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Bhaskarthla_: hello06:15
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th1aHi Bhaskar.06:15
Bhaskarthla: translation template in launchpad has been changed?06:16
th1aAt the beginning of the week, I believe ignas updated it.06:19
BhaskarSchoolTool Series: development06:19
BhaskarTranslation template "schooltool"06:19
Bhaskarthla: i think this is renamed06:20
th1aYes.  Ignas and I both explained this in our emails.06:20
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jameshth1a: so, hopefully we'll have an test import of all your bugs up on soon.06:23
th1ajamesh: Excellent.06:24
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Bhaskarthla: so i think i should use schooltool deveopment series template06:25
Bhaskarthla: you talked with CanDo manager for training of schooltool...when we can join?06:36
th1aIt starts in about two weeks, I think.  You got the email from Jeff Elkner, right?06:45
Bhaskarthla:thanks for your initiation, i have not got mail from him, yet06:48
Bhaskarthla: just i receive his mail06:49
Bhaskari m reading his mail now06:50
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Bhaskarthla: but the time he specify is unsuitable in kathmandu07:08
Bhaskarjamesh: how can i start to customize schooltool??08:22
jameshBhaskar: I'm the wrong person to ask about that08:23
jameshBhaskar: but a good guess would be to look at the page template files (probably ending in ".pt")08:24
Bhaskarjamesh:it's ok08:24
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jameshjfroche: hi08:55
jfrochejamesh: hello08:56
jameshyour roundup export looked pretty good.  There were a few small issues with it that I mailed you about08:57
jfrochegreat !08:57
jfrochei hope to fix that asap08:57
jfrochethanks for your help ! didn't know about relaxng schema, very nice !08:58
jameshjfroche: if you use emacs, check out the nxml-mode package then.08:59
jfrochesame for vim ?08:59
jameshit can use a relax-ng schema to provide context sensitive element and attribute completion, and on the fly validation09:00
jameshI don't know if there is anythin equivalent for vim09:01
jfrochei ll look09:01
jameshperhaps you could try embedding an elisp into vim09:01
jameshs/elisp/elisp interpreter/09:01
jfrocheok ll do. thanks for all, v to move, i send u back the new export very soon09:02
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jameshjfroche: mailed you with another suggestion to improve the export10:38
jfrocheok reading10:41
jfrochejamesh: great ! i didn't see the link between duplicated issues !10:44
jameshjfroche: I'm going to have to write some proper documentation on the import XML format at some point10:45
jameshthank you for being a guinea pig :)10:45
Bhaskarjinty: hello10:49
jintyBhaskar, hi10:49
Bhaskarjinty: launchpad has changed schooltool translation templet10:51
jintyBhaskar, yes, I believe a new one was uploaded10:51
jintyBhaskar, and the names changed to make them more sensible10:52
Bhaskarjinty:ya more string had been added10:52
Bhaskarjinty: i m doing work on that templet10:53
jintyBhaskar, that's great! but there will still be some untranslated strings10:54
jintyBhaskar, there is a bug that is being worked on10:54
Bhaskarjinty: ya ignas have been working in this week10:54
Bhaskarjinty:i think you merged schooltool and schoolbell template in new one10:56
jintyBhaskar, yes, I think something like that happened10:57
jintyBhaskar, it's a lot of work to make schooltool translatable10:59
Bhaskarjinty: But there is still problem on leftside menu of schooltool, where is hyperlink11:00
jintyBhaskar, ignas is working on that problem11:00
Bhaskarjinty: well11:00
Bhaskarjinty: i am also talking with CanDo manager for collaborating work among your team and us11:00
Bhaskarjinty:i need help for customization also11:01
Bhaskarjinty: so how can we proceed11:01
jintyBhaskar, did you look at the links I sent you last time? especially about the Zope3 book?11:03
Bhaskarjinty:  ya i am reading zope11:03
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jintythen continue with learning zope and read the schooltool source to try understand it11:04
jintythen ask specific questions and you can get answers11:05
Bhaskarjinty: i think schooltool user mannual as well developer mannual is needed11:05
jintyBhaskar, it would be welcome if you were to write one11:05
Bhaskarjinty: i am planning to develope a user mannual11:06
Bhaskarjinty: can u run schooltool in other linux  eg Red hat , fedora11:58
jintyBhaskar, yes12:38
jintyeven windows should be possible (with difficulty)12:38
Bhaskarjinty:but in documentation the prefable plateform is ubuntu12:39
jintyyes, because we don't have the manpower to write documentation for other platforms12:40
jintyor work out all the bugs12:40
jintythe platforms will always be slightly different12:40
matthewrevellth1a: ping13:00
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th1aHi wdickers.17:59
wdickersgood morning17:59
th1aI concluded last night that you're question from a while ago about why Acks weren't doing postAndProcess was perceptive.18:00
th1aThat is, it is a bug.18:00
th1aDid you see my email?18:00
wdickershmm, I don't believe so. Did you send it to
th1aI sent it to the openzis list.18:01
wdickersoh, I get that in batches, so I guess I won't get it until later18:03
wdickerslet me change that setting now18:04
th1aAnyhow, I think I've been breaking off some of the Ack conversations too quickly both in the ZIS and agent.18:04
th1aSo the Agent sends a GetMessage.18:04
th1aThe ZIS responds with an Ack wrapping a message.18:05
th1aThe Agent sends an Ack.18:05
th1a(that's where I stopped)18:05
th1aBut I think the ZIS needs to respond with another Ack.18:05
wdickersso the ZIS response is an ack? I didn't know that18:05
th1aThe ZIS pulls a message from the Agent's queue and wraps it in an Ack.18:06
wdickersHmm, to say that it received the ack? That makes sense, because if there was a problem with the agent's ack then the message would stay in the ZIS queue18:06
wdickersbut what if there was a problem with any one of the acks and the ack didn't get to its destination, what would happen?18:08
th1aSo if the Agent doesn't get a response, nothing happens.18:09
th1aThe ZIS doesn't move the message off the queue until it gets a final or immediate Ack.18:10
wdickersI see18:10
th1aThe last Ack seems a bit unnecessary, which is why I decided it wasn't necessary.18:11
wdickersThen since it is important that the ZIS receive that ack, there should be confirmation18:11
th1aBut then, the Agent is ending an HTTP request which it doesn't expect a response for, which doesn't make sense in its own way.18:11
th1aYes, that too.18:11
th1aSo it is both reasonable and in the spec that the Agent expects a response.18:12
wdickerswell I suppose it's your decision. What does the spec say?18:12
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wdickersif the spec says that then you should probably implement it18:12
th1aWell, I'd like someone else to take a look at the spec just to confirm that.18:12
th1aBefore I make the change.  It won't be difficult.18:13
wdickersI'm a little busy with our own coding. aelkner is much better at reading the spec than I am anyway18:13
th1aI'm afraid I'm pretty busy right now too.18:16
wdickerscould I get back to you tomorrow? I'll have time to read the spec tonight18:17
th1aAnytime would be great.18:24
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