok;)15:33
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jintyignas: there you go, but I guess I triggered loads of circular import issues16:12
ignasnot imports16:14
ignaszcml problems16:14
ignascommendation zcml is not suitable to be loaded diractly16:14
ignasswitching to commendation/ftesting.zcml16:15
ignasuploaded the .pot files16:23
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jfrocheignas: thanks for review18:54
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