IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-08-16

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ignasth1a: ayt ?16:37
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th1aignas:  I'm here.17:12
ignasyay :)17:13
ignashaven't seen you on IRC for a while ...17:13
ignasis the requirement of storing date and mode in the session important ?17:14
ignasas i think we can do that with URLs pretty successfully17:15
ignasoh and i wanted to discuss these "temporary tabs"17:22
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eldafarjinty: Hi :)18:05
jintyhey eldafar18:05
* jinty is busy responding to eldafar's mail18:05
th1aignas:  I think using URL's for the date and mode would be ok.18:09
eldafarsrichter: Ayt?18:10
th1aignas:  Yes, sorry I've been keeping my head down...  I had a few weeks of being really depressed and discouraged about SchoolTool.  I needed to keep my head down and recharge.18:11
th1aGetting back up to speed.  I'll be sending you a long email later today.18:11
ignasok :)18:14
* ignas has some great ideas for UI, but has pretty much no time to implement them18:15
th1aThat pretty well encapsulates our problems...18:17
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fr0ggy Hola22:46
fr0ggyanyone around?22:47
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