IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-11-15

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pcardunehi jelkner00:05
jelknerhey man00:07
jelknernick finished00:07
pcardunewas he able to find out anything?00:07
jelknerthe problem is that your make update script did not recompile things00:09
jelknerso it checks out new c code, but doesn't compile it00:09
pcarduneI'm just trying to update my copy and am having problems00:10
pcarduneNo repository found in 'svn+ssh://
th1aSorry... I wandered off.00:10
pcardunejelkner, what about the problem with floats vs. ints?00:12
jelknerpcardune: the problem persists00:12
pcarduneth1a, do you know if jinty changed something with the repositories so that the url I posted above is no longer valid?00:14
th1aHm.  I don't know.00:14
aelknerHey Paul, it's Alan.  How's it going?00:15
th1aNow I have to go to the grocery store...00:15
pcardunehey aelkner00:15
jelknerpcardune: can you login to cando.yhspatriot.net00:16
aelknerPaul, do you remember having problems with runzope where it fails with:00:17
aelknerzope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/aelkner/zope3/etc/site.zcml", line 3.2-3.5000:17
aelkner    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/aelkner/zope3/etc/package-includes/mail-meta.zcml", line 1.0-1.5100:17
aelkner    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/local/src/Zope3/src/zope/app/mail/meta.zcml'00:17
pcarduneyes, this looks familiar00:17
aelknerI'm working of off the instructions from ttps://
aelknerI'm thinking something has to be patched in one of the zcml files, but shoulsd that really be necessary?00:19
aelknerIf so, it ought to go in the instructions.00:19
pcarduneit shouldn't be necessary00:19
pcardunehave you checked to see if that file realy doesn't exist?00:19
aelknerYes.  It really isn't there.00:20
pcarduneand if it doesn't have you tried searching for the path mail/meta.zcml in the event it is in a different directory?00:20
aelknernot yet.  I'll see.00:20
pcardunethey have been moving a lot of packages all over the place in the zope trunk so the mail package might not be under app00:20
pcarduneth1a, jelkner switchting to https instead of svn+ssh seems to work00:21
jelknerpcardune: i need to get home, do you have a minute to hear about this bug00:23
pcardunejelkner, yes00:24
pcardunei'm trying to look into it by first updating my checkouts00:24
jelknerpcardune: log in to cando.yhspatriot.net00:24
pcardunewhat is the username/password?00:25
jelknerdid you see my private message?00:26
jelkneraelkner: i need to go home00:29
jelknerth1a: tom, any chance you could update alan on what you think needs to be done on saturday?00:29
aelknerjelkner: tom went to the grocery store.  see above.00:31
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jelknerok, i'm heading home00:32
jelknerlouis needs help with geometry00:32
jelknerare you stopping by?00:32
pcardunejelkner, i was thinking of taking geometry next semester!00:33
aelknerjelkner: yes.00:34
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jelknerok, i'll see you there...00:34
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aelknerthla: Tom, it's Alan.  How's it going?22:03
th1ahi aelkner.22:03
th1aPretty well. How are you?22:03
aelknerDoing well.  I now have full-time availability to learn Zope 3 and contribute to schooltool.  I shed that dead-end job for a brighter future with cutting-edge technology.22:04
th1aI see.22:04
th1aThat's exciting.22:04
aelknerYou probably know about this weekend's sprint.  Jeff would like me to help out with the threaded server problem.22:05
th1aWell, there are two possible solutions.22:05
th1aOne of which is being worked on already.22:06
th1aA guy named Doug Daniels has been doing some hacking.22:07
th1aBasically, if we're using ZODB, we can't use Apache.22:07
th1aIf we want to use Apache we need to switch to a relational database.22:08
th1aOr use ZEO with the ZODB, which we don't want to do.22:08
aelknerLet's assume we're going with the ZODB.22:10
aelknerYou already developed the README.txt file with that assumption, right?22:11
th1aThe whole thing is already built around that assumption.22:11
th1aSo in that case, to solve the big remaining problem, what really needs to be done is to get client authenication to work with the Python SSL library we're using (TLS Lite).22:12
aelknerCould you email me some instructions for getting started again?  It's been a while, and I don't know where to start anymore.22:12
aelknerFor starters, what is the svn I need to do to checkout the code?22:13
th1a has instructions.22:13
aelknerAlso, Jeff wants me to work with some of his students, so I need your instructions to be at a bit of a naive level.22:14
aelknerOk, I'll look.22:14
th1aWhat we REALLY need is agent code.22:14
aelknerJeff mentioned that.22:15
th1aThat is MUCH more important than fixing the holes in the ZIS.22:16
aelknerI have to go grocery shopping.  Then I'll spend the rest of the afternoon looking at the site.  Are you around this evening?22:17
aelknerTomorrow I hope to get Will Peterson started down the same road.  Then on Sat, we'll work together at the sprint.22:20
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aelknerBe back in an hour.22:23
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