IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-08-15

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eldarStoKy: you mean from inside the configuration file, or inside the web interface?00:31
StoKybut web interface would be better00:36
eldaryou have manager access, right?00:38
eldaras a manager, go to persons, there you can add new people00:39
StoKyi dont know my manager account information00:39
StoKyi just installed it00:39
eldarthe default is username: "manager", password: "schooltool"00:39
StoKydoesnt work00:40
StoKyah ok00:41
StoKythank you00:41
eldarnext time, look up documentation on www.schooltool.org00:46
eldarbasic things of that sort should be explained there00:46
StoKywell i looked00:47
eldartry digging around here
StoKy"There are no pages in this Tutorial. Use the 'add new item' menu to add Tutorial Pages, Files, or Images"00:52
eldarclick on the thingy that says "all content in one page ..."00:54
StoKyThere is only one line00:55
StoKyafter i clicked00:55
eldarlook at the navigation to the left, scroll down00:55
eldarI know it's kind of messy, I just looked at it for the first time too00:55
StoKywell it's not very clear, but the webinterface seems to be good so i hopefully will not need help again ^^00:57
eldarIf you have any other questions just ask, and someone will answer00:59
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