IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-12-13

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jfrocheignas: hello, in locales we have fr fr_BE fr_CA, could i use "X-Is-Fallback-For: fr-be fr-ca fr-lu fr-mc fr-ch fr-fr\n" in the fr .po  file ?15:28
ignasi don't really know ...16:05
jfrocheignas: in pdb can i work also with translation ?16:26
jfrochei dont understand this:16:27
jfroche(Pdb) month_name_msgid16:27
jfroche(Pdb) translate(month_name_msgid, context=self.request)16:27
jfroche(Pdb) translate(u'December', context=self.request)16:27
ignasmonth_name_msgid is not a  strinf16:27
ignasit is a message_id16:27
ignasfrom schooltool import SchoolToolMessage as _16:28
ignastranslate(_("December"), context=self.request)16:28
jfrocheok great now i understand16:28
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jfrocheignas: when i am running test, i get everything translated and many tests are failing, normal that i have to change my terminal locale before running tests ?16:52
ignasyes, iirc you must run schooltool on LC_ALL=C16:53
ignasiirc test runner was enforcing that16:53
jfrocheuhm odd17:01
lisppaste5jfroche pasted "Diff for date translation" at
jfrocheignas: agree with this ?17:08
jfrochei haven't fixed the tests yet17:08
ignas+        formatter = DateFormatterFullView(day, self.request) -> not a good idea, you should queryMultiAdapter the view  instead17:09
ignasas it might get replaced by someone17:10
jfrochei see17:11
jfrochebut i have 3 classes17:11
jfrochethey are all registered for (, request)17:12
ignasyep, so look up a named view for date17:13
ignasinstead of hardcoding it17:13
ignasyou'll make it pluggable17:14
lisppaste5jfroche pasted " in schooltool/skin" at
lisppaste5ignas annotated #32285 with "Reviewed the code a bit" at
ignasyou will give names to these views anyway17:16
jfroche about "the _('${month}, ${year} (week ${week})' is a translatable string which means that it will get translated."17:17
jfrocheproblem is that week doesnt get translated17:17
ignasthen translation is missing in the po file17:17
ignas#. Default: ""17:18
ignas#: /src/schooltool/app/browser/
ignasmsgid "${month}, ${year} (week ${week})"17:18
ignasmsgstr "${month}, ${year} (${week} savaitÄ—)"17:18
ignasin here17:18
ignasyou are assuming that week will go in front etc.17:18
jfrochei see17:18
ignaslook for the string in the po file17:19
jfrocheignas: right17:22
jfrocheshould i update the tests for the other change ?17:22
ignasyes i think so17:26
jfrocheignas: you know where can i find named MultiAdapter registration somewhere?17:28
ignasprovideAdapter ?17:29
jfrocheand has no z3 interfaces yet ?17:29
ignasyou can provide an adapter for a class as well i think17:30
ignasnot sure though ...17:30
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Lumierehi wdickers18:22
Lumierepcardune_: here?18:23
Aisteth1a: ayt?18:38
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jfrocheignas: i am trying provideAdapter(DateFormatterFullView, [, IRequest],.18:48
jfroche               IDateFormatter , 'full')18:48
th1aAiste: Hi.18:48
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Lumiere'noon paul19:59
LumiereI was hoping ignas would be around... but I guess not20:00
LumiereI have one thing before we do resource scheduling20:00
LumiereI'm about to start drafting a spec on import and export of schooltool stuff20:01
pcarduneoh fantastic20:01
Lumiereif there's existing work, could you point it to me20:01
pcarduneno, there is no existing work20:01
LumiereI'm getting really annoyed about it (people keep needing it... and I keep having to work around it)20:01
pcardunethe only existing import is from csv files20:01
Lumierefor people20:01
LumiereI also want import/export on comps and comp groups20:02
pcardunethere is csvimport for comps and comp groups20:02
pcardunewhat are the specific use cases?20:03
Lumierealso, how do I get an account on the wiki20:03
pcardunewhat kind of formats do they want?20:03
LumiereI'm going to draft those20:03
pcarduneI can give you an account20:03
Lumiereit's all internal stuff at the moment20:03
Lumierejstraw for user, and set my pass... I'll change it later20:03
pcarduneoh crap and a half20:04
pcardunei can't give you an account now20:04
pcarduneour internet here is down (i'm "borrowing" somone's wireless)20:05
pcardunein any case, my ubuntu machine where I have the public key i need to access the server doesn't have wireless....20:05
Lumiereno problem20:05
pcarduneI'll make one for you as soon as internet comes back20:05
Lumiereit doesn't prevent us from moving forward on resource scheduling...20:05
