IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-01-10

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aelknerGood morning.18:06
aelknerI don't know why gmial is flakey again.18:06
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aelknerwdickers: why does your gmail keep going ofline?18:34
wdickersI don't know, it seems to work okay for me18:35
aelknerDid you get my last message?18:35
aelknerwdickers: You're leaving soon, so we'll pick this up tomorrow.18:38
wdickersokay, I'm committing right now18:38
wdickersI can't commit, it just hangs18:38
jfrochejinty: hello18:39
jfrochemay i have access to /home/ftp18:39
wdickersI think it's my internet connection that is dying. I'll try again this evening18:39
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jintyjfroche: is there a reason?18:45
jfrochei have a 6 Mo xml export of all roundup issues18:45
jfrochethat i would like to provide to the canonical team18:46
jintyjfroche, ok, you have access to /home/ftp/pub/temp for a while18:47
jfrochewhat means a while ?18:48
jfrochei am not sure of when he ll be able to check it out18:48
jintysome random time until I remember to delete it18:48
jfroche:) ok18:48
jintyI'll ask first18:48
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ignasjfroche: what's up ? :)19:18
jfrochehello ignas19:18
ignasany new requirements, ideas, code?19:18
jfrocheseems that my xml validates at last19:18
ignasthe issues one?19:18
jfrochei am trying to enter into the school19:18
jfrochetheir first need is a note book19:19
ignasnote book? what is that?19:19
jfrocheuhm manage student grade notes19:20
jfrocheuhm note might be french :)19:20
jfrochegrade is the word19:20
ignashave you seen the draft of my plan?19:21
jfrocheno where is it ?19:21
ignasi'll mail it to you so you'd know at least approximately what's my plan for the upcomming months19:21
th1ajfroche: Yes, I need a plan from you.19:22
jfrocheth1a: as soon as i ll have the confirmation from the school yes19:23
jfrochethey accepted for friday19:23
ignasjfroche: sent it to you19:23
jfrochei think we ll have common things there19:23
ignasth1a: i won't be able to meet with Bronius Skūpas this week, as he has injured his leg and won't be at school until monday ...19:24
ignasjfroche:  i have merged jinty's testrunner branch to trunk so you might be interested on updating your branch19:24
jfrochei have lots of things to merge19:24
ignasnow schooltool trunk is using Zope3 testrunner19:24
jfrochegreat !19:25
jfrochei m interested in the fck integration also19:25
ignasand i will be able to have functional tests for lyceum that depend on lyceum specific code, while still having schooltool tests unaffected19:25
ignasfck is already in the trunk i think19:25
jfrochethink that i saw the commit yes19:26
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