IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-11-13

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wapowellhello everyone15:08
wapowellI am hoping I can get some help....15:09
wapowellrunning dapper, I installed schooltool via apt-get15:09
wapowellI read the documentation on the site15:09
wapowellbut I am having a problem enabling devmode15:09
wapowellin the conf file, there is not a line that has "devmode on" in it.15:10
wapowellthe conf file I have does not seem to match the conf file described in the site documentation15:10
ignasyes they do not match15:10
ignasthe one on is about setting up an svn checkout15:11
ignasnot apt-get installing schooltool15:11
wapowellah, ok.15:11
ignasi don't think devmode is even available in the released version of schooltool15:11
wapowelloh really?15:11
wapowellwould you recommend the svn version for someone that wants to test it and poke around in it for a while?15:12
wapowell(not for running in a production environment)15:12
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* th1a is talking to someone here... I'll be a few minutes late for the meeting.16:28
th1aOK, I'm ready.  Sorry about that.16:36
th1aHi ignas & jinty... hm... where is jfroche?16:37
th1aSo how are things in Vilnius, ignas?16:38
ignasdon't know really, could not contact Lyceum today :/ and got no answers to my emails yet ...16:40
ignasas for the work being done - i have checked in import scripts (at last)16:40
ignashad some trouble with their unit tests16:40
ignasdid a few tweaks for the UI of schooltool, and did some non commitable stuff for the timetable event stuff16:41
th1aI saw you had checked in those scripts.16:41
ignasi am testing out to see whether the idea will work16:42
ignasoh as for the subgroups - there is one problem ...16:42
th1aThat's a good idea.16:42
ignasnot seeing the group in the section list is acceptable but not very good ...16:42
ignasin Lithuania it is important to see the "academical group" of a pupil16:43
ignasas it encodes his level and well the group he's in16:43
th1aYou mean if you add the current members of a group but don't automatically update it?16:43
ignasno, i mean that seeing 2a Peter, John, Mary 2b Pete, Johan16:43
ignasis better than seeing Pete Peter John Johan Mary16:44
ignasfor teachers16:44
ignasbut as a person can have more than 1 group it is difficult to know which one is the important one16:44
th1aDo students stay in those groups for multiple years?16:44
ignasyes most of the time you go 1a 2a 3a etc.16:44
ignasmaybe i should add a concept "Academical group"16:45
ignasand integrate it with levels a bit ...16:45
th1aSo "a" is the group and the number is the year?16:45
th1ayear = level?16:45
ignasyear is the level16:45
jintyhi th1a16:45
ignasand a person is always in only 1 such group16:46
th1aWell, you could have special groups so that you could display them in the right views.16:46
th1ahi jinty.16:46
ignasshould i just add it for lyceum or to schooltool trunk ?16:46
ignasmight such a concept be useful to non Lithuanian students ?16:46
th1aI'd put that in Lyceum for now.16:46
th1aIt wouldn't be useful in the US.16:47
th1aWell, in some schools.16:47
th1aIf you add it to the trunk and a school doesn't need it, it won't break anything, I suppose.16:47
ignasoh, one more thing16:48
ignasthe cookie language thingie16:48
ignasi can't think of a way to manage the configuration directive ...16:48
ignasnow we have16:48
ignaslang auto16:48
th1aThese would be called 'teams' in the US, usually, although it is a slightly different construction.16:48
ignasor lang lt16:48
ignasi need not just lang cookie16:49
ignasbut to define languages one wants to see in the selector as well16:49
ignaslike lang cookie[lt, en, ne]16:49
ignasjinty: what would be the standard way of doing this in a backwards compatible way ?16:49
jintyI would create a new directive, and deprecate, but not remove the old one16:51
ignashow should the configuration directive look to be well, unixy :)16:51
jintyhmm, what information does it need to communicate16:51
ignaswell before we only had to tell either the "language" or "auto"16:52
ignasnow i want to tell it "cookie"16:52
ignasand want to provide a list of languages16:52
ignasto choose from16:52
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ignascookie[l1, l2, l3] seems very non-standard DYI to me16:53
ignasas i don't know the right way ...16:53
jintywhy do you need the cookie? you just want to give it a list to choose from.16:53
