IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-12-15

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Lumieremorning all17:39
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Lumierehi wdickers18:24
Lumiereis jelkner available for me to call?18:24
wdickersto call? I'm afraid he's a little busy, but available18:25
wdickersI could ask him to come to #schooltool if you'd like18:25
Lumierethat'd work18:26
Lumiereit's abot tomorrow18:26
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aelknerWill, how's it going?18:30
aelknerwdickers: are you there?18:33
wdickersAh yes, sorry, it's about time for me to go18:39
wdickersWill you be coming tomorrow?18:39
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ZenSpiritHi, anyone here?21:13
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