Lumierepart of what I will need help on is wording things into what XP looks for as use cases20:06
pcardunewell let's go ahead and get started on resource scheduling hen20:07
Lumiereas I see it, Resource scheduling can be broken into 2 main parts, each with use cases... The actual resources and the scheduling of the resources20:08
pcardunei'll start writing what you tell me on the wiki20:08
Lumierethere are 2 reasons to split it this way...20:08
Lumiere1: The resources can be maintained as entities instead of someone just writing what they want (sort of obvious)20:09
Lumiere2: It leads to other problems that can be solved (ala inventory control for the school)20:09
Lumiereso... use cases for the Resources are:20:10
LumiereA Resource must have a home, somewhere that it lives normally20:10
th1aRight now locations are resources, too.20:11
th1aKeep that in mind.20:11
LumiereI have 2 types of resources in mind20:11
Lumierephysical resources20:11
Lumiereand a slightly more abstract room/immovable resource20:11
Lumierewhich is also why this meeting is good... it's helping me flesh out the ideas in my head20:11
LumiereIf it is physical, it must have a manufacturer, model, serial, and an optional identifier (for a computer something like a mac address)20:12
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pcardunefor the resources that already exist in schooltool you can specify that they are a "location"20:12
th1aAlso keep in mind that locations are really important for how they tie in to the timetabling and scheduling.20:12
Lumierewell.. resources must also be able to reference resources20:12
Lumiereso, a computer lab resource should also force the allocation of the computer resources in the lab20:13
Lumiere(this would allow 2 groups to use 1 lab at the same time, if they didn't need all the computers at once)20:13
pcarduneoh, that's slick20:13
Lumiere(they wouldn't take the lab, they'd take the computers in the lab)20:13
Lumierethat's why a room resource has to be a somewhat abstract thing...20:14
Lumiereit could be nothing but a container for other resources20:14
Lumiere(it also makes it somewhat more complex to make)20:14
pcarduneso, if a user selected the computer lab as a whole, they might be presented with the question, "do you need all the computers in the lab or only a certain number?"20:16
Lumierethey could be20:16
Lumierethat's an interface thing I haven't nailed down20:16
Lumierea room resource also needs to have capacity (regardless of computers... think fire marshall seating/standing room) and it needs to have location (it may need other things)20:16
pcardunealso the other thing you have to consider is how they will be using the lab (just some students working silently, or a full on presentation with lots of talking)20:17
Lumierethat's not part of the resource though20:17
Lumierethat's part of scheduling the resource20:17
Lumierewhich is why I separated them20:17
pcarduneok, that makes sense20:17
pcarduneand then for example, computers would have a permanent location20:19
Lumierebut laptops would have a "storage location"20:19
Lumiereso for a physical resource the location is always considered the storage location20:19
Lumiereand there's a boolean for movable20:19
Lumiereso for a laptop cart... which is a container, room-like, but movable resource... it also has a movable location20:20
pcarduneis there ever a case where we will have more than two levels of hierarchy?20:21
LumiereI am sure there are some other things that I'll edit into the required information for the resources, (stuff like purchase date and maintence notes possibly)20:21
Lumierea room with a laptop cart20:21
Lumierethe laptop cart has resources...20:22
Lumiereso you could check the room out with the cart20:22
Lumiereand it has to grab all the sub-resources of the cart20:22
Lumierewhich in the case here is a printer, wireless router (with all the info related to the use of the router in the system as well... so that the person using it has that info in advance) and 18-24 laptops20:23
pcardunethis is pretty complex20:24
Lumierewe could work around slightly by saying that you just check the cart and room out separately20:24
pcardunethat would make more sense, because the cart is moveable20:24
Lumierebut you need to be able to check out any resource that is stored in that resource20:25
Lumiereyes... but it is possible to have a lab where you have a cart in the room20:25
Lumierebecause you don't want to have the room used as a computer lab all the time20:25
