IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-12-14

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ignasjfroche: gmorning12:36
jfrocheignas: good morning12:39
jfrochecoming back from the school,12:40
jfrochei have the authorization12:40
jfrocheignas: thanks for your comments!12:56
ignasas long as it helps :)12:56
jfrochebe sure it does !12:57
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th1a_jfroche: Great news.17:17
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jfrocheth1a: hello17:18
jfrochei was about to scan the authorization for you17:18
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wdickersth1a: ayt?18:16
th1aWhat's up wdickers?18:16
th1aI added some stuff to the CanDo wiki.18:16
wdickersI was just wondering, they SIF spec seems to say that only the agent responds with acks, is this true?18:16
th1awdickers: Whoops.  Forgot about you for a sec.18:23
th1aThat isn't true.18:24
th1aOnly the agent does the Immediate/Intermediate/Final Ack thing.18:24
wdickersHmm. Well I'm looking at the definitions of the three types of acks on page 2718:25
wdickersOh, there's a different kind for the ZIS?18:25
th1aThere are different status codes (see p.205)18:25
wdickersokay, thanks18:25
th1aThe ZIS uses "0"18:25
th1aAgents use 1, 2, or 3.18:26
th1awdickers: There are a few pages you should print out and staple into little packets.18:29
wdickersWhich do you suggest>18:30
th1aOne packet is 24-32.18:30
th1a(page count based on printed numbers)18:31
th1aOne from 36 - 56.18:31
th1aOne from 205 - 207.18:31
th1aOnce you get going that's 80% of what you need.18:31
Lumieremorning all18:32
LumiereThere has to be a better way to update bugs in schooltool18:32
Lumiere*closes about 35 cando bugs*18:32
th1aWell, Malone is designed for exactly this kind of problem.18:33
th1aGood job closing the bugs, btw. ;-)18:34
LumiereI am having to manually go through and close each on18:34
LumiereI want to be able to select a bunch and push to fix released18:35
Lumiere(sorry bugs in cando/schooltool)18:35
LumiereI haven't closed any schooltool ones18:35
th1aOh, well, what I meant is that Malone can be set up to know that sometimes CanDo bugs are also SchoolTool bugs and act accordingly.18:37
Lumierebut it doesn't let you close it in both at the same time18:37
th1aAre you using Trac now?18:37
th1aOh, ok.18:37
Lumierecando's bugs are all tracked in launchpad still18:37
th1aI'm just confused.18:37
Lumiereprobably my fault18:37
th1aWell, we're still trying to move ahead importing our bugs.18:37
Lumiereit works nicely18:38
Lumiereit's just got a few too many clicks to make a broad set of changes18:38
Lumiereyou have to click into the bug, then click cando, then set the new status, then save it, then go back to the bug list18:40
th1ajfroche: What's the url of the new school's website?18:40
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th1ajfroche: Thanks.18:42
jfrocheth1a: i got news from canonical team18:43
jfrochehave to fix one thing in the xml and it should be ok18:43
th1ajfroche: What does 'souper fromages' mean?  Somthing about cheese?18:44
jfrochecheese meal18:44
th1aSee, I know some French.18:44
jfrocheah great18:45
jfrocheyou will come someday here ?18:45
th1aI'm putting a trip in the budget for next fall.18:45
th1aShould I plan on bringing you to PyCon?18:45
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jfrocheth1a: yes, i won't go to FOSDEM, i got this ok with someone working with me18:47
th1aOK.  Good.18:47
jfrochei ll ask to the embassy here what are the steps18:47
jfrocheshould i book my plane ?18:47
th1aUm... not quite yet.18:50
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jfrocheth1a: you should have recieve the authorization19:10
th1aI see it.19:11
Lumiereonly 11 cando bugs remaining19:13
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Lumieremy spam software just started marking launchpad stuff as spam19:19
Lumierebecause I fired off so much crap so quickly19:19
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