IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-01-09

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Bhaskarthla: any new news regarding to schooltool05:57
Bhaskarthala:have you finish monday meeting06:04
Bhaskarthla: i am happy , there was an agenda about launchpad translation template06:28
Bhaskarthla_: so busy07:11
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mgedminyay jinty!14:10
mgedminyour test runner branch looks interesting14:10
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jintyignas: any objections to merging the testrunner branch to trunk?14:32
ignastestrunner branch ?14:33
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jintyjust something I cooked up yesterday14:39
ignasweird, why no emails to the list ?14:39
jintyreplaces the st testrunner with the zope one14:39
jintyI got them...14:39
ignashmm, i didn't i think14:39
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jintyhrmf, the mails are in the archive:
* jinty goes on 15 min break14:42
ignasmy spam filter hates Brian Sutherland14:49
mgedminthat notorious spammer?14:59
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ignasjinty: btw, i htink schooltool depends on both, zope.file and zope.html15:31
ignasjinty: ayt?15:45
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jintyignas: back now, walked to the shops with my mother15:50
ignasyour branch is not working i think ... some problems with eggs not being in pythonpath15:51
jintyyeah, but zope.html depends on zope.file15:51
ignasa clean make run failed for me15:51
jintyhrmpf, mind giving me a traceback?15:51
ignasjinty: yes but schooltool depends on zope.file and zope.html independently, so if zope.html changes the code, we still want schooltool to work15:51
jintyyes, I just didn't find a direct import of zope.file15:52
jintybut I'll look now15:52
lisppaste5ignas pasted "traceback" at
jintythat's my rule, btw, direct import == dependency15:53
ignasjinty: hmm, i think we have zope.file in site zcml15:54
jintyi see, hmm, when we make things more eggish, what happens to site.zcml? should it become a part of an egg?16:01
jintyI mean it's the definition of the schooltool app16:01
jintyso maybe it should be distributed with schooltool.app16:02
jintyanyway, just mumbling, grumbling16:02
ignasmanaged to reproduce the traceback?16:05
jintyyes, just testing a fix+cleanup16:08
jintyignas: apparently having the eggs installed in src and the schooltool module in src causes a bit of infinite recursion.16:16
jintyso which do you prefer, eggs installed in ./eggs, or leave them as they were, in ./Zope3/src?16:17
ignasi am sharing Zope3 among schooltool instances16:21
ignasand schooltool egg being registered in Zope3/src was getting in my way16:22
ignasZope - 100 mb vs eggs - a few megs, i can have eggs in all instances16:22
jintyignas: but the eggs will get much bigger, especially if we replace the zope checkout with eggs16:25
jintybut perhaps the egg directory can be overridden in future with a makefile variable16:26
ignaswe'll see :)16:26
jintyignas, ok, should be fixed now, not sure about it working from a dirty checkout though16:51
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* mgedmin wonders if lib/python would be a good place to keep eggs17:13
mgedminprobably not in the source tree17:13
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* jinty hopes buildout has a solution for this problem...17:32
ignasjinty: i'll just try moving some functional tests into their own layer (to make app not depend on timetables for example) and if it works - merge changes (even though i already hate the new testrunner)17:54
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mgedminignas: it would be good if you could enumerate the reasons of your dislike17:55
ignasspeed, lack of proper -s, -fu difference17:56
ignas--list-tests, different behaviout for -pvv17:56
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mgedminmy personal list includes lack of -C and no support for test checkers17:58
mgedminI find different -s not so bad17:58
mgedminalthough it does break tab completion17:58
mgedminbut it works much better if your source tree is distributed (buildout-style)17:59
aelknerwdickers: shall we meet on gmail?18:00
aelknerwdickers: I don't see you.18:03
wdickersI sent a chat, but it says you're offline18:03
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mgedminanother thing I like about the z3 test runner is that you can filter the tests with -t and -m options18:05
mgedminrather than having to explicitly specify a file regexp of .18:06
mgedminoh, and another thing I miss is a short list of failed test names at the end of the output18:06
aelknerwdickers: Is gmail flaking out on us again?18:27
aelknerNever mind.18:27
wdickersno, sorry18:27
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jintyignas: thanks. You seem to hate a lot of stuff ;)19:13
mgedminhe mentioned another one in real life: supposedly the schooltool test runner aborts a long-running test with just two or three Ctrl-Cs, while with the zope 3 one you need four or five Ctrl0Cs19:17
mgedminI'm not sure I believe there's a difference19:17
mgedminalthought it might be that the z3 test runner has a bare except somewhere19:17
* jinty normally just holds ctrl-C down a long time19:17
jintybut I hear you, it's just that using the zope test runner with layers is essential if schooltool becomes a namespace package19:19
jintynot that that's decided yet19:19
jintyIt also might have something to do with the z3 testrunner making sub-processes for layers sometimes19:19
jintybtw, hope you don't mind the dissappearance of the testrunner you slaved over...19:21
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ignasjinty: how long will you be online ?19:43
jintyignas: I'm about to go for a swim, but could be semi-online for a couple of hours19:43
ignashmm, i need like 15-20 minutes19:44
mgedminswim? in the middle of winter?19:44
jinty:) In south africa it's summer19:44
jinty+- 30 degC19:44
mgedminI didn't know you were there19:45
jintyvisiting my parents for christmass19:45
jintynot a holiday, but much better weather19:45
jintyanyway, ignas, I'll be around in 20 minutes19:46
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ignasjinty: look at my commit into your branch (sorry for poluting but i was too lazy to add a new branch)20:02
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ignasoops branches/jinty-testrunner/src/schooltool/app/ftesting.zcml was added by mistake20:10
ignasand is unused20:10
jintyok, sent a mail, I only had one real comment20:21
jintyotherwise it looks great, you managed to separate out the timetable tests completely20:22
ignasyes, and slowly i will move (at least in functional tests away from package-includes)20:23
ignasand i need this refactoring to be able to have lyceum functional tests not interfere with app functional tests, yet have a different zcml20:24
jintyyeah, it opens up the way for each subpackage to become an egg as well20:24
ignasthough i don't know where should all the zope'y include stuff be20:25
ignassame for security declarations20:25
ignasjinty: thanks for starting the move :)20:25
jintyI think that the big chunk of zcml needs to be broken up in some way20:25
ignashmm, maybe, but how? can zope handle duplicate includes?20:26
jintyno problem:) I was getting tired ov Zope2 programming and needed a breath of fresh air20:26
ignasi mean if i'll include zope.file in timetabling/configure.zcml and in onlinehelp/configure.zcml will it work?20:26
jintyyes, AFAIK it ignores files it's seen before20:27
jintyso the second time you include the zcml file, it'll just be ignored20:27
jintybut it's probably a dangerous idea20:28
ignaswhy so ?20:28
ignasi mean shouldn't every schooltool subpackage track it's own dependencies?20:29
jintyI can think of 2 reasons, but I'm really speclating20:29
jintyif you depend on when you load your zcml, i.e. you want one directive loaded before20:29
jintyand if you think about how overrides work, where things loaded in a file higher up in the hirearchy override those loded later20:30
jintybut I really don't understand this stuff very well at all20:31
jintyperhaps the best strategy is to wait until zope can use egg entry points20:32
jintyrather than changing things twice20:32
ignasmakes sense20:36
jintyanyway, things are happening, slowly.20:41
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