IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-11-28

th1aignas:  Do you think ZEO might be an option?00:00
ignasZEO? how?00:01
* ignas is using ZEO for lyceum...00:01
th1aIf the agent was a separate app that used SchoolTool's ZODB.00:01
th1aHow are you using it?00:01
ignasto run new UI and old UI on the same Data.fs00:02
ignasa separate app might make sense00:02
ignasit would not be very easy to maintain, yet it would make the implementation a lot more simple00:02
th1aHm... let me think about how it would actually work.00:03
th1aPerhaps it wouldn't, since the agent would have to send messages in response to SchoolTool events.00:03
th1aSo you'd still be passing a message that may or may not be received.00:04
* ignas has to go afk for 15 mins, sorry00:05
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ignasth1a: that's why i think that maintaining such thing would be more difficult, you'd have so add a queue in ZODB for comunication between the external SIF process and schooltool00:30
ignason the other hand you'll need something like that if you will do it with threads anyway00:30
ignasI'd go for external process00:30
ignasas that will limit communication to 1 queue and keep both things separate (a.k.a. safe from each other)00:31
th1aHow should the agent and the main SchoolTool process communicate?00:31
ignasthrough a queue of events stored in ZODB00:32
th1aOh, I see.00:32
ignasprocessed 1 by 1 by an external SIF process00:32
th1aThe agent would wake up and look at it periodically?00:32
th1ai can wotk on that00:33
ignasschooltool would require some primitives (functions) for putting messages into that queue00:33
ignasand that's it ...00:33
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ignasjfroche: hi10:32
jfrochehello ignas10:32
jfrochehow are you ?10:32
jfrocheready to flight ?10:32
ignasjfroche: kind of :) have to pack stuff, send you my up to date picture10:33
ignasjfroche: btw - i will most probably be late10:33
jfrochelate ?10:33
ignasas Vilnius airport is closed at the moment because of a heavy fog10:33
jfrocheno problem, ll v my laptop and there is connection there ;)10:34
ignasit's 6 hours until the flight so things might change10:34
ignasI'll try to keep you informed ...10:34
jfrocheyou take your laptop ?10:37
jfrochedo you need anything special in here ?11:05
ignaslike ?11:06
jfrocheeuh don't know11:10
jfrocheuhm make it so: if you need something for here just ask11:10
ignasok :)11:10
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ignasjfroche: could you email me some contact information just in case, like phone number, address ...13:33
jfrochedoing it now13:33
jfrochethanks for photo13:36
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jfrocheignas: mail sent13:57
ignasthank you14:22
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aelknerDoes anyone know how I can solve what seems like an inactivity timeout I'm having with ssh?17:52
Lumierethere's a setting you can put in your sshd.conf17:53
aelknerHey Jason.  I remember you now from the sprint.17:54
aelknerWe met almost two years ago at Dave's lab.17:54
LumiereI'll be back in a little bit17:56
Lumieregotta run into the ACC :)17:56
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aelknergood moring.  have you read my email?18:01
aelknerthere's more I would like to explain.18:01
aelknerFirst, did you notice that I left two routines there that are the old way?18:02
wdickersone moment, I haven't had a chance to look at the files18:02
wdickersAlright, the makeAck and makeError?18:04
aelknerRight.  Notice how buildElement allows us to halve the size of the code by doing two things for us?18:05
wdickersYeah, and I like how you used **kw18:06
aelknerI love being concise :)18:06
aelknerSo. if you run it you'll see how it builds then parses.18:07
wdickersThe only reason I didn't want to use **kw in the first place was that it makes the calls to that method rather long18:07
wdickersBecause you have to have key=value for each argument18:08
aelknerIt does, but the statement to build the dict is even longer, right?18:08
wdickersYeah, you're right18:08
aelknerSo now we have the model for trnaslating to and from dict and xml, thus encapsulating lxml.18:09
aelknerThis way we could even change our mind (which we won't) about which tree lib to use without changing any code but this routine.18:09
wdickersAhhh. Nice18:10
aelknerThat's the kind of programming practice I prefer.  Keep everything in its place.18:10
aelknerAnyway, you could continue what I've done with other messages.18:10
th1aIs this in svn?18:10
wdickersSo now we only use etree in two places in the class18:10
aelknerNot yet.18:11
aelknerWhat's the command: svn commit -m "whatever"?18:11
wdickersSo you want me to change makeAck and makeError? How will I call the methods of MessageTools?18:12
aelknerWill, I thought rather than pair on the same file (which we can do at times), we'd split our work.18:13
wdickersokay. What would you like me to work on?18:13
aelknerYou can make routines buildAck and buildError within the class that does the same thing.18:13
aelknerThen you can get rid of makeAck and makeError.18:14
