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Specno one00:50
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eldafarpeople really should just ask questions right away, the greetings stuff just adds to the lag05:38
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ignasth1a: hi16:03
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jelknerSpec: Nick, are you here?16:55
jelknerdoes anyone know why an svn checkout always seems to crash on: SchoolTool/src/schooltool/app/browser/tests/ ?16:56
mgedminsvn checkout crashes?16:58
jelkneryes, it just stalls16:58
jelknerand at the same place each time16:58
mgedminwhat's the command?16:59
mgedminI mean, svn checkout url so that I could try to reproduce16:59
jelknerhold on... it is in a make file16:59
jelknertest -d SchoolTool || svn co $(SCHOOLTOOL_REPOSITORY) SchoolTool17:00
mgedminthat's not schooltool trunk, is it?17:04
mgedminI mean, this makefile is from somewhere else17:04
mgedminanother question: does the repository url use http:// or svn+ssh:// ?17:05
eldafarIt's fixed :) thanks17:35
eldafarit worked for me, so it's fine17:35
eldafarare there known issues of running mkschooltoolinst as root?18:14
eldafarbecause the instances don't have either the passwords specified by the user or the default ones18:16
eldafarcan't login :C18:16
eldafarnow it's suddenly working18:19
eldafar~.~ I love computers18:20
eldafarwhat's the syntax for multiple repeats in one statement?19:01
eldafarrepeat = "item items; index indexes"  ???19:01
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th1aignas:  Hi.  Slept in because I ended up helping a guy in Nepal install ST into the wee hours of the morning.19:11
ignas th1a: i see, i'll have to go soon19:11
th1aSorry about that.19:11
ignasth1a: the questions were - what will we do with our current UI redesign19:11
ignasand as for your email, well the plan is to come up with a "package"/proposal for the school we are going to try to deploy schooltool in19:12
ignasso we could actually go and ask schools whether they want us or not19:12
th1aI think we should go ahead with it.  It is going to take a while to make the changes I outlined anyhow.19:12
ignasas at the moment no one really knows a) what we will do for them. b) what will we want out of them.19:13
th1aOK.  I can help with that if you have questions.19:13
th1aBut we will have leeway in terms of being able to provide some infrastructure if they need it.19:13
ignasthis part is more or less independent from the geographical location of the school anyway19:13
th1aYes.  This should be finished regardless.19:14
Specjelkner: moo19:20
eldafarwe're here19:40
eldafarhe's doing random things, working on stuff19:40
eldafarhe's going to talk to you in a few seconds19:40
jelknerSpec: hey, Nick19:44
jelknerhow are things coming with the deb?19:44
Specit's not quite complete yet, i've been very busy :-/19:45
Specis bonnieb working?19:46
Specis it doing what it's supposed to be doing?19:47
eldafarit's a piloting server now19:47
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Specso .... it can fly?19:47
jelknerSpec: we want to run three instances19:48
jelknerone each for Yorktown, W-L, and HB Woodlawn19:48
Specall on bonnieb?19:49
Specand wasn't CanDo made for ACC? are they running one?19:49
jelknerbut dave will take care of that19:49
Specwe can't run ours on their server?19:49
jelknerthing is, we will all be running trunk19:50
jelknerdave will be running the branch19:50
jelknerso bonnieb will be for testing the trunk19:50
jelknerthe users all need new features that are not in yet19:50
Specin branch?19:50
jelknerhence working off the trunk19:50
jelkneranyway, how can we get the init stuff working right?19:51
jelknerthe three instances are located as follows:19:51
Specdoes the init script work?19:51
Specyou need three init scripts, one for each school19:52
jelkner1. i broke it, but i think i fixed it ;-)19:52
jelkner1. Yorktown: /usr/local/YHScando19:52
jelkner2. HB-Woodlawn: /home/rjelliso/HBWcando19:53
Specwhy not move that to /usr/local/HBWcando?19:53
jelkner3. W-L: /home/lhuynh/WLcando19:53
Specsame with that19:53
jelknerbecause we want Robbie and Linda to be able to work without sudo priviledges19:54
Specthey wouldn't need sudo privileges if all three are in /usr/local/cando/*19:54
Specand they were in the group that owned them....let's say, the cando group19:54
jelkneri open to doing it whatever way you say is best19:55
Specwell, having a service like that run in a home directory isn't the best :p19:55
jelkneri'll be administering YHScando, Robbie HBcando, and Linda WLcando19:55
jelknerwe need to set this up *now*19:56
jelknerso whatever you think works, let's do it19:56
Specit depends, does schooltool/cando install to a directory with hard-paths?19:56