ignasemm, indeed i can assume that if a list is given i should render the control to select the language16:54
ignasif only 1 language is set - use it16:54
ignasand auto - means leave it to the browser16:54
ignasso i can allow more than 1 lang directive and it will work nicely and won't break compatibility16:55
ignaslang lt16:55
ignaslang en16:55
jintybut perhaps there are 2 different things here:16:55
ignaswill mean that you will get a selector between "Lithuanian and English"16:55
jinty1. the list of fallback languages for gettext16:56
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jinty2. the language selected16:56
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jintyor am I just being silly...16:56
ignashmm :/16:56
ignaswhen it comes to spanish locales, one can want to have all of them in a row as fallbacks16:57
th1ahi jfroche.16:57
jfrochehello th1a16:57
jfrocheeverything fine ?16:57
jfrochesorry for delay16:57
jfrochebank delay16:57
th1aignas & jinty are discussing multiple-langugage selection & cookies.16:57
jintyignas: if we are talking about 2 different concepts, perhaps 2 different directives are in order16:58
jfrochedummy question from me: 1 school = 1 schooltool instance right ?16:58
ignasjfroche: yes16:59
jfrocheso i ll build two schooltool instance and maintain 2 different branches ?16:59
ignasdepends on you ...16:59
th1ajfroche: We used to support multiple ST objects in one Zope 3 in one Zope 3 instance, but we dropped it for simplicity.16:59
ignasyou can have 2 instances and 1 branch17:00
th1aYes, it depends on how different they need to be.17:00
jfrocheright but if they have different needs17:00
th1aI'd try to do it in one.17:00
ignasjinty: i'll think about it more after the meeting17:00
jfrocheok i ll try in one first17:00
jfrocheshould i branch trunk ?17:01
ignasjfroche: yes you should branch trunk17:01
ignasjfroche: how much different  those needs are ?17:01
jfrocheright know i don't know but i guess they will need different views mainly on cando17:02
th1aWhat other news from Belgium, jfroche?17:03
jfrocheDenis asked further questions to his director17:03
jfrocheseems that she didn't send the papers to get authorisation to her superiors17:04
jfrocheDenis says that now (since this weekend) she has done it17:04
th1aOK.  Good to keep that moving.17:05
jfrocheexcept that i am looking at french translations for both17:05
jfrocheand ll fork 2 instances17:05
jfrochewe have a small tracker for us17:05
jfrocheand they are adding question/features/bugs17:06
th1aWe still haven't heard from the LaunchPad guys about getting our bugs in Malone?17:06
jfrocheno no news :(17:06
th1aOK.  Not your fault.17:06
ignasth1a: i have fired up a Pootle server for schooltool translations to lithuanian17:07
jfrochedo you have contact with them ?17:07
th1aI don't know the Malone guys specifically, but I know their boss ;-)17:07
jfrocheignas: whats that ? would it be useful for french translations ?17:07
ignasjfroche: well rosetta is nice, BUT IT HAS NO SEARCH17:07
ignasso you have to page through 900 translations 10 by 10 to find the 1 that was misspelled17:08
jfrochedo they plan to implement it ?17:08
ignasjfroche: well, the feature reuest is ~90 weeks old17:08
ignasbut yes they plan to implement it17:08
ignasthey got some more important things to do17:09
jfrochei see17:09
th1ajfroche:  In regards to Nicolas's email, the code for contextual help is in (surprise) schooltool.help17:10
jfroche:) ok17:10
ignas :)17:11
th1aOne big issue that arose last week is what seems to be a serious bug in our edgy release.17:11
ignasso we do have an edgy release ? or are we talking about the unofficial beta ?17:12
th1aWell, what you get if you do 'apt-get install schooltool' in Edgy.17:12
th1aOh, now I see jinty's comment on the bug:
ignasi just though schooltool got removed from edgy :)17:13
th1aSo it is really a Zope 3 package bug.17:13
th1aignas: No, we just slid along...17:13
jintyactuallym they also need to patch the twisted package17:13
th1aShould *we* be putting the bug in Malone?  I guess SteveA seemed to know about it already.17:14
jfrochewe still use launchpad ?17:14
th1aWe're trying to get there ;-)17:15
jfrochemalone isn't working correctly neither ?17:16
th1aNo, Malone actually works as far as I know ;-)17:16
th1aActually, this particular bug is a good case for Malone, by the way.17:16
th1aBecause one advantage of Malone is that you can pass bugs down (up?) to dependencies.17:17
th1aSo we'd be able to forward this bug as a Zope3 bug.17:17
