IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-01-04

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Bhaskarthla: how are you?06:08
th1aBhaskar: OK.  How are you?06:08
Bhaskarthla: i am going to prepare a mannual for schooltool06:09
Bhaskarthla:pls suggest me , how can i proceed?06:11
Bhaskarthla: what is your planning about mannual for schooltool??06:17
th1aSorry, I stepped away.06:22
th1aFrankly, I'm not planning on writing any serious documentation until the fall.06:22
Bhaskarthla: i 'll send a draft version of mannual that i prepare very soon06:24
th1aI'll be looking forward to it.06:24
Bhaskarthla: have you talked with launchpad.ned for the problem that i said yesterday06:26
th1aBhaskar: I spoke to the CanDo project leaders.  They'll be starting an online course to teach Zope 3 and SchoolTool programming to their interns.06:27
th1aThey were receptive to the idea of trying to include you in that process if you're interested.06:27
th1aBhaskar: Did you get an email from Brian Sutherland today about doing the translation?06:28
Bhaskarthla:great work, sure i want to participate06:28
Bhaskarthla: i am reading his mail now06:28
th1aOK.  I'll follow up on that.06:28
th1aI emailed Brian about whether we should remove the 2006 translation template from launchpad.06:29
Bhaskarthla: ok06:29
Bhaskarthla: then we should use the schooltool mail template for translation06:32
th1aApparently so.06:33
Bhaskarthla: i suggest your team while generating new template that should support bachward compactibility06:35
th1aAt this point, I'm not sure that we even know what the source of your problem is.06:36
Bhaskarthla:there are basically 3 template 1).06:44
Bhaskarschooltool in Ubuntu Dapper06:44
BhaskarTranslation template "schooltool"06:44
Bhaskar 2)06:44
BhaskarSchoolTool Series: main06:44
BhaskarTranslation template "schooltool"06:44
Bhaskar 3)06:44
BhaskarSchoolTool Series: 200606:44
BhaskarTranslation template "schooltool"06:44
Bhaskar related to Ubuntu , people are always in confusion that which template is to be used for translation so i suggest you just provide 2 template one for Ubuntu dapper package, one for Edgy and one for Breezy so people can understand easily06:44
th1aWell, the ubuntu releases should be more or less exactly the same.06:45
th1aBut the code in those releases is *very old.*06:45
th1aAll the action is in the development branches in subversion.06:46
Bhaskarthla: so please provide only one updated template, people should upgrade their Schooltool package in development06:48
th1aI've asked Brian about that.06:49
Bhaskarthla: i think we make information access in easier way for people06:52
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Bhaskarthla: i think launchpad should be provide eassyness  for people to tranlation template06:53
th1aI would like it to be easy as well.06:53
Bhaskarthla: we are  ready to contribute for development of well schooltool07:09
th1aBhaskar: There is some documentation here:
Bhaskarthla: i m checking07:41
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Bhaskarthla: i read Brian Sutherland mail and did accordance with but not improve in translation08:30
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th1aHi wdickers.17:59
wdickersgood morning17:59
th1aDid you see I uploaded TinyZIS 0.2 last night?18:00
wdickersno, I'll check it out now18:01
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th1aTry this:
wdickersmorning aelkner18:04
aelknerHey Will.  What are you up to?18:04
aelknerIs Jeff there?18:04
wdickersright now I'm updating my journal and svn upping18:05
wdickersbtw, is gmail working for you?18:05
aelknerYes.  I'm there.  You're offline though.18:05
wdickershmm, I'm having difficulting loading. Oh well. So elkner needs to install python-lxml and tinyzis18:06
aelknerJust python-lxml.  You can do the tinyzis to your own directory.18:06
aelknerYou're right.18:07
aelknerHe needs to do the sudo python install of tinyzis, too.18:07
wdickersI don't see in the new tinyzis package18:08
wdickerswait, nvm there it is18:08
th1aI can't remember why you need tlslite for the regular doctests.18:09
th1aWhat's the error?18:09
aelknerIt needs the tlslite.api18:13
aelknerI'm looking.18:14
wdickerselkner says that we should be able to run tinyzis locally without root priviledges. Can we do that th1a?18:15
th1aIt isn't a matter of running it, at this particular moment, chesty wants tlslite to be installed in the PYTHONPATH to run its tests.18:16
th1aNow, if someone could tell me what the error is, perhaps we should just remove that dependency.18:16
aelknerI can't get the error anymore because I installed tinyzis.  Will?18:16
aelknerTry running the test scripts in chesty's main directory.18:17
wdickersFile "testing/doctests.txt", line 12, in doctests.txt18:18
wdickersFailed example:18:18
wdickers    from testing.testAgent import TestAgent18:18
wdickersException raised:18:18
wdickers    Traceback (most recent call last):18:18
wdickers      File "", line 1248, in __run18:18
wdickers        compileflags, 1) in test.globs18:18
wdickers      File "<doctest doctests.txt[2]>", line 1, in ?18:18
wdickers        from testing.testAgent import TestAgent18:18
wdickers      File "/home/wdickers/chesty/testing/", line 3, in ?18:18
wdickers        from chesty.agent import Agent18:18
wdickers      File "/home/wdickers/chesty/src/chesty/", line 5, in ?18:18
wdickers        from tlslite.api import *18:18
wdickers    ImportError: No module named tlslite.api18:18
aelknerThat's the one.18:19
th1aOh, yeah, that's where it is.18:19
th1aWell, we should probably just add tlslite into the src package for the time being.18:20
aelknerYou added instuctions for running tinyzis' into chesty's READNE.txt.  Are you thinking better of it now?18:21
aelknerth1a: ?18:22
th1aYou'll still need to run tinyzis to do the functional tests.18:22
th1aYes, I am changing it.18:23
aelknerAre you sure you want to have two redundant copies of the same library?18:23
aelknerWhat if one changes and not the other?18:23
th1aWe can deal with that later.18:24
th1aIt is a packaging issue.18:24
th1aOK.  svn up and try it wdickers18:24
aelknerDon't forget the change to the README.txt.18:25
aelknerYou don't need to setup instructions anymore.18:26
aelknerThat was for Tom.18:27
aelknerth1a: Are you changing the README.txt?18:31
th1asvn up, dude.18:31
aelknerYou could acknowledge me once in a while so I know you got my message!18:31
th1aMessage received.  Over. ;-)18:33
aelknerYou still have instructions for running  So what's with that?18:33
wdickersI'm out of time. I'll see you guys later18:40
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