IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-11-16

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aelknerthla: are you there?00:34
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aelknereukreign: Are you the Lex from Yorktown?02:45
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mgedminth1a: jinty: important announcement15:22
mgedminwe've just got our internet line upgraded at the office15:23
mgedminand got an unpleasant surprise: the IP address changed15:23
mgedminold IP was
mgedminnew IP is still points to the old IP and should be updated ASAP15:24
mgedminhey, alga says we're good15:25
mgedminas it is an alias for fridge.pov.lt15:25
mgedminwhich we've updated today15:25
mgedminand the changes should propagate everywhere within 24 hours15:25
th1amgedmin: Thanks.16:19
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ignasth1a, jfroche: if you have any svn checkouts with Data.fs that has important data - back it up before svn up'ing I have added an evolution script that updates all __name__s of calendar events so if it goes wrong you might lose data17:07
ignasjfroche: ayt?17:14
th1aignas: Thanks.17:18
ignasjfroche: you mentioned that one can have documentation as pt files17:19
jfrocheignas: v you seen my email of yesterday ?17:19
ignasjfroche: have you tried defining a translation domain17:20
ignasand putting the documentation in a tag that is i18n ized ?17:20
ignasmaybe gettext would grasp such docs too17:20
ignasand even translate them ...17:20
jfrochei ll try this17:20
jfrochei keep you in touch17:20
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aelknerIs anybody really there?17:56
ignashow many you need ? :)17:57
aelknerOne will do.17:58
aelknerMy name is Alan Elkner17:58
aelknerI'm getting involoved in the project with my brother Jef and his students.17:58
aelknerI have a question about tinyzis.  Do you know about that part of the project?17:59
ignasnot really, th1a was working on it18:00
aelknerThat's cool.  I'll wait until he signs in.  Thanks.18:01
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aelknerHey Will!18:03
wdickersSorry about all the lateness18:03
aelknerBefore we start, have you goten tinyzis from the repository?18:03
aelknerNo prob.18:04
aelknerI did the svn checkout, but the tests didn't run successfully.18:04
wdickersI emailed Tom about that and looked at the tests. Apparently they purposely create errors and print them out, Tom said it works ok18:04
aelknerMy problem happens sooner, "ImportError: No module named transaction".18:05
aelknerI believe that's Zope's transacation module.18:05
aelknerIF I need to change my path, then that should be in the instructions, shouldn't it?18:06
wdickersthat rings a bell, I think I may have gotten the same error, let me check it out18:06
wdickersWhen I use a python IDE I can use 'import transaction', so it seems to be a built in module18:07
aelknerTry it from the command line.18:08
wdickersHmm, I can't seem to find my PYTHONPATH, it should be in .bashrc, right?18:08
aelknerAlso, you can run "env | grep PATH' to see all of your paths.18:09
wdickersThere's only PATH18:10
aelknerDid you you try running "python" from the command lne?18:10
wdickersyes, and it works18:11
aelknerMaybe you have zope installed in the default python path so that you don't need to set PTYTHPONPATH.18:11
aelknerMine is at /usr/local/src/Zope318:12
wdickersIt is weird, I'll search for it later today18:12
wdickersnothin is in my /usr/local/src18:13
aelknerOk, in the meantime we can look at what we got.18:13
aelknerBTW, where's your tinyzis located?18:13
wdickersmy home directory18:14
aelknerUnder tinyzis, you have trunk, branches, tags, and .svn, right?18:14
aelknerYou run python out of trunk/tinyzis?18:14
aelknerOk.  forgetting that mine doesn't work for now, which test file are we supposed to work on?18:15
wdickerswhat do you mean?18:16
aelknerThere are two, README.txt and ftests.txt?18:17
wdickersone more, there is doctest.txt. README is just a description, not a test18:17
aelknerRight.  Which one is where we need to add threading?18:18
wdickersI'm really not sure actually, you would have to ask Tom, I'm still learning about threading and zis myself. But I would expect in the doctest18:18
aelknerI'm still learning, too.  I'll have to ask Tom when he gets on.18:19
aelknerIn the meantime, we could poke around the modules until we find a server.18:20
wdickersI believe is what is executed to start the server18:20
aelknerRight.  It uses a module called SecureZisServer.18:22
aelknerFound in
wdickersBut it doesn't seem tz-run actually uses SecureZisServer18:23
aelknerCheck out the line that starts with "httpd = Secure..."18:24
aelknerThen there's "httpd.server_forever()".18:25
wdickersah, see it18:26
aelknerIn we find the class in question.18:27
aelknerIt's derived from three base classes.18:27
wdickersYes,, but it seems to mainly use HTTPServer18:28
aelknerYes.  I expect that this is a work in progress.18:28
wdickersyeah, it is18:29
aelknerTom probably was getting ready to bolt in the threading but didn't finish.18:29
wdickersBut where is the threading necessary? SecureZisServer right now just initiates contact via 'Handshake', or does it handle events as well?18:30
aelknerGood question.18:30
aelknerWe'll need to study this module carefully just to see what t already does.18:31
wdickersWell clearly the implementation isn't there. What about the other classes?18:32
aelknerSifHTTPHandler uses ZisHandler, so they're connected.18:33
aelknerSecureZisHandler looks like it's all alone.18:34
wdickersZisHandler has methods for registering, subscribing, and events18:34
aelknerThe same probably is supposed to end up in SecureZisHandler.18:34
wdickersDon't you mean SecureZisServer?18:35
wdickersSo SifHTTPHandler looks like it is what sends the xml to or from the server18:36
wdickersZISHandler is enormous, it looks like it is the main class we should look at for the server18:37
aelknerPerhaps, but I would like to know what the other classes are intended for.18:39
wdickersdo you know what 'acl' stands for?18:39
aelknerSifHttpHandler refers to self.server, but that variable is never set.18:39
aelkneracl is a zope acronym for "Access Control List".18:40
aelknerIn this case it's not zope's acl but a custom one.18:40
aelknerWhat time do you need to sign off?18:41
wdickerswell SifHTTPHandler has its own __init__18:41
wdickersactually I have to go right now. Will you be on tonight around 8 or so?18:41
aelknerWill do.  In the meantime, I'll study the whole module and confer with Tom.18:41
wdickersAlright, thanks. I'll see you later18:42
aelknerSee you then.18:42
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