th1a(I think).17:17
th1ajfroche: Do you have a server set up now for your schools?17:20
jfrocheyet i have 1 server for 2 school :)17:21
jfrochebut as they begin to enter real data17:21
jfrochethey want now two server17:21
th1aTwo physical servers?17:21
ignas1 server or 1 instance of schooltool ?17:21
jfrocheuhm i mean 2 instances17:21
th1aOh, ok.17:22
th1aYes, they'll need two instances.17:22
jfrochewill work in my branch too17:22
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th1aSo you'll be setting those up this week?17:23
jfrochetoday yes17:23
jfrochehow should i call my branch ?17:24
th1aWe don't really have a system...17:24
jfrocheuhm english spelling, how should i name my branch ?17:25
ignasjfroche: what are you going to be working on?17:25
ignasas for the name you can just name it schooltool-jfroche17:26
jfrochefirst building instances as they require17:26
jfrochefor example i need to change the schema of a person17:26
jfrochein belgium it's quite wired to ask for ethnical information17:27
ignasoh such things, then it might make more sense to have separate branchs for both schools17:27
ignasand name them after those schools17:27
jfrochemerges will be nightmares no ?17:27
ignasi am doing a lot on the trunk17:28
th1aWell, for things like those schemas we'll ultimately need to come up with a way to allow schools to modify them locally.17:28
th1aBut at this point, just do what you need to do for your schools.17:29
ignaswell, schools won't want version control integrated with schooltool17:29
ignasthe merge hell is only because well, we are schooltool developers ;)17:29
th1aOK, I guess everyone knows what they're doing this week.17:30
th1aI'll send jinty an email, hopefully tonight, to throw the switch on the updated website.17:31
th1aHave a good week folks.  Let's keep up on trying to get these relationships with schools formalized.17:33
* th1a bangs the gravel.17:33
jfrocheignas: news from plane ?17:34
ignasworking on it17:34
ignasshould be soon17:34
jfrocheis it possible that i don't have access to branches ?17:35
jfrocheah no17:35
jfrochenothing :)17:35
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jfrocheignas: the init.d script was working for you ?17:41
ignasafter heavy modifications17:41
ignasas i have mentioned i have no root on the machine17:42
jfrochedid you commit your changes somewhere ?17:42
ignasbtw - running schooltool uid root is a bad idea17:42
ignasno i didn't it was still flinging warnings17:42
ignaswhat i changed was the SCHOOLTOOL_INSTANCE and removed the chuid part17:44
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jfrocheuhm not that heavy17:46
jfrochecan you send it per mail ?17:46
jfrocheignas: can i send you another pub key for svn access from the server i am working from17:47
ignaslisppaste5: url17:48
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:48
lisppaste5jfroche pasted "My pub key" at
lisppaste5ignas pasted "the diff" at
ignasnot for the key ;)17:49
ignasi forgot the url17:49
ignasas for the key - it won't help me much :/17:49
ignasi don't have root on the server17:50
ignastalk to mgedmin or alga17:50
jfrochemgedmin: can you paste into authorized_keys for jfroche17:51
jfrochethanks a lot17:51
ignasas for keys i am not sure you want to paste them publicly not that there much harm in that, just that some people think that hiding their public key gives one bit less of info to possible attackers17:51
mgedminuhh why is my internet so flakey today?17:53
jfrocheyou cant do anything with the pub key anyway17:53
* mgedmin wonders why jfroche has so many different pubkeys17:53
* jfroche is working on different server with different private keys, i never copy private keys17:54
mgedminjfroche: done17:54
jfrochethanks a lot17:54
* mgedmin discovers jfroche's request in his inbox... oops17:55
jfrocheno problem17:55
*** ignas changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (16:30 EET)| CanDo dev meetings Tue, 4pm EST | Use for pasting"18:08
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* ignas just found a few troublesome bugs in schooltool :/21:37
ignasyou can't work with objects that have a '/' in their id21:38
ignasand there is no protection against this character in the ID of an object at all21:39
ignasi mean one can easily create persons, groups, events (through ical) that are not accessible through the user interface21:39
ignasyou can delete them most of the time though21:39
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