IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-11-29

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maccabeuscan i ask a quick question about schooltool/schoolbell?05:23
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ignasjinty: read email, make repository work :)11:51
jintyignas: ah11:51
lisppaste5ignas pasted "The error message svn gives me" at
jintyignas: what is the ip you have for
ignaspov one12:02
ignasbut i have switched + relocated the repository to schooltool.org12:03
jintybecause, if so, you need to speak to mgedmin12:03
ignasso i am using the new server12:03
ignasin schooltool server you have transactions directory readonly for svn user group12:04
jintyplease rather not do that, or the old server rread only yet?12:04
jfrochejinty: on the schooltool server, in /var/svn/schooltool/db you have "drwxr-sr-x 2 root stsvn  4096 2006-11-24 11:45 transactions"12:04
ignasso both repositories are readonly at the moment ...12:04
jfrochewe need write access to this folder12:04
jintyok, then I'll open up the access12:04
ignasbecause mgedmin made the pov one readonly because of your request12:05
jintywell so much for an orderly transition...12:05
jintybtw, ignas, do you want to trade in your ssh account for https access?12:06
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ignasif it makes it easier for you, why not :)12:06
ignastrac could add the support for through the web registration though :/12:08
jintyok, the repo should be open now, but please ignas do the fist trasaction so I can see how things go12:08
ignasi have succeded commiting12:08
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ignasjfroche: svn+ssh://
jintyhmm, can't see the commits e-mail getting through12:11
jfrochejinty: mailq on schooltool server12:13
ignasthe checkins are comming through though, jfroche has managed to svn up my fixes ...12:14
jintycool, so then I guess it's working...12:14
ignasseems like there are a lot of bounces to spammers in the mailq12:16
jintyyeah, but I'm at a loss as to what to do about it...12:22
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jfrochelisppaste5: url14:57
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.14:57
lisppaste5jfroche pasted "jinty: some errors in post-commit hook (forget about the missing argument)" at
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jfrochejinty: have you seen the errors ?15:08
jintyjfroche: they should be fixed now15:09
jintystrange that the commit mails were going out, though perhaps they wern't15:09
jfrocheno they werent15:13
* jinty re-runs the commit hook for one of his commits that didn't make it15:15
ignashmm, the last revision is 6499 and i can only see mails up to  6495 in the mailing list ...15:20
jfrochetried to commit again, still not getting the mail notification15:21
jintyI got the mail for your commit 650015:31
jintyI have made a test and will re-run the hook for the missing mails15:32
jintyok, all the missing checkins mails should be on the way15:35
jintyseems that the buildbot master is being notified, but we'll have to wait for the DNS change before that can be tested fully.15:37
jfrochejinty: ok got the mail also15:39
ignasjinty: 6498 is still MIA?15:56
jintyignas: yes, kindof, it's appearing in the archives, but is not being sent out. No idea why, and the logs don't tell me much either.16:24
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egoanybody there?16:46
egohello, ignas16:51
egodo you by any chance happen to know what is the difference between schoolbell and schooltool calendar?16:51
ignasschoolbell is not being developed anymore16:52
egooh, are you sure?!16:52
egothank you :-)... are there any serious architectural differences between them?16:53
ignasi'd say yes16:54
ignaswell - schoolbell is kind of gone at the moment16:54
egoour company need a calendaring solution and i am looking for the best opensource solution available to base our work on it16:54
ignassome time ago it was like this:16:54
ignasschooltool depended on schoolbell for calendaring16:54
ignasthen they both got merged16:54
egowe need to port it to plone (zope2.9) and add many features16:54
ignasand now if there ever will be such a thing as schoolbell - they will bot hdepend on the same codebase but will not depend on each other ...16:55
ignasporting Zope3 application to plone might prove difficult ...16:55
egoso what do you think would be the best for us - starting with schoolbell or schooltool calendar?16:55
egowe want to use five16:55
