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pcardunehi aelkner00:06
aelknerhey there00:06
pcardunei'm looking for that sobby email00:07
aelknerme tto00:07
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aelknerI'm back00:08
aelknerI can start the server00:08
pcarduneoh ok00:09
pcardunei'll connect now then00:09
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aelknerpaul: so sorry stopped the wrong server.02:41
pcarduneaelkner, oh, i was wondering what happened, he he02:42
aelkneri restarted sobby, so we have to regobby02:42
aelkneror was i wrong to leave gobby and rejoin?02:44
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wdickersGood evening aelkner02:56
aelknerhey will02:56
wdickershave you looked at my coding?02:56
wdickersalso, it seems the agentBase.txt was overwritten02:56
aelkneryes i saw your work, and you really got it.02:57
aelknerTom didn't like the direction i was going with it.02:57
aelknerHe and Jeff decided that I would be better off working on schooltool with paul02:57
aelknerI'm happy to do that, but sad to be pulled of  of tinyzis02:58
aelknerAlso sad because i enjoyed our collaboration.02:58
aelknerI will always be around when you're in class.02:58
aelknerexcept tomorrow02:58
aelknerbut you need to talk with jeff to work on what to do with your science project.02:59
wdickersAww. Well I hope you can do some good stuff with schooltool02:59
wdickerswhat do I need to talk to him about?02:59
aelkneryou and i might cross paths before you know it when tom has the agents ready02:59
aelknerwell, if you an i are not going to code the sis agents, you need to do something else for your project.03:00
aelknerlike study what tome did?03:00
wdickersoh, okay03:00
aelknerin the end i think jeff wants your presentation to:03:00
aelknerhave two laptops running schooltool that share data via tinyzis03:00
aelknertom would have coded the agent03:01
aelknerI would have hooked it into schooltool (with Paul's help no doubt)03:01
wdickersso basically I have to find another niche to work in?03:01
aelknerMay i suggest you continue to study the spec for now?03:01
aelknerI know its huge, but looking at tom's tinyzis implementation will help03:02
aelkneryou have the code03:02
aelknerdo you have the svn co of pyagentlib?03:02
aelknerbecause if you do periodic svn ups you can track tom's work there as well03:03
wdickersyes I do. I'm also looking at the source code online03:05
aelknerok.  i'll leave you with that for now.03:06
aelknersee you friday.03:06
wdickerssee you03:08
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jfrochemgedmin: hello, Ignas told me very good things about your vimrc, would you mind to share it ?12:55
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mgedminit is SCARY12:55
mgedminancient, spanned by cobwebs, with some gems hidden inside12:55
jfrochei use to write scary things also :)12:56
jfrochethanks a lot12:56
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ignasmgedmin: what do you think of an idea to store default "columns" and "sortOn" for objects as their class functions ?15:41
mgedminI do not understand it15:42
ignashmm, zc.table has the concept of columns15:42
ignasa set of objects used as accessors/sorters when displaying a table of some objects15:42
ignasthe problem i am having is - i don't always have any instances of the object displayed in the table, and if they are comming from the relationship I don't have an instance of a container i could specialize an adapter on ...15:44
mgedminyou lost me at "an instance of a container"15:46
ignasif i have an instance of some object that maps 1:1 with the object displayed - i can adapt it to some IDefaultColumns15:47
ignasand register the list of columns for the table ("title", "name", "surname" etc.) as an adapter15:48
ignasbut as i don't have an instance - i have to hardcode it  in all the views, so i gathered that having an attribute that contains either an Interface or a Class is better than copy-pasting the list of columns15:49
ignasi can't do anything useful with just an interface, so at the moment i am thinking of having a class method on Person, Resource etc. that returns columns15:50
ignasthe problem is that the motivation for classmethods is -  I don't know any alternatives that would work15:51
mgedminI still do not understand what your problem is15:53
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