IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-12-12

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maccabeushi all03:01
maccabeusanybody have time for a question abotu schoolbell/schooltoll?03:01
maccabeusis anyone using schoolbell in production right now?03:16
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maccabeusso anybody out there?08:45
maccabeusI've got a question about what bits to use from schooltool...08:45
th1amaccabeus: Hi.09:22
maccabeushey - -how's it going?09:23
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th1aOK... getting ready for bed.  What do you need?09:23
maccabeuswhich pathway do I want to take if I need calendaring for a small educational organization09:23
maccabeusindividuals and resources09:24
th1aDo you want to track class schedules?09:24
maccabeusJust people and resources09:24
th1aProbably SchoolBell... although I should warn you a bit that we aren't doing a lot to support the basic calendaring apps right now.09:25
th1aWe've got all our developers focused on new functionality (grading, attendance, etc).09:25
maccabeuswhere are things going? seems like there's a big push on the full solution right now09:25
th1aDoing the calendaring first didn't really work out as we would have hoped in terms of building a developer community.09:26
maccabeusgotcha -- people really were needing the information system I'll bet09:26
th1aThe calendar was a good first release, but it is hard to keep all the balls in the air at once.09:27
th1aSo anyhow, that's your friendly warning ;-)09:27
maccabeusright -- ok, no problem. I'll see if I can find a couple of other options ---- thx for the advice! take it easy09:27
th1agood night.09:27
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ignasany CanDo devs here?16:09
Lumiereignas: still there?16:50
LumierePaul Carduner and I are going to sit and talk about Resource Scheduling user stories Wednesday at 1pm my time (6pm UTC)16:55
Lumiereif you have a set of user stories that you wanted to share... you're more then welcome to join in16:55
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aelknerhey will18:02
aelknersorry again, haven't been able to make any progress.  still in bed most of the day.18:04
aelknerGood news is new heaters are being installed.18:05
aelknerYou have the spec, right?18:05
aelknerI've found it easier to follow now that I see what Tom has been doing.18:06
aelknerSection 3 is where to start.18:06
wdickersOkay, should I review the spec for today?18:07
aelknerYou should defintely get to know that section.18:07
aelknerI would say yes.18:07
aelknerIt's going to help us code in the end.18:08
wdickersAlright, and the entire chapter 3.x.x?18:08
aelknerYeh, and look at Tom's agent code to see how he's applied the spec.18:09
aelknerI'd do another svn up on it as it has changed.18:11
wdickersin the doctest we can now see an example of him using condition when building a request ack18:15
wdickersI mean message, not ack18:15
ignasdoes cando have some kind of rich text editor in schooltool?18:22
wdickerswhat do you mean, for the programmers or users?18:23
Lumiereignas: it includes FCKeditor I believe18:24
ignaswdickers: users18:24
ignashmm, i'll need it in schooltool too18:24
wdickersnot that I know of, but there are definitely FCK files in it18:24
Lumiereit's the sort of thing that should be provided in the core of schooltool18:27
ignasyep i guess18:28
wdickersaelkner: if you're still there, do you remember the different codes for the acks?18:28
Lumierea lot of features could take advantage of a rich text editor18:28
aelknerI'm still here.18:29
aelknerDoes anyone know how to get XGNONE-CHAT to alert you when people are chatting?18:29
aelknerIt's stupid to have to check constantly.18:29
aelknerA bell or something?18:30
mgedminthere are a couple of plugins18:30
mgedminedit -> preferences -> plugins18:30
aelknerwdickers: what different codes?18:32
aelknerDo you mean the different kinds of acks?18:32
aelknerImmediate, intermediate and final?18:32
wdickersSo could you explain those again? intermediate was basically 'hold on a sec', but what were the other two?18:34
aelknerAre you looking at section
wdickersI see it, I was looking in the wrong section, thanks18:38
wdickersI'll study chapter 3 tonight. See you tomorrow18:39
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Aisteth1a: ayt?19:05
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pcarduneaelkner, ayt?19:19
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ignaspcardune: hi19:33
pcardunehi ignas19:33
ignaspcardune: got some time ?19:33
pcarduneignas, yes19:34
ignasare you using timetables in CanDo ?19:34
ignasas in ICompositeTimetables(person/section/group) etc ?19:35
pcardunewe are doing nothing with time tables19:35
ignasgood for you19:36
ignasi am redoing a lot in there at the moment19:36
ignasjust wanted to know whether my refactoring/redesign will affect you ...19:36
pcardunethe only packages we work with at this point are: person, course, requirement, app19:36
ignasi see19:36
ignasyour FCK editor integration code19:37
pcarduneand dashboard19:37
ignaswould it be possible to merge it into schooltool trunk in one way or another ?19:37
pcarduneand eventually, help19:37
ignasmy school wants a rich text editor19:37
pcardunei think it is pretty straight forward19:37
ignasi can find examples of usage in CanDo sources, yes?19:38
pcardunei think if you look at the schooltool branch we made specifically for cando2006 you will see it there19:38
ignasi see19:38
pcardunewe had to change the to put in some javascript that loads fckeditor for all textarea tags with a certain class19:39
ignasi see19:39
ignasthe last thing19:40
ignashow much are you using person demographics ?19:40
ignasare you using demographics package at all?19:40
ignaswould it affect you a lot if i'd let's say add a name,surname attributes instead of the title nonsense thing to the base person?19:41
pcardunewe would need there to be a title attribute for person19:41
ignasto have sorting by name/surname in all the person lists19:41
ignasand simmilar goodies19:41
pcarduneyeah, that would be fantastic19:42
ignassettable title? or just readonly will do?19:42
