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Bhaskarthla:good morning (in Nepal)05:51
Bhaskarthla:according to sutherland the template : schooltool 2006 is not perfect, this can arise bug05:54
Bhaskarthla: i think you are busy now?06:19
Bhaskarthla: have you talked with sutherland, for launchpad.net07:59
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Bhaskarthla: any success story you know , the deployment of schooltool in any country09:34
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aelknerwdickers: could you sign in to gmail please?18:01
wdickersI cannot, it doesn't let me18:01
wdickerswait, I think I'm in now18:01
aelknerIt says your still offline.18:01
wdickersI sent you a chat, did you get it?18:02
aelknerYes, but now you're offline again.18:03
aelknerWhy is gmail so flakey for you?18:03
wdickersHmm, gmail seems to be acting up18:03
aelknerLinda and I never have any problems.18:03
wdickersI don't know, but some of my classmates are having difficulties as well18:03
aelknerCould you please ask Jeff for Brett's phone number and best time to call him during the day/night?18:04
wdickerssorry, he's not here at the moment18:06
aelknerOut again?!  Doesn't that brother of mine teach anymore?18:06
wdickersheh, he should be back soon...I hope18:06
aelknerIn the meantime, last we met we got the tests to run.18:07
ignasjinty: ayt?18:08
jintyignas: yep18:08
ignasare/were we planning on using buildout some time in the future?18:08
jintyWe are planning to use eggs, I am not sure about buildout, but I think it may be necessary18:09
jintyI havn't gone deep enough into buildout to have an opinion yet18:10
ignasi see18:10
jintyWe might have to use something like buildout to provide a reasonably repeatable distribution of schooltool18:11
ignasmaybe you know how one would add cheeseshop to dependency_links in properly ? because some packages in '' are outdated with their new version in cheeseshop18:11
jintyas I am not sure that with such a complex dependency tree we can get repeatability only via eggs18:12
jintyI thought cheeseshop was always searched anyway18:12
jintyI am also beginning to believe that schooltool must become a namespace package.18:13
jintybut a question for you: which template do you and jfroche use/update,
ignashmm, maybe it should, but it is difficult on the code level (zcml)18:14
ignas2006 one18:14
ignasas it is for trunk18:15
jintyI would have thought that the main template was more appropriate for trunk development18:16
jintyas 2006 doesn't exist anymore as a release.18:16
jintyas for zcml, it's only a big issue if you use package-includes18:17
ignasyes i guess18:18
ignasindeed, i had to fix zcml only to make "make" not add package-includes i don't need18:19
ignasso the only problems are with source code level dependencies18:20
ignas(not that they are small problems)18:20
jintywhich are solved by eggs, but not in a very repeatable way18:20
ignasno they are not ... eggs are not solving that18:20
jintyI mean having open ended dependencies is fine if you want to develop stuff, but not if you want to distribute18:21
ignasi mean schooltool is so interdependent that even if you are not using timetabling (schoolbell for example)18:21
ignasyou still depend on schooltool.timetabling egg18:21
ignasbut don't want it's zcml loaded18:21
jintybut things like schooltool.relationship are quite separate?18:21
ignasrelationship and a couple more packages - yes, the rest of the stuff - no18:22
ignasyou have seen the graph that mgedmin made a long time ago18:22
ignasi mean - these things are fixable now, but would take quite a lot of development time ...18:23
jintythe way I see it, schooltool as namespace package has 2 advantages right now: schooltool.relationship and friends will be useful to non-schooltool people18:23
jintywhich might bring development/bugfix18:24
ignasbut how would you disable the zcml for some packages, and leave it working for others ?18:24
jintyand some packages in the repository can be left out of a release18:25
jintyI would not use package-includes very much at all and have the extra packages included in the site.zcml18:26
ignasmakes sense18:26
jintyat least until there is some solution involving entry points and zcml18:26
ignasthen we have only functional tests and schooltool testrunner not supporting layers problem left18:27
jintyyes, I guess that means that a switch to the z3 testrunner is essential18:28
jintyIt makes our code base smaller, but I'm not sure what extra features are in the schooltool test runner or if people really need them.18:29
ignasmgedmin: can you comment on that?18:31
mgedminwhere should I start reading the backlog?18:31
mgedminthe z3 testrunner?18:32
mgedminI don't really remember why we can't just switch to it18:32
mgedminIIRC I wrote an email to the list about the obstacles in the way18:32
* jinty goes looking18:32
mgedminthere are some features of the current test runner that we would lose: colourisation (nah, who cares) and test checkers (useful sometimes)18:33
th1awdickers: You still here?18:33
th1aI worked on an agent to talk to Google Apps yesterday.18:34
th1aMade pretty good progress but I'm having trouble getting things activated properly on the Google side.18:34
th1aI just have to clean up some things (most notably getting my login and password out of the script!) before I check in what I've got.18:35
wdickersnice. Did you have to derive an agent class from Agent (ie GoogleAgent)?18:35
th1aThat part is working nicely.18:36
wdickersgood, that's what we're planning18:36
th1aI spent more time getting the command line script bits set up.18:36
wdickerswhich scripts, the ones to wake up the agent?18:37
wdickerssorry, gotta go. See you18:40
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* jinty didn't find the mail about the change of the testrunner18:43
ignasjinty: 2008-05-08 The failning of tarball tests19:05
ignasth1a: as for translations - schooltool main/+pots is set as the favoured translation, i need some place for trunk translations so 2006 was added19:06
ignasRegistered series:19:06
ignas    * 200619:06
ignas    * main (development focus)19:06
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ignasTranslations for SchoolTool links to main as well19:07
th1aIf 2006 is trunk, what is main?19:07
th1aI guess we need to label this more clearly.19:08
ignasdapper versions19:08
th1aWell, now that 2006 is over, a new label would help.19:08
ignasth1a: did you get my activity report emails properly ?19:09
th1aApparently not.19:09
th1aWhat should I be looking for?19:09
ignasth1a: having * development + * dapper (development series) would be fun19:09
ignasth1a: should have "2007-01-03 report for Ignas (Wed, week 01)" email19:10
th1aI don't seem to have it.19:11
ignasweird, my gmail is showing that it was cc:'ed to you19:12
ignasapparently they are still in my mailq19:13
th1aon the phone...19:15
ignasth1a: you should get 3 emails now19:24
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th1aIgnas: Got 'em.19:29
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th1aignas:  Thanks for the reports.  Will they be sent to me automatically now?19:50
ignasfor some meaning of automatically19:51
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