LumiereI am fairly sure it wouldn't be more then 3 levels though20:26
Lumiere3 levels is rare20:26
pcardunethat is good information to have20:26
Lumiereanything above that... the resource management is messed up20:26
Lumiereand I can't even think of something above 3 (it's hard to think of things at 3)20:27
pcardunehopefully it wont be as bad as competency levels20:29
pcarduneye ha20:29
Lumiereit shouldn't be20:29
Lumierethere's only one level in that respect20:29
Lumieresorry 220:29
Lumiereresources should be restricted to use in the school they reside20:29
Lumierebut my assumption is that schooltool is designed for a single school20:30
Lumierenot to be run as the SIS for an entire distrcit20:30
Lumierebut, building may still be important as places have classrooms in trailers and stuff20:31
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Lumierewb th1a_20:32
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Lumierethat's about it on resources20:32
Lumierescheduling is where it can get messy though... it's also where the user stories look like user stories though20:33
LumiereA teacher will want to say "I am looking for a computer lab for my class"20:33
Lumiere"My class is third period (timetable)"20:33
Lumierethis is where we differ from current implementation though... this is where instead of showing a calendar... we should be showing "here's what is available for your time period in the next 2 weeks20:34
Lumiereor something to that effect20:34
Lumiereand this should be entirely automatic... a teacher should click a "schedule resource" link from their _section_20:35
Lumiereand it should ask what type of resource they want20:35
Lumiere(something to add to the resource info... an admin defined list of different types of resource... computer lab, auditoriums, art integration lab)20:36
pcardunevery nice20:36
Lumierethen list the resources there across the top, with days down the side showing availablity20:37
pcardunethis all sounds very good20:40
Lumiereso some sort of basic green red traffic light approach to what's there20:41
Lumierethen just click the box you want to grab, and it should (by system prefrence) request/require a reason for use20:42
Lumierethere are it coordinators and facilities coordinators that want to know that sort of thing.20:42
pcardunewell I think I have a lot to work with now20:43
Lumiereobviousally once a resource is scheduled to a section, the only people who have rights to touch the resource are the 'owner' (the coordinator of the resource) and the user who requested it20:43
Lumiererequests should also be allowed from any user (with a priority tree of who can use it?)20:44
Lumierebecause a student group might need a resource for a club activity20:44
Lumiereand so one of those students or their faculty advisor need resource scheduling privs20:45
pcardunethat is tough20:46
pcardunedon't most student groups have some sort of instructor advisor type person?20:46
Lumierethey should... but think about jelkner for 10s20:47
Lumieredoes elkner really want to schedule 1B20:47
Lumiereor does he want the student running YHSLUG to schedule it20:47
Lumierethere would need to be some sort of check system for non-section related check-outs20:47
pcardunewell thats jelkner20:47
pcardunethat makes sense20:47
Lumiereit's a lot of other teacher advisors20:48
Lumiereand a section should be able to override a personal checkout with some sort of notification20:48
Lumierethat's ugly20:48
Lumierebut it is how the scheduling works already20:48
Lumiereif a class needs a resource... it will override a clubs need for the resource20:48
pcarduneok, well so far you've given me a few months of work20:49
Lumiereand you expected otherwise?20:49
Lumiereelkner has 30 kids coming to the sprint saturday20:49
Lumieremy hope is you'll get a couple amazing programmers from the TJ side20:52
pcardunethat would me nice20:52
pcarduneaelkner: the internet came back20:55
Lumierepaul, send a private msg with user/pass when that comes together20:58
Lumierealso, where should I look for use cases?20:59
Lumierecando trac?20:59
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Lumierethat's encouraging21:04
Lumierepcardune: If you have any questions... feel free to poke me... I gotta run and get my photo taken for my ID badge21:07
Lumiereit'll take 30 minutes or so21:07
Lumierejust about as long as I am guessing working out use cases will take21:08
pcardune_Lumiere, well, i'm going to meet with aelkner right now21:09
pcardune_but I'll get back to you on the user stories and the wiki account21:10
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