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ignasjinty: is down or what?10:55
jintyignas: seems to be true10:58
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jintyok, not even ping returns anything. I've asked for someone to physically look at the box.11:15
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ignasjinty: that someone is looking very slowly :/14:41
jintyI know, unfortunately I don't have direct access to the hosting company and just have to rely on one person.14:42
jintyignas: the guy isn't around right now, but the ubuntu people say he's not on holiday14:50
ignasi see14:50
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newz2000jinty: henrick asked me to look at your server problem, working on it now.17:40
newz2000th1a, jinty: do you know if you server was upgraded to dapper/edgy?17:42
jintynewz2000, yes it was, to dapper, but a while back17:53
newz2000jinty: do you know if the grub boot menu has been updated to boot the correct kernel?17:53
jintyyes, that I chacked17:53
jintybut the on the re-boot of the upgrade the machine did not restart17:54
jintythe serverpronto guys re-started it manually/17:54
jintyit hasn't been re-started since17:54
jintyfrom the logs, apparently the machine re-started, but did not have an ethernet connection17:55
jintynewz2002: I recieved no feedback about what the real issue was, so could take no action.17:56
newz2000jinty: OK, it probably won't come up right by itself then... adding info to the support request17:59
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jintynewz2000: Thanks a lot!18:00
newz2000my pleasure. BTW, I may be the best person to contact regarding this type of stuff in the future. I'm took over as the webmaster so that heno could do accessibility18:01
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jintynewz2000: that's great, do you have an e-mail address?18:01
newz2000I'm in the USA (GMT -6) and am on freenode all day my time and usually other times too. Feel free to ping me.18:02
jintyI'd dearly love to find out what went wrong with the re-boot and have a machine that I trusted to come up again18:02
newz2000Well, the dapper kernel on those don't have proper networking support.18:03
newz2000Therefore we need to adjust grub so that it boots the older kernel18:03
jintyha, and security... It is a multi-user machine18:03
jintyI mean there are lots of shell accounts18:04
aelknerwdickers: got your note.  Did you see Tom's latest version of chesty?  It's changed a lot.18:04
wdickersaelkner: not yet, updating now18:04
newz2000jinty: we've wanted to do some experimenting on those servers to see if we can get the kernel working, but no one is willing to suffer the downtime while we experiment. :)18:04
jintynews2000: ha, well, a working machine is better to me than this one now... so I guess i'll shut up rather than put up;)18:05
newz2000I fully understand. I don't know that I even have the time atm to do the experimenting anyway.18:06
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aelknerth1a: are you there?18:15
th1aaelkner: I am here.18:20
aelknerHey Tom.  I see you were busy.  You rearranged the directory structure quite a bit.18:21
th1aLots of testing related reorganization.18:23
aelknerWe were wondering if we could create a directory called schooltool right next to chesty.  Would that be where you'd put it?18:24
th1aUh... just a sec.18:25
th1aOh, I had already done that.18:29
th1aYou can do: svn co
aelknerIsn't there just one tree I can do the svn up on to get everything?18:30
aelkner svn co for instance?18:31
wdickersbut this is just a schooltool instance, why would it be in the source?18:33
th1aWhat are you putting in there?18:33
aelknerI figure the ZIS, the base agent, the tests, and the schooltool agent would be in the same tree.18:33
th1aaelkner: In theory you can do that, but in practice you don't want to.18:33
aelknerwhy not?18:34
th1aBecause you'll get all the tags, branches, etc.18:34
th1aI mean, you can, but it isn't really what people do.18:34
aelknerOk, I have to admit this svn stuff is still a black box to me.18:35
aelknerI'm used to perforce on a Sun.18:35
aelknerIt was a lot simpler.18:35
aelknerIf you like, we could do the checkout of stAgent to a sibling directory od chesty.18:36
wdickersdarn, I'm out of time. I will see you guys after break, or maybe we'll schedule something during break18:37
aelknerI'll email you to try to set something up.18:37
th1aOK.  Happy holidays wdickers.18:37
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aelknerMaybe next week.  In the meantime, happy holidays.18:38
aelknerBoy when he leaves, he really burns rubber...18:38
th1aThe bell rings...18:39
aelknerAnyway, would it be correct to do the checkout you proposed to a directory outside of the chesty tree?18:39
aelknerThen we could do the same type of sys.path commands you did to get at the base class, right?18:40
aelknerAlthough, we would need to hard code the paths for now.18:40
aelknerIn the end, the setup script would install chesty to the standard python path, right?18:41
th1aWell, you should be able to ... yes.18:41
aelknerThat's something that needs to be worked out ecentually.18:42
th1aIt is worked out.18:42 should work.18:43
aelknerWhat's the web page that gives instruction for downloading/installing the agents?18:43
aelknerMaybe you don't have one yet.18:45
th1aWell, this is a work in progress.18:45
aelknerAnyway, if one runs, does that cause chesty to be copied to the python path?18:46
aelknerAnd if so, can our stAgent just import its modules without altering the python path?18:47
th1aThe package in src.18:47
th1aThat's the idea.18:47
aelknerI'll try out now.18:47
aelknerIt asks me to provide command line arguments, but I can't figure from --help what I would need to supply.18:49
th1asudo python install18:49
aelknerI found --help-commands which was more helpfeul and was just about to try install...18:50
aelknerQouldn't have know to do the sudo however, thanks.18:50
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th1aI have to go take a shower.18:52
ddaaHey, just managed to get svn2bzr to run to completion on the dump ignas gave me.18:52
ddaaSteveA: ^18:52
aelknerPing me get back.18:53
newz2000jinty, th1a: problem with that server, they've had to replace the powersuplly but they still can't get the computer to boot correctly.19:00
newz2000jinty, th1a: They want to login to diagnose the problem and need a user account with root access. Can you give me a username and password (via email/gpg) that they can use?19:01
jintyhrmf, I guess I only know my password...19:02
jintybut I use it in a few other places as well19:02
newz2000ok, well, if you're not comfortable giving that I'll tell them how to boot into single user mode and create an account19:02
jintyYes, that's much better, thanks!19:03
* jinty wipes his forehead (the disk drive boots!)19:03
newz2000not out of the woods yet19:03
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ddaaokay... it completes... but there's no trunk/schooltool in the output...19:19
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newz2000jinty: still going back and forth with the support guy trying to instruct him how to start in single user mode. I'll update you when I have new status.20:20
jintynewz2000: doesn't he have a livecd? He can create a new account using that and chroot.20:32
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batlogghello, is down?20:40
jintybatlogg: yep, people are trying to get it up right now20:41
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newz2000jinty: sorry for the delay, had to get some lunch... the guy can't even figure out how to boot into single user mode, how I can I explain to chroot? :(21:29
newz2000jinty: he's going to boot with a gentoo livecd so that we can fix whatever problem is with the server.21:31
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jintynewz2000: That's pretty scary.... but thanks for keeping me informed21:37
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licionewz2000, ping23:05
newz2000licio: hello23:05
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