ignasyou might try to refactor functionality that you need out of schooltool trunk (branches have many bugs that are fixed in trunk) ...16:56
ignasbut it will not be very easy16:56
ignasprobably easier than to write a new calendaring solution though16:57
egodo you know any other calendaring solutions we could use?16:57
egoi have found calplone16:57
egocps calendar (calplone is based on two of its components)16:57
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egoand that's it so far16:58
th1a|X60shi aelkner16:58
th1a|X60sDo I need to be using edgy gobby?16:58
th1a|X60sHi ego.16:58
ignasego: don't think so, especially python based ones ...16:58
ignasego: haven't looked for them recently though16:58
th1a|X60sI'm not sure what the best Zope 2 calendar is.16:58
aelknerlooking at your wiki...16:59
egoth1a|X60s: we need something we could use as a base for the new calendaring solution (we need more features)16:59
egook, thank you guys :-)17:00
egocya :-)17:00
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aelknerlet's try whatever gobby we have.  going to maddog to set up sobby...17:01
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aelknerI just found Jeff's note with the instructions for using gobby on maddog, and it does say that the gobby client must be edgy.17:04
aelknerIt doesn't say why.17:05
aelknerDo you have the note?17:05
aelknerth1a: networking problems again?17:07
th1a|X60sI am here.17:07
th1a|X60sWhat's the address for the session?17:07
aelknerDo you have the note?17:07
th1a|X60sWhat's the address?17:08
th1a|X60sI'm running edgy on one computer and dapper on the other, so it isn't a problem.17:08, port 8040.17:08
th1aIs that in the email?17:10
aelknerI start the gobby client, and it doesn't ask me for the host when I hit the create session button.17:10
th1aAre you creating one or joining one?17:10
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aelknerI forwarded you the note.17:10
aelknerI don't know what I'm supposed to do.  I'll try joining.17:11
aelknerI joined.  Did you see?17:13
th1aaelkner: What are you doing?17:49
th1aThe server runs on maddog.17:49
th1aYou edit your files on your machine.17:49
th1aWe don't care where the server is.17:49
aelknerWhy did you leave gobby?17:50
th1aThe server went down, I believe.17:50
th1aI thought you took it down.17:50
aelknerMy bad.  Wait a minute.17:50
aelknerPatience.  This is all new to me...17:50
aelknerOk.  It's running again.17:51
aelknerI connected.17:51
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aelknerhey will, working with tom on gobby now.  how's it going?18:03
aelknerhey jason.18:04
wdickersPretty good. I think I'm almost finished with buildAck18:05
aelknerThat's great.  Tom got me set up with svn for the project.18:06
aelknerHe wants us to use that paradign rather than sharing files on maddog like we've been doing.18:06
wdickersI think that's a good idea18:07
aelknerI have a wiki for you.18:08
aelknerOne moment.18:08
aelknerit has the checkout command.18:08
aelknercareful.  don't blow away your own code.18:08
aelknerTom hasn't set you up with commit acces yet.  I'll ask him to, but he's busy at the moment.18:10
aelknerDid you check it out yet?18:10
wdickersOne moment, I am now.18:11
wdickersOh, Elkner wants you to add your name to the ArlingtonSprint page on the python wiki18:11
wdickersAlright, I have it now18:14
aelkneron the phone with Tom.18:21
aelknerTom's adding you to pyagentlib.18:24
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th1awdickers: What's your email?18:25
aelknerpassword is babana.18:32
aelknertry to commit your changes to messageTools.py18:33
wdickersokay, in just a moment though. I almost have the test passing18:36
aelknerAre you around tonight?18:37
wdickersYeah, after 818:37
wdickersRight now it seems the test is almost passing (after I modified it a little)., The only small problem is that SIF_Time doesn't have the timezone attribute18:38
aelknerI'd like to make sure you can commit before you leave today so that you are ready to roll at home tonight.18:38
aelknerAlso, that way I could see what you're talking about.18:39
wdickerssure. Could I have the command?18:40
wdickerssvn ci -m "Blah"?18:40
aelknersvn commit -m "your short message"18:40
jstrawI would assume that SIF_Time expects UTC18:41
wdickersokay, it looks like a success18:41
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aelknerI'm going to do the svn up to see what you have.18:41
wdickersBut now I gotta go. See you18:42
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