jelknerwe already have it running19:57
jelkneris there any real need to move anything?19:57
jelknerI just want the init scripts to work19:57
Spechow is it running?19:57
jelknerso that when bonnieb starts up, all three instances will start19:57
jelknereldar can explain that19:58
jelknerbtw restart doesn't seem to work19:58
jelknerbut stop and start do19:58
eldafarthe source is in /usr/local/cando_src19:58
eldafarall the three instances did ./mkschooltoolinst19:59
eldafareach user just ran the executable19:59
eldafarok ... jeff wants 3 init scripts20:00
Specam working on it20:00
eldafarand he wants appropriate users to be able to control his/her script20:00
jelknerbefore you get to far, will Linda say, be able to run /etc/init.d/WLcando restart?20:00
Speci can make it so she can...20:01
Specassuming linda is a she, of course20:01
jelknershe is20:01
Speczope runs as zope user20:01
Specthis CANDO_ENABLE thing is silly20:01
Specjust delete the rc.d scripts if you don't want it to run ... right?20:02
eldafarthe instances are in home directories, that's okay, right?20:02
Speci'd rather them not be, but i'm not going to change them20:02
jelknereldar wants me to run YHScando in /home/jelkner, for consistancy... what say you?20:02
Speci think if you're going to move anything, they should all be in /usr/local/cando/*20:02
jelknerwhich is better: leaving things as they are now, or moving everything as you wish?20:03
Specmoving everything?20:04
jelknerto /usr/local/cando20:04
jelknerso, you want: /usr/local/cando/YHS20:04
jelknerand /usr/local/cando/HB20:05
Spec/usr/local/cando/YHS will be owned by jelkner:cando    , etc20:05
jelknerso you are putting us all in the cando group?20:06
Speci will20:06
eldafaryeah ... so we could make /usr/local/cando_src be owned by the cando group20:06
Specwhy --oknodo?20:11
eldafarwhat's that?20:15
Specstart-stop-daemon argument20:15
eldafarno idea, jeff screwed around with it20:15
eldafardo whatever you think will make it work20:15
Specrm -rf /etc/*20:16
eldafardid you use mkschooltoolinstance script, or did you just copy the YHScando contents?20:19
Speci just copied it20:19
eldafarjust wondering20:20
eldafarI hope there are no hard-paths in there20:20
Specschooltool.conf had one20:20
Specthat's all20:20
eldafaroh ok20:21
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Specis it okay if jelkner/lhuynh/rjelliso can start/stop other school's cando's?20:38
eldafarif it's easier, sure20:39
Specok, i put a simple check against it20:44
eldafaryeah I saw it20:44
Speccheck out the scripts if you so desire to: /etc/init.d/cando-{yhs,wl,hb}20:44
Speci'm done20:44
eldafarthe $ADMIN == check20:44
eldafarlet's try it20:44
Spechmm, they won't work20:45
eldafarwhy not >_< ?20:45
eldafarit works C:20:49
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eldafarI'm going to restart bonnieb20:52
Speci'm still working on the script...20:52
Specthat was annoying20:52
eldafarblah, sorry20:53
eldafaryou said you were done >_<20:53
eldafarso I thought I'd test the script manually, they worked20:53
eldafarthen I thought, hey let's see if they work on boot up >_>20:53
Spec<Spec> hmm, they won't work20:53
Speci said that for a reason20:53
eldafarsorry :(20:54
Specok, root and $ADMIN can start it, if root starts it, he starts it as $ADMIN, so $ADMIN can kill it as well20:58
Specnow i'm done20:59
Specyou can reboot to test now20:59
eldafarit didn't work21:04
Specwhat'd it say?21:08
eldafarit said nothing21:08
eldafarthe scripts didn't run at bootup21:08
eldafarbecause the instances are not up21:08
Speci'm sure they ran21:08
Specstart them up manually then21:09
eldafarit really says nothing when I start them manually21:10
eldafarthe /etc/init.d/cando-yhs does starts themn21:10
eldafarnot the rc2 scripts though21:10
eldafarbad english21:10
eldafaranyways, rc2 scripts are not working21:10
Specthen why is apache2 running?21:11
eldafariono, but the cando instances don't start even manually with rc2 scripts21:12
eldafaror wait21:12
eldafarlet me reboot again21:13
eldafarnope, doesn't work21:18
eldafarbrb gotta restart x, screwed something up21:22
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eldafarSpec: yt?21:26
Speci'll look at it when i'm actually there -- for now it'll work, i doubt the machine will reboot before the next time i'm there anyways21:28
eldafar/etc/init.d/cando-yhs start21:31
eldafaras jelkner21:31
eldafargives me this: install: cannot create directory `/var/run/cando-yhs': Permission denied21:32
eldafarSpec: >_<21:37
eldafarjeff wants something working before we head out in 20 minutes21:37
eldafarmeh, I'll just them as root for now, please fix the scripts ~.~21:39
Specjelkner@bonnieb:~$ /etc/init.d/cando-yhs start21:41
SpecStarting CanDo: cando-yhs.21:41
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