IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-11-14

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jfrocheignas:  simple question, seems that onlinehelp isn't i18n aware, do you think its part of my job to work on this ?13:29
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ignasjfroche: are you talking about the website or schooltool built in doc13:36
jfrochezope3 onlinehelp13:36
ignascan you give me an example ?13:36
jfrochein schooltool when you go to person you will find "help" on top right13:37
jfrochethat's onlinehelp13:37
jfrocheit fetch stx on the fs13:38
jfrocheand print it in a popu13:38
ignaswell, if it's not properly i18n aware, just make it so and commit it to trunk13:41
jfrochei am not a z3 guru neither13:42
ignaswell, you better become one soon ;)13:42
jfrocheok :)13:43
ignasmaking these translatable might get tricky :/13:50
jfrocheyes i don't see clearly how13:50
jfrochewritting a mail to zope3-dev13:50
jfrochewritting a small doc to explain how to write new onlinehelp file in schooltool too13:51
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aelknerCan anyone help me with a problem I'm having with my zope installation?21:15
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jelknereukreign: hey lex23:32
jelknerth1a_: tom, are you here?23:33
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th1aHi jelkner.23:33
jelknerhow are things in SchoolTool land?23:33
th1aSlowly accelerating.  We should have our revised website live tomorrow.23:34
jelknerwe have a sprint this Saturday23:34
jelknerWill D. and Alan will be working on TinyZIS all day23:34
jelknerwill you be around at all?23:35
th1aWell, baseball season is over...23:35
jelknersprint is 9 am to 6 pm23:35
th1aI don't think we have any firm plans, so I should be around part of the day at least.23:35
th1aActually, we need to get them NOT working on TinyZIS and working on agents.23:35
th1aI discussed this with Will.23:36
jelkneri'm relying on you to guide them23:37
jelknerfor his science fair project, Will needs to understand both the agent and the ZIS23:39
jelknerbut implementing the agent sounds like a great way to start23:39
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jelknerth1a: i just grabbed my brother23:44
jelknerhe is trying to do a crash course in zope323:44
th1aThat's a good way to hurt oneself.23:45
aelknerIs that you Tom?23:45
th1aI'm going to try Grok.  Have you seen it?23:45
jelknerdo you know anything about zope3 not working on edgy?23:45
th1aThere is an issue.23:45
jelknermaybe that's the problem23:45
th1aI mean, there is an issue with the package.23:45
jelknerhe is not using the package23:45
jelknerinstalling from source23:45
th1aIt ought to work then.23:45
th1aDoes he have python-dev?23:45
aelknerYou want the output?23:46
jelkneraelkner: what is the error message?23:46
aelknerYes, I made sure of that.23:46
jelknernot all of it23:46
jelkneri don't think that is it23:46
jelknerhe was describing a zope type error23:46
jelkneraelkner: what is it?23:46
th1ajelkner: I have a fantastic JavaScript project for a student programmer.23:47
aelknerI get a big traceback that ends like this:23:47
aelknerzope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/aelkner/zope3/etc/site.zcml", line 3.2-3.5023:47
aelkner    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/aelkner/zope3/etc/package-includes/mail-meta.zcml", line 1.0-1.5123:47
aelkner    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/local/src/Zope3/src/zope/app/mail/meta.zcml'23:47
th1aDo you have more than one Zope 3 installed?23:48
aelknerIt looks like someone checked in something to zope that is internally inconsistent23:48
aelknerNo, just the one.23:48
jelknerbut you had another23:48
aelknerI removed it.23:48
jelknerdid you --purge it23:48
aelknerI never installed the source before.23:49
aelknersynaptic package manager remove - isn't that the same as purging?23:49
jelkneraelkner: you know, path of least resistance is a maddog account for you23:49
jelknerif you do a remove completely23:49
jelknerotherwise the config files are left23:50
aelknerLeft where?  I removed the old installation.23:50
aelknerFollowing the instructions on the ubuntu help page I:23:51
aelkner1) svn co'd to /usr/local/src - that was new.23:51
aelkner2) make, etc. follow by mkzopeinstance to my own account /home/aelkner - that was also new23:52
aelkner3) tried to do a runzope and got the mail problem.23:52
jelkneraelkner: call me at 703-228-541923:53
jelkneri've seen that mail problem before23:53
aelknerLooking at the source, I see new dates on most of the files.  Someone must have checked in something that isn't internally consistent.23:53
jelkneri forget how we fixed it23:53
aelknerI could patch the zcml files to get rid of the mail package since we don't need it.23:54
aelknerust yet.23:54
aelknerBut is that the best policy?23:54
aelknerIt should work without patching.23:55
jelkneraelkner: did you see the message to call?23:55

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