aelknerAlso there's all kinds of other messages that need to be built and parsed.18:14
aelknerSee as a guide.18:14
aelknerth1a: ?18:14
wdickersOkay. I'll have to copy the files and work on it in my directory though, I don't have permission to edit in yours18:14
aelknerI can fix that.18:15
aelknerWhat group are you in?18:15
aelknerth1a: Are you there?18:15
wdickersHmm, I'm not sure. But my account is on maddog so I'm guessing I'm not public18:15
aelknerlook in /etc/groups.18:16
aelknerLooking there it looks like Jeff needs to set up groups for us.18:17
aelknerNow it seems like we only belong to a group with our own name.18:18
wdickersYeah, all I see is this18:18
wdickerswdickers:x:1003:1003:Will Dickerson,,,703 969 5580:/home/wdickers:/bin/bash18:18
aelknerGo ahead and copy and edit as you suggested.18:18
aelknerI'll let you know when Jeff solves our problem.18:18
th1aaelkner: What?18:18
wdickersI can go tell jeff what do to. We want a group of who exactly, just you and me?18:19
aelknerth1a: my question above?18:19
aelknersvn commit...18:19
aelknerRight.  He's there.18:19
aelknerWe need a group call develop that has you, me, and hoffman as members for starters.18:20
aelknerth1a: ?18:20
aelknerth1a: you're there, but you're not it seems.18:21
th1asvn commit?18:23
aelknersvn commit -m "message", right?18:23
aelknerWill, can you get Jeff to come over to your station to help me with another problem when he can?18:25
th1aWe do?18:26
th1aWhat are we trying to do?18:26
th1aWhat's the question?18:26
aelknerth1a: you asked me if I commited my changes.  I asked you for the command.18:27
wdickershe made the group openzis18:28
wdickersI'll get him over here18:28
aelknerWhen he gets there, please have him add the following to /etc/ssh/sshd/config:18:29
aelknerClientAliveInterval 30018:29
aelknerTell him its to stop my ssh client from disconnecting if I'm not active constantly.18:30
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wdickershe got the message18:30
aelknerth1a_?  what's that?18:30
th1a_Hm... lagging on my desktop so I switched to my laptop.18:30
th1a_Not getting good reception on the desktop.18:31
aelknerI see.18:31
aelknersvn commit -m "message"?18:31
*** th1a_ is now known as th1a|X60s18:31
th1a|X60sTo where?18:31
aelknerRemember I did the svn co to maddog and am editing there.18:31
aelknerWill's there, too.18:31
aelknerTomorrow at 10, you and I will be there.18:32
th1a|X60sYes... but I don't want you to cmmit to the tinyzis trunk.18:32
aelknerWell, this is what I need you to explain to me.  How to do updates as a rule.18:33
th1a|X60sWe need to make a separate project, right?18:33
wdickerselkner can't find the file. There's only /etc/ssh/sshd_config  he's asking you to look to make sure18:34
th1a|X60sWhat is this agent called?18:34
aelknerWill, that's the one.  I made a typo.18:34
aelknerAlso, tell him to do this when he's done editing:18:34
aelkner/sbin/service sshd reload18:34
aelknerth1a: we haven't created an agent yet.  We plan on creating multiple agents to test our framework of push and pull.18:35
aelknerth1a: is your question geered to nameing a branch?18:36
th1aWhere are you committing to?18:36
aelknerI dunno.  I thought you would be telling me these things.18:37
aelknerSo far I added files to the trunk.  I could put htem elsewhere if you so desire.18:37
aelknerI haven't commited anything yet.18:37
th1a|X60sThat second "Where are you committing to?" took about five minutes to make it to you.18:39
wdickershe restarted ssh, is that what you needed?18:39
th1a|X60sThat's why it is out of context.18:39
aelknerI understand, networking problems...18:39
th1a|X60sAnyhow, this is a separate project.18:39
wdickersAlright, I'm out of time. I'll finish the makeAck and makeError by tomorrow18:39
th1a|X60sSo it needs a name.18:39
aelknerbuildAck, right?18:39
aelknerthat was for Will.18:40
aelknerth1a: why not call it agents?18:40
aelkneror agentBase?18:40
wdickersah, I'll change the names18:41
aelknerWill, did Jeff run the sshd reload?18:41
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aelknerOk, Tom, Will is gone so my messages are for you bydefault.18:41
aelknerPyAgent, why not?18:41
aelknerAssume I'm a novice with svn, and please explain branches and what I need to do to use them.18:42
th1a|X60sThis isn't a branch, because it is a different project.18:42
aelknerWhy a different project when the source can live in the same directory?18:43
aelknerRemember code sharing?18:43
th1a|X60sWell, ultimately there will need to be three packages.18:44
th1a|X60sThe shared libraries, the ZIS and the Agent libraries.18:44
aelknerOk, so we do that later as we agreed.18:45
aelknerFor now you want a new peoject, right?18:45
th1a|X60sGive me a minute to create it.18:45
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aelknerHey Jason.  Thaks for pointing me to the solution to my ssh problem.18:45
th1a|X60sok... aelkner:  svn co
aelknerfrom my home, right?18:54
th1a|X60sWhere ever you wish.18:54
aelknerSo now I have a dir called trun off of my homedir that's empty.  So far so good?18:55
th1a|X60sOK.  That's your new trunk.18:56
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