ignaspcardune: we have sortable person lists in schooltool already (at least in membership edit views)19:42
pcardunereadonly is fine19:42
aelknerhere i am.19:42
pcarduneaelkner, do you see my private message?19:43
ignaspcardune: is your person any different from the base person ? i mean have you extended it in one way or another ...19:43
ignasany requirements on the horizon ? like having a birth year, or email etc?19:44
pcarduneeventually, but there are no concrete user stories at this time19:44
pcardunewhatever information an average school would normally have19:44
pcardunenothing that would relate directly to our work with competencies19:45
ignasi see19:45
pcarduneaelkner, can you see my private message?19:45
pcarduneignas, the main change i'd like to see with persons, is to unlock the title attribute19:46
ignasunlock ?19:46
pcardunewell, by default you can't see *any* information about *any* person unless you are in the right group19:46
pcardunethat includes the title attribute19:47
ignaswill keep it in mind19:47
pcarduneI think the information for a person's name should be viewable to the authenticated crowd19:47
ignasmaybe we should have IPublicPerson interface and make it visible to absolutelly everyone, or have all the info in an attribute of a person that shortcuts the __parent__ chain of a person etc.19:48
ignasi will think about it19:49
pcardunei notice that in the demographics, it actually circumvents the security declaration with removeSecurityProxy19:49
ignasat the moment the time visibility of person/group/section etc. title is determined on a per view basis19:50
ignaslike - if you can see the list view of a PersonContainer - you can see titles of persons19:50
ignasinstead of a per object policy, because well - title is an attribute of a Person object19:51
ignasor maybe we could just add a third permission ... schooltool.public19:51
ignasand give it to all the authenticated people ...19:51
ignasschooltool.edit to set, schooltool.public to read for a title sounds sane19:52
ignasyou can actually do that in CanDo branch easily19:52
pcardunebut what is wrong with schooltool.view for read access?19:53
ignaswell - schooltool.view is set for .interfaces.IReadPerson19:53
ignasis it good to have everything in the interface visible to all unauthenticated users ?19:54
ignasthe real problem is19:54
ignasas our permissions are per object all sub objects of a person if they do not have some permission set specifically for them will look it up from the person object19:55
ignasso if we'd allow authenticated to person, any sub object that will not override it will be accessible for authenticated users19:55
pcarduneoooh, i could see how that would be problematic19:56
ignas  <allow19:56
ignas      interface="schooltool.person.interfaces.IPerson"19:56
ignas      crowds="administration owner person_info_viewers"19:56
ignas      permission="schooltool.view" />19:56
ignasyou can add authenticated to crowds19:56
ignasand see what policy_table19:56
ignasfunctional test tells you about it ...19:56
pcarduneare there any sub objects for person?19:57
ignaslet me fire up an inspector19:57
ignasthrough annotations notes, preferences, calendar, attendance, relationships and in ST case demographics19:59
ignasi don't know which of them do have their own crowds set19:59
ignasand which are inheriting it from the person20:00
pcarduneignas, well, it's not a super huge issue at this point.... just something to think about20:01
pcarduneaelkner, do you have any zope books at your disposal?20:01
ignasyou can just add authenticated to crowds and see if it works for you20:01
pcarduneignas, i'll do that for now20:02
pcardunei'm trying to find a good code example for file upload20:03
aelknerlooking in the book now...20:03
ignaspcardune: picture upload for a person maybe?20:04
pcarduneignas, that is a good idea, i was looking as csv files20:05
pcarduneaelkner, before you actually have to do the file upload part, you will have to create a new view20:08
aelkneri see.20:08
pcarduneaelkner, if we start up a sobby session, we can quickly write a functional test for what we want20:08
aelknerI'll start sobby now.20:09
aelknerHow do you get important messages to happen in irc?20:10
aelknerstart with an *?20:10
pcardunei'm not sure what you mean by "important messages"20:11
pcardunewhat are important messages supposed to do?20:11
th1aAiste: I'm here.20:11
pcarduneaelkner, i've logged into sobby20:12
aelkneryou mean gobby.20:12
mgedminaelkner: maybe you mean actions like "/me coughs"20:15
* mgedmin coughs20:15
* th1a gobs.20:15
aelkner* did that come out as orange?20:15
ignasth1a: Aiste is not here anyway20:16
th1aignas: Thanks.20:16
aelknermgedmin: i'm just trying to get important messages to come from me.20:17
mgedminaelkner: try mentioning your own name20:17
mgedminbut it probably won't work20:17
mgedminask someone to mention your name instead, aelkner20:17
aelkneraelkner: like this?20:17
mgedminmgedmin, hi20:17
mgedminhi, yourself20:17
mgedminnope, not highlighted20:18
mgedminxchat only highlights lines when someone else mentions your nickname, or name, or one of the words you asked it to highlight20:18
aelknerI see.20:18
ignasaelkner: try typing "/me foo" without quotes, the star is added by the irc client when displaying the message20:21
* aelkner foo20:22
* pcardune wonders how you can test file upload with functional tests... any ideas?20:22
mgedminpcardune: with testbrowser?20:22
pcardunemgedmin, yeah20:22
mgedminthere's an api20:22
pcardunei'll check it out20:22
mgedminbrowser.getControl('lalala').addfile('body', 'content-type', 'something or other') or something20:23
aelknerthat's not the same as the orange messages i see.20:23
* ignas hmm20:23
ignasaelkner: what irc client are you using ?20:23
ignasand could you paste a screenshot :)20:23
* mgedmin repeats himself20:23
mgedmin<mgedmin> xchat only highlights lines when someone else mentions your nickname, or name, or one of the words you asked it to highlight20:23
mgedminwhere "highlights" == shows nickname in bold orange letters20:24
aelknerthat's right.  sorry, you already mentioned